JAPAN: 'After Earth' Lands at #1 as 'Oblivion' and 'G.I. Joe: Retaliation' Near Overseas Milestones on June 25, 2013

AE-2.jpgAfter Earth opened to a $2 million weekend in Japan, claiming the top spot at the box office. The film is comparing favorably against previous performances from director M Night Shyamalan and co-star Jayden Smith in the market; After Earth did nearly double the business of Shyamalan's The Last Airbender and scored 5% higher than Jayden's The Karate Kid reboot.

The Great Gatsby held well in its second frame, only dropping 24% for a $1.3 million weekend and a $5.3 million cume in Japan. The market has also given a significant late push to Oblivion and G.I. Joe: Retaliation. The Tom Cruise vehicle has grossed $12.2 million in four weeks, a welcome contribution as Oblivion nears the $200 million overseas mark. It doesn't look like Japan will be able to push the sci-fi flick over the hump, however, as the film is currently posting a $195.6 million total outside of North America.

Japan will be able to help G.I. Joe: Retaliation reach a milestone of its own, with the film currently posting a $249.6 million overseas total. G.I. Joe: Retaliation should be able to break the $250 million overseas mark within the next two weeks in Japan, where it has currently grossed a $7.9 million total after three weeks in release.

Box Office Results for Japan. Weekend of June 21-23, 2013.


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FRANCE: 'Man of Steel' Takes #1 with $7.9M Opening Weekend on June 25, 2013

MOSSTill.jpegA $7.9 million opening weekend in France helped Man of Steel dominate the box office against three other new releases that broke into the top ten. The Warner Bros. Superman reboot averaged $9,243 in 862 locations to win in the per-screen average column as well.

The French comedy Josephine came in second place with a $1.5 million opening weekend. The French comedy features a cat named Brad Pitt and it will be interesting to see if the feline can put up a fight against the upcoming release of the human Brad Pitt's World War Z.

Star Trek Into Darkness fell 60% in its second frame to bring in $1.3 million to its French gross. The sci-fi sequel has made of $5.3 million in France. It was just enough to knock down the opening weekend of Les Beaux Jours, which opened in nearly half the current screen count of the latest Star Trek and managed to challenge the Hollywood blockbuster for third place. Fellow Hollywood sci-fi film After Earth fell 38% in its second weekend for a $1.1 million three-day gross and an $8.2 million French total.

Box Office Results for France. Weekend of June 21-23, 2013.


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AUSTRALIA: 'World War Z' Wins in Opening Weekend Battle with 'Despicable Me 2' and 'Monsters University' on June 25, 2013

wwz-still2.jpgSchool is out for the winter in Australia, and that means big numbers for the box office. World War Z took off with the top spot, grossing $5.5 million across 464 screens in its opening weekend. The zombie epic was closely trailed by Despicable Me 2, released early in Australia to cash in on the young audiences with time to spare. Despicable Me 2 grossed $4.6 million in its opening frame, boosting its total to $6.7 million after the previous week's paid previews. Despicable Me 2 won in a head-to-head battle of animated sequels against Monsters University. Pixar's latest came in third with a $3.5 million opening weekend.

Box Office Results for Australia. June 21-23, 2013



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OVERSEAS: 'Despicable Me 2' Opens Strong In Australia, Tops 'Monsters University' on June 23, 2013

despicableme2overseas.jpgOnce again, overseas audiences are able to enjoy a Hollywood film well before North American moviegoers. Universal's Despicable Me 2 is already off to a great start in Australia, and preview shows went well in the U.K. and Ireland.

Official notes from Universal:

Despicable Me 2 had an outstanding opening this weekend in Australia with a total gross of $4.3 million at 272 dates. DM2's total gross in Australia is $6.4 million including $2.1 million from last week's paid previews. This is the biggest opening ever for Illumination Entertainment in Australia & 38% bigger than the opening of Despicable Me. DM2 placed No. 2 behind World War Z and 25% ahead of No. 3 Monsters University. DM2 is performing in the same range as such hits as Kung Fu Panda 2, Madagascar 3 and The Croods.

Despicable Me 2 opens July 3 in North America, but Universal released the film in Australia early to coincide with the winter school holidays that commence in parts of Australia on Monday and continue through mid-July. Sydney has really embraced the film, including allowing (the first time ever) official flags to be flown with DM2 images. Steve Carell and Miranda Cosgrove travelled to Sydney for the premiere and were met by huge crowds everywhere they went. 

In addition to its opening in Australia, Despicable Me 2 had paid previews in the U.K. and Ireland this weekend and the Saturday previews were spectacular. The film was No. 1 at the box office on Saturday, besting new opener World War Z and Man of Steel in its second week. DM2's previews on Saturday were the third highest for an animated film in this market behind only Shrek 2 and Shrek the Third. DM2 opens in the U.K. and Ireland, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Sweden and French-Switzerland next weekend. The majority of international territories open with the U.S. on July 3 and over that weekend.


GLOBAL: 'Monsters University' Opens with $136.5M, 'WWZ' Trails at $111.8M, 'Man of Steel' Nears $400M on June 23, 2013


Monsters University continued Pixar's hot streak at the box office, becoming the 14th film out of 14 releases to open at the top spot in North America. The film posted an $82 million opening in North America, with audiences walking out happy and giving the film an A Cinema Score. It's a big weekend for Pixar's latest, trailing only Toy Story 3 as the biggest opening in the company's history. 

