FRANCE: 'Iron Man 3' and 'Les Profs' Lead Another Healthy Weekend on May 14, 2013

53429296680800441582126.jpgThe success of Iron Man 3 has not prevented Les Profs from becoming one of the major hits of 2013 in France. The French film held at number two last weekend after grossing $4 million, falling only 3% from the previous weekend's take. Les Profs has grossed $25.7 million in France over four weeks and shows no sign of slowing down. Iron Man 3 kept its strong run with a $5.1 million weekend and a $33.2 million cume. Mud kept afloat in its second week and reached a $2.8 million cume after a $1.1 million weekend gross.

Box office results for France. May 10-12, 2013.


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AUSTRALIA: 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Conquers Australia on May 14, 2013

STID.jpgStar Trek Into Darkness topped the Australian box office last weekend, grossing $5.2 million to put an end to the reign of Iron Man 3 as the highest grossing movie in the country. Iron Man 3 saw its gross fall 51% from the previous weekend, taking in $3.1 million to reach a $32.8 million cume.

The Big Wedding received more good news in its second week, grossing $1 million to make a sturdy $3 million cume that comes as a breath of fresh air after its woes in the U.S. box office. The Place Beyond the Pines opened in limited release and nearly beat Star Trek's per-screen average with $9,832 across each of its 64 locations. Spring Breakers opened in 48 screens but was unable to drum up as much interest, averaging $3,852 per location.

Box Office Results for Australia. May 10-12, 2013


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U.K.: 'Star Trek: Into Darkness' Takes the U.K. with $12.9M on May 14, 2013

STID2.jpgA $12.9 million weekend saw Star Trek: Into Darkness beat out Iron Man 3 for the top spot at the U.K.'s box office. The sci-fi sequel relied heavily on this market to reach its $31.7 million overseas total from the seven territories it opened last weekend. It is the first film to significantly outgross Iron Man 3. A $23,374 per-screen average confirms Star Trek's U.K. release date as a big success. Star Trek: Into Darkness is already set to outperform the total gross for Tom Cruise's Oblivion ($16M) in the U.K. by next weekend.

Iron Man 3 fell 50% from the previous weekend to gross $4.8 million and reach a $48.1 million cume. The Croods kept its strong hold in the market by maintaining a competitive per-screen average of $1,302 in its eight week in release. The animated feature has already grossed $39.7 million.

Meanwhile, in limited release: Mud premiered in 71 screens for a successful $5,171 average. Pedro Almodovar's I'm So Excited held on to a spot in the top ten for the second consecutive weekend. The Spanish auteur's latest has grossed just under $1 million in two weeks.

Box office results for the United Kingdom. May 10-12, 2013.


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MEXICO: 'Star Trek: Into Darkness" Disappoints in Debut on May 14, 2013

STID.jpgStar Trek: Into Darkness performed below expectations in Mexico last weekend, grossing $2.6 million for the second spot in the top ten. Iron Man 3 retained the number one position with a $3.5 million weekend and a $42.3 million cume. Unsurprisingly, releasing the Star Trek sequel on Mother's Day weekend at the heels of Iron Man 3 was probably not the best plan from Paramount's strategic overseas roll-out.

The domestic class comedy Nosotros Los Nobles broke the $20 million mark last week and currently has a $21.9 million cume. Nosotros Los Nobles grossed a strong $1.3 million in its seventh week in release and scored the highest per-screen average in the country. Historical epic Cinco de Mayo, La Batalla saw a steep drop in its second week, falling 47% and just failing to reach the a $2 million cume.

Box office results for Mexico. May 10-12, 2013.


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JAPAN: No New Releases Stall the Box Office on May 14, 2013

Iron-Man-3-Stills-iron-man-33278597-500-301.jpgA slow weekend with no new releases saw all but one of the films in the top ten drop over 50% in Japan. Meitantei Conan Private Eye 2013 kept the number one spot, beating out Iron Man 3 for the second consecutive week by grossing $1.5 million to the superhero film's $1.4 million. The Japanese film outgrossed fellow domestic hit, Dragon Ball Z: Kami to Kami, over the weekend and both are expected to reach the $30 million mark by next weekend.

Box office results for Japan. May 10-12, 2013.



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