GLOBAL: 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Breaks 'Avatar' Record as Fox International's Biggest Overseas Debut of All Time

on May 25, 2014

dofp.pngA $261.78 million haul in a day-and-date opening around the world puts X-Men: Days of Future Past front and center on the global box office stage. None of the films in Fox's X-Men franchise have reached the $500 million global mark at the box office, a streak that will likely be broken with the latest installment of the mutant superhero franchise. The X-Men cross-over sequel scored the highest global opening weekend of any film in the franchise and eclipsed Avatar as the biggest Fox International opening weekend of all time.The film's day-and-date debut also accounts for the biggest global opening of 2014.

The film nearly doubled its North American box office figures overseas, where it collected a $171.08 million haul in its debut.

Market Breakdown

- Only 5% behind Titanic 3D bow.

-Ÿ Biggest X-Men opening ever
South Korea
-Ÿ Fox's biggest opening of all time (beating Avatar)

Ÿ - Biggest MPA opening in 2014

- Fox's second highest opening ever (only behind Ice Age 4)
Ÿ - Biggest X-Men opening ever
- Fox's biggest opening of all time (beating RIO 2)!
Ÿ - Biggest Industry opening in 2014
Ÿ - Biggest X-Men opening ever
Ÿ - #1 in the market, taking nearly 50% market share
Ÿ - Fox's biggest opening of all time

Ÿ - Fox's biggest opening of all time

Godzilla stomped through the $300 million mark worldwide after claiming$34.5 million from 13,700 screens in 64 markets, raising its overseas haul to $166.6 million. The monster movie has now grossed $315.3 million worldwide. Godzilla has taken in more than $34 million worldwide from IMAX screenings.

Top overseas performers include the United Kingdom ($4.3M Weekend / $19.3M Cume), Russia ($2.5M Weekend / $13.2M Cume), Mexico ($2.4M Weekend / $13.2M Cume), France ($2.4M Weekend / $9.8M Cume), Australia ($2.3M Weekend / $10.2M Cume), and Germany ($2.3M Weekend / $8.9M Cume)

Godzilla expands to China on June 13 and to Japan on July 25.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 swung past the $675 million global mark this weekend, netting $11.2 million from 92 territories to raise its overseas cume to $489 million. The superhero sequel has grossed $676.1 million worldwide. Top markets for the film include China ($90.4M), the UK ($39.7M), South Korea ($33.7M), Mexico ($28.3), and Japan ($27.5M).

Neighbors brought in $8.2 million from 2,600 dates in 35 territories during its third weekend overseas. The film has now grossed $67.4 million outside of North America to reach a global cume of $181 million. The film continued to post strong holds in markets like the UK ($2.2M Weekend / $22.8M Cume), Germany ($1.8M Weekend / $12.1M Cume), and Australia ($1.7M Weekend / $13.6M Cume). The comedy will expand to 22 additional territories in the coming months. 

Frozen keeps on grossing overseas thanks to an incredible run in Japan, where the film has occupied the #1 spot for the 11th consecutive weekend. Frozen is now the biggest Disney film of all time in the market and the #4 film of all time in Japan with a market total of $193.7 million following this weekend's $6.7 million take. Frozen has grossed $818.7 million overseas and $1.219 billion worldwide.

Rio 2 collected $4.3 million to bring its overseas total up to $329.2 million. The film's consistent performance overseas has helped it reach a global cume of $450 million.

The Other Woman discovered another $3.8 million overseas this weekend, lifting its total outside of North America to $89.9 million. The comedy has grossed $164.6 million worldwide with six markets left on the schedule, including: Spain, France , Italy and South Korea.

Blended opened to $2.1 million from 750 screens in the UK and Germany, taking an early global cume of $16.3 million.

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  • S. Cam said on May 25, 2014 07:16 PM

    Just some feedback, but I think it would be better if you at least mentioned the percentage drop from last weekend and mention any new countries in which it opened (in which case it would be even better to mention the percentage drop of the holdovers, instead of the weekend as a whole). But the fact that Godzilla earned $34.5 -on its own- means nothing to me. Not to mention how meaningless it is that it played on 13,700 screens.

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