The animated film's global total reached $136.5 million after taking in $54.4 million from 35 territories. That represents roughly about 48% of the overseas market for Monsters University, which will expand abroad over the next several weeks. 

The head start is important for Monsters University, as it will face competition from Despicable Me 2 early into its run. Despicable Me 2 opened early in Australia to coincide with winter school holidays and has already managed to take in $6.4 million. The figure comes from last week's $2.1 million previews and this weekend's $4.3 million take that ranked above the Monsters University debut in Australia. A large global day-and-date expansion is planned for Despicable Me 2 opens in the U.K. and Ireland, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Sweden and French-Switzerland next weekend. A larger expansion is scheduled for its North America release on July 4th weekend. 

The other major animated feature currently in release is Epic, which grossed an additional $3.3 million overseas despite no new openings. Epic has a worldwide cume of $225.1 million, with the bigger portion of that figure coming from a $124.1 million overseas run. The top markets for Epic include the United Kingdom ($19.7M), Russia ($14.5M), and Germany ($10M). 

The live-action world also produced promising numbers this weekend. Paramount's World War Z opened with $45.8 million in 25 territories overseas to take its day-and-date opening weekend to a $111.8 million global total. South Korea led the charge as the number one film in the market with a $10.3 million take from 962 screens. The United Kingdom contributed $7.1 million from 487 locations. The film opened at #1 in Australia with a $5.5 million gross from 236 cinemas. World War Z became the sixth highest opening of all time in Argentina with $2.9 million. Taiwan and Hong Kong also brought in big numbers by contributing $2.5 million each. The zombie epic has spread to around 30% of the overseas market and will expand to major territories including Germany, Italy, Russia, Brazil, and Mexico next weekend.

Man of Steel had the most significant expansion of its overseas release, opening in major markets including France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain, and China. The film took in $89 million over the weekend with the expansion and currently posts a $188.3 million overseas total and $398.3 million global cume. The weekend figures include a number of great premieres including  $25.5 million from China, $8.22 million in France, and $4.4 million from Spain. The top holdover was the United Kingdom, where the film grossed $8.2 million in its second weekend for a $33.5 million cume in the UK. 

Star Trek Into Darkness is showing the resiliency of its scaled overseas release. The sci-fi sequel has grossed $213.4 million outside of North America and boasts a $430 million global cume. France was the highest hold-over for the film, posting $1.4 million in its second weekend to reach a $5.7 million cume. Other second-week major markets for Star Trek include Brazil ($4.3M) and Italy ($2.4M). Star Trek Into Darkness will open in Spain on July 5 and is scheduled for an August 23 premiere in Japan.

After Earth continued its overseas run with hopes of mitigating the disappointing numbers coming from North America. The sci-fi father-and-son vehicle has grossed $114.2 million overseas and is currently posting a $171.5 million worldwide total, a far cry from the numbers posted by Star Trek Into Darkness and Oblivion ($195.6M Overseas / $284.6M Global). After Earth opened #1 in Japan this weekend with $2.5 million. The film will be released in Spain, Denmark, and Turkey next week, but the real market to keep an eye on is China where After Earth is scheduled for a July debut. 

Fast & Furious 6 hasn't slowed down since its release. The action film added another $11.2 million from 62 territories this weekend, reaching a $437.5 million overseas total. The Latin American public has shown strong support for the latest entry in the franchise, helping Fast 6 to become the first Universal release to reach $100 million in the region. Fast 6 currently boasts a $665.9 million global total that should increase after its July 6 Japan premiere and July 26 China release. 

The Hangover Part III has been able to save face overseas, taking its overseas total to $215.5 million to make up for a lackluster North American performance. The comedy has grossed $325.5 million worldwide. The top markets for the comedy include the UK ($28.6M), Germany ($26.7M), and Australia ($20.2M).

The Great Gatsby reached a $171.4 million overseas total and $312.9 million  worldwide cume. The film has been most successful in the UK ($23.1M), Australia ($21.1M), and Russia ($17.1M).

The Internship held on for another $3.2 million from 25 territories this weekend. The Vince Vaughn/Owen Wilson comedy has misfired in North America, where it has only managed to gross $38.3 million. The overseas numbers haven't been able to help the troubled comedy either. The Internship has grossed an overseas total of $9.8 million from 22 markets, giving the film a $48.1 million worldwide cume. Top markets for the comedy include Australia ($4.8M) and Russia ($43.6M), where the film has been in release for the past two weeks.  

The Purge didn't open in any new markets this weekend and held on for another $1.1 million from its seven overseas territories. That brings the overseas total for the Ethan Hawke thriller to $8.6 million. The film's global cume is $68 million ahead of its release in Egypt on June 26, Lebanon and U.A.E. on June 27 and Romania on June 28.  

It looks like G.I. Joe: Retaliation will hit the $250 million overseas mark after all. The action film could reach the number by next weekend if it can hold well in Japan, where it has already grossed $7.9 million in three weeks. The film's global total is $371.6 million.

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