GERMANY: 'White House Down' Keeps Up with the Competition, Reaches $6.4M Cume on September 18, 2013


whdstill.jpgA fantastic $2.4 million hold kept White House Down on top of the German box office in its second weekend. The result represents a mere 15% drop from last weekend's opening, taking the cumulative total to $6.4 million. Olympus Has Fallen received a significantly smaller release in the market this June, only grossing $1.4 million in its theatrical run. 


We're the Millers also posted a strong hold, falling only 6% in its third frame for a $1.5 million second place finish. The comedy has grossed a total of $6.8 million in Germany. 


Red 2 disappointed with a third place finish after a $1.3 million bow from 532 screens. The original Red tallied a $2.4 million opening en route to an $8.5 million run in Germany. 


Two major milestones were reached over the weekend as The Smurfs 2 crossed the $20 million mark in its seventh frame and Despicable Me 2 passed the $36 million mark in its eleventh weekend.


Top 10 Films in Germany. September 13-15, 2013.



FRANCE: 'The Butler' Posts $2.6M Premiere, Beats 'Pain and Gain' Debut on September 18, 2013


butlerstill.jpgLee Daniels' The Butler was the surprising champion at the French box office over the weekend. The indie drama walked away with a $2.6 million debut from France's highly competitive market, nearly grossing twice as much as  the opening frame of Michael Bay's Pain and Gain in a head-to-head battle. The Michael Bay dark comedy finished the weekend in second place with a $1.4 million gross.


Now You See Me reached an important benchmark by hitting the $25 million mark after seven weeks in France. The Conjuring reached the $8 million mark in its fourth frame. Red 2 nears the bottom of the table after surpassing the $5 million mark in its third frame, a long way down from its opening weekend as the top film on the market.


Top 10 Films in France. September 13-15, 2013



Disney/Pixar Moves 'Finding Dory' to Summer 2016, Delays 'The Good Dinosaur' to November 2015 on September 18, 2013

disney.pngBy Shawn Robbins

Walt Disney Studios announced this afternoon a handful of release date changes (seen below), most notable among them being the 7- and 18-month delay of two Pixar films. The widely anticipated Finding Dory, originally slated for November 25, 2015, will now be released on June 17, 2016 (filling the void of the "Untitled Pixar Film" Disney had in that slot). In addition, The Good Dinosaur will take Dory's former place on the schedule as it has been delayed from its original May 30, 2014 date to November 25, 2015.

In addition to those moves, Disney announced the following:

- The Fifth Estate (from DreamWorks) will now see a wide release on October 18 this year (from October 11 in limited release)
- Maleficent (starring Angelina Jolie) moves to May 30, 2014 (from July 2, 2014)
- McFarland receives a November 21, 2014 wide release date

Obviously, the biggest news here is the shuffling of two major Pixar films. The Good Dinosaur will now release a year-and-a-half later than planned. Although it's fairly late in the game to delay a film that was relatively close to its summer release next year, the news makes sense in the wake of this month's announcement that director Bob Petersen (co-director of Up) was removed as director.

Although this move leaves 2014 with no Pixar films for the first time since 2005 (in between 2004's The Incredibles and 2006's Cars), the strategy is wise given the creative conflicts that seem to have arisen over the original story. Now, Pixar has the time necessary to steer the ship back in the right direction.

Meanwhile, Finding Dory will also benefit from its move to summer. Rumors persist that Disney may release Star Wars: Episode VII in or around December 2015--less than one month after Dory was originally slated to open. Although that remains wholly unconfirmed, the pieces are starting to align in a way that quietly indicate Disney's intentions. Time will tell. Either way, Finding Nemo became the highest-attended Pixar film ever (domestically and overseas) with its Summer 2003 release, so Dory will be right at home in June 2016.

'Insidious: Chapter 2' Sets U.K. Box Office Record, Third Entry Already in the Works on September 16, 2013

insidiousc2sTILL.jpgInsidious: Chapter 2 is already turning heads. The micro-budget horror sequel opened in North America to $40.27 million and posted the biggest Friday opening of all time for a horror film in U.K. box office history en route to a $4.59 million bow. The sequel finished the weekend as the top film in the United Kingdom with a debut that outgrossed comparable titles like The Conjuring, The Purge, Mama, and InsidiousInsidious: Chapter 2 is currently playing on 558 screens at 414 locations across the U.K. The original Insidious opened to $2.4 million in the United Kingdom and went on to gross $11.9 million in the market. BoxOffice estimates the film's total budget at $30 million, making Insidious: Chapter 2 an instant box office hit.

eOne, Film District, and Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions announced a third entry to the franchise today with Insidious and Insidious: Chapter 2 screenwriter Leigh Whannell set to pen next the chapter in the horror saga. 

In a joint statement made available through a press release, Peter Schlessel, FilmDistrict's CEO, Xavier Marchand, eOne's President, Film Production, and Steven Bersch, President of SPWA, said, "The release of the first Insidious resonated with audiences around the world and quickly became one of the most talked about films in 2011. This weekend moviegoers enjoyed the terrifying continuation of the first film and we are confident they will be excited to see the third chapter of the Insidious world. There is nobody better suited to bring audiences the next chapter of this haunting story than Leigh who has brilliantly written both Insidious and Insidious: Chapter 2."

