GLOBAL: 'Godzilla' Lands with $196.3M Haul

on May 18, 2014

godzilla-poster-back.jpgGodzilla roared its way into screens across the world, stomping through the box office with a $193.3 million global haul for the biggest opening weekend of 2014. The monster movie took $103 million from 64 overseas markets, including $22 million from IMAX screens -claiming the second best IMAX May opening after Iron Man 3's $28.7 million bow last year. Overseas IMAX admissions accounted for $7.5 million of the global figure, averaging $40k for each of the 186 screens in release.

Godzilla posted #1 openings across all its global markets. The United Kingdom led the overseas charge with $10.4 million from 1,229 screens (including previews). Russia brought in $9.1 million from 1,814 screens -taking over the country with 80% market share among the top 5 films. Mexico enjoyed an $8.9 million debut from 2,477 screens. Australia recorded the biggest opening of the year with $6.1 million from 498 screens. The film dethroned local hit Qu'est-ce qu'on a fait au bon dieu as the #! film with a $6.5 million bow from 596 screens. Other top performers include Germany ($5.6M / 685 screens), South Korea ($4.5M / 610 screens), Brazil ($4.1M / 730 screens), Italy ($3.6M /590 screens), and Spain ($1.6M / 427 screens).

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 swung past the $600 million mark worldwide over the weekend. Spidey reached a $633 million global cume following a $31.5 million weekend overseas. The latest Spider-Man sequel has already grossed a total of $461 million overseas. China continues to be the top market for Spider-Man, where it added $13.5 million over its third weekend to continue as the #1 film in the market.

Neighbors welcomed $13.5 million from 2,600 dates in 35 terrirories, bringing its overseas cume up to $54.8 million and its global haul to $146.3 million. The comedy expands to Russia, Peru, Czech Republic and Slovakia on May 29.

The Other Woman earned $8.2 million to raise its overseas total to $79.8 million. The comedy has grossed a strong $151.4 million worldwide, with the overseas share outgrossing North American grosses -a rare feat for original comedies.

Frozen has now grossed more than $1.2 billion worldwide, with $800 million coming from the overseas box office. The film just finished its tenth consecutive weekend as the #1 film in Japan, where it has grossed a total of $179.6 million to become the #6 film of all time in the country.

Rio 2 continues to soar overseas, earning $7.6m this weekend lift its overseas total to $322.4 million. The animated sequel has grossed $440.4 million worldwide.

Noah gathered another $1.6 million from 44 territories, sending its overseas total to $243 million. Noah has grossed $343.2 million worldwide.

The Grand Budapest Hotel grossed $1.48 million to reach an overseas cume of $97 million. The Wes Anderson film crossed the $150 million benchmark at the global box office, currently reporting a $152.5 million worldwide cume.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier crossed the $700 million mark at the global box office with $251 million coming from North America and a $453 million overseas haul. The superhero sequel's global take is nearly twice the lifetime gross of its predecessor. The Winter Soldier is now the third highest grossing Marvel film, following The Avengers and Iron Man 3. The film is the fifth highest foreign release of all time in China with $116 million.

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