Jason Blum, founder and CEO of Blumhouse added, "FilmDistrict, eOne and SPWA have been incredible partners on the Insidious franchise. We are all so grateful for how audiences embraced James Wan and Leigh's latest film and are excited to see what Leigh has in store for the third chapter."


GLOBAL: 'Monsters University' and 'Despicable Me 2' Battle Head-to-Head in South Korea on September 15, 2013


DMStillB.jpgMonsters University reached its last overseas market in South Korea and walked away with a $1.2 million bow. The film will look to add to its tally over the country's Chuseok holiday this upcoming Wednesday. Monsters University has earned $465.4 million overseas and $730.9 million globally.


Despicable Me 2 opened head-to-head against Monsters University in South Korea and finished with a $2 million take with previews factored in. The Minions also opened in Iceland, where they posted the highest box office gross for a Saturday in 2013. Despicable Me 2 walked away with $86k from its opening weekend in Iceland. The animated sequel is Universal's highest grossing film of all time in Russia, where it has currently grossed $33 million after 32 days in release. Despicable Me 2 has grossed $481.2 million overseas and $840.2 million worldwide.


Planes got a boost from openings in Brazil and Mexico, the two largest markets in Latin America. The animated film took in $2.6 million from Mexico during a holiday weekend, finishing in first place at the box office. Planes earned $1.9 million in Brazil to finish in second place behind the premiere of The Conjuring. Planes has earned a total of $55.8 million outside of North America and has grossed $138.8 million worldwide The film will open in Australia and Slovenia next weekend.


Riddick reached a $22 million overseas total after taking in $9.6 million from 39 markets over the weekend. The sci-fi action flick had a successful bow in Russia with a $4.3 million premiere from 926 screens. A $1.1 million opening in Australia had Riddick premiere in second place behind The Smurfs 2. The film opens in Belgium, France, Germany, and Sweden next week. Riddick has grossed $53.2 million worldwide.


The Conjuring took the top spot in its Brazilian debut with a $4.1 million bow. It was a packed weekend in Brazil that also saw the premieres of Planes, 2 Guns, and Rush. The Conjuring fell to second place after three consecutive weeks as the #1 film in Mexico. A $1 million hold in its fourth weekend pushed The Conjuring to a $16.7 million cume in the market. Top markets for the horror film include the United Kingdom ($16M), Russia ($10M), Australia ($8.1M), Spain ($7.8M), and Argentina ($6.2M). The Conjuring will open in South Korea on Tuesday, ahead of the country's long holiday weekend. The horror film has grossed an overseas total of $132.5 million and a global cume of $270.6 million. 


A $1.5 million opening in Germany accounted for about half of the overseas weekend take for Red 2. The film has grossed $71 million overseas and is set to open in China later this month. The global total for Red 2 is $123.6 million. 


R.I.P.D. opened in mid-sized releases in Australia and Italy, posting low numbers from traditionally large markets. Australia brought in $466k from 150 locations and Italy contributed $78k from 133 dates. R.I.P.D. has grossed $34.6 million overseas and $67.9 million globally with nine territories to come. The film will open in Argentina, Spain, and the United Kingdom next weekend.


Jurassic Park 3D reached $53.8 million from China, where it has grossed the lion's share of its $71.1 million overseas total. It is Universal's second biggest film in the market, only trailing this summer's Fast & Furious 6. Jurassic Park 3D has grossed $116.5 million worldwide. The film will open in its last two territories, Argentina and Portugal, on October 3.


Fast 6 is finishing its overseas run after hitting the $550 milestone outside of North America. The sixth entry in the Fast & Furious franchise has grossed $788.7 million worldwide. It is the year's second biggest earner overseas and is third in terms of global box office.


Pain and Gain saw a strong $1.4 million opening from 254 locations in France as it continues its run in 24 territories. The film is posting healthy cumes in Germany ($6M), the United Kingdom ($3.6M), and Spain ($2M). Pain and Gain has grossed a total of $29.1 million overseas and $78.9 million worldwide. They aren't the numbers that director Michael Bay is used to, but it's a respectable take from a film that has seen a limited overseas release on a $55 million budget. 


Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters crossed the $100 million overseas mark after opening in 13 new markets. Italy posted the best result with a first place  $1.9 million debut. The family-friendly adventure film is reporting strong runs in France ($12.6M), Russia ($12.1M), Brazil ($10.8M), and the United Kingdom ($10.6M). Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters has grossed $103.5 million overseas and $165.7 million worldwide. 


We're the Millers enjoyed a $1.5 million opening in Italy including previews. The comedy finished second to Percy Jackson in the market but finished its opening frame with the weekend's highest per-screen average and outperformed similar titles like Bad Teacher, Horrible Bosses, and Bridesmaids. Other top markets for the film include Russia ($16.5M), the United Kingdom ($11M), and Australia ($7.8M). We're the Millers has a $69.7 million overseas cume and has grossed $195.8 million globally. 


The Wolverine is set in Japan but couldn't attract enough interest in the country to finish above third place. A $2.4 million debut from 655 screens in Japan helped the film reach a $238 million overseas cume and $367.6 million global total. The Wolverine will try its luck in China on October 17, where a successful run could push it above the $400 million global mark.


Now You See Me is enjoying its run over the $200 million mark overseas. The magic/heist film has grossed $203.5 million outside of North America and $320.8 million worldwide. 

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