GERMANY: Record-Breaking 'Hangover 3' Posts the Biggest Opening Weekend of 2013 on June 04, 2013

HangOver3-5.jpgThe Hangover Part III had a record-breaking weekend in Germany, where it grossed $14.9 million ($13.2M weekend) in its opening run. The comedy scored the biggest opening weekend of the year and holds the record for the highest-grossing debut of a U.S. comedy in the country. The final part of the Hangover trilogy posted an opening weekend 294% ahead of the numbers from the original, 28% above of the sequel, a 17% improvement over the Fast & Furious 6 premiere, and edged out the Iron Man 3 debut by 5%.

Fast & Furious 6 placed second with a $6.3 million weekend that set it above the $20 million mark in Germany, reaching a $22 million cume in two weeks. The Great Gatsby held remarkably in its third week, slipping only 7% for a $2.2 million weekend and $11.6 million cume. Epic saw a boost in admissions as compared to the previous week, increasing its gross by 17% for a $2.2 million weekend and an $8.5 million total. Star Trek Into Darkness also held up well in its fourth week, dropping 17% for a $1.5 million weekend and an $18.4 million cume.

Box Office Results for Germany. May 31- June 2, 2013.


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AUSTRALIA: 'Gatsby' Leads with $6M Debut on June 04, 2013

gatsbygrosses.jpgThe Great Gatsby took the top spot in director's Baz Luhrman's home country, grossing $6.9 million ($6.4M weekend) in its Australian premiere. Luhrman's latest outgrossed the second week of The Hangover Part III, which came in second place after falling 51% to reach a $4.1 million weekend and $15 million cume. Star Trek Into Darkness only fell 36% in its third week, bringing in an additional $1.1 million for a $14.1 million cume.

Box Office Results for Australia. May 30-June 2, 2013


UK: 'The Hangover Part III' Leads Second Consecutive Weekend, Reaches $20M on June 04, 2013

HangOver3-4.jpgThe Hangover Part III had another big weekend in the United Kingdom, raking in an additional $9 million to reach a $20.5 million total. The comedy retained the top spot on the chart after falling 51% from the previous week. Fast & Furious 6 showed no signs of slowing down in its third week, posting a $5.3 million weekend to take second place. The action film has now grossed a total of $32.6 million in the United Kingdom. Epic had a strong hold in its second week, bringing in $4.8 million from 532 screens after only dropping 37%. The animated film has a UK cume of $15.3 million. Star Trek Into Darkness took fourth place in its fourth week, grossing an additional $2.9 million on its way to a $35 million total in the UK. The Great Gatsby placed just below the sci-fi sequel in fifth place, reaching a total of $18.2 million in the market. The Purge opened a week earlier in the United Kingdom but fell to the bottom half of the table after grossing a total of $1.5 million in its UK debut.

Box Office Results for the United Kingdom. May 30-June 2, 2013


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JAPAN: 'Oblivion' is #1 with a Moderate Debut on June 03, 2013

obl.pngOblivion enjoyed a nice boost in its overseas run with a $4.4 million ($3.4M weekend) debut in Japan. The late premiere for the Tom Cruise sci-fi spectacle in Japan gets Oblivion one-step closer to a $300 million global total, but it won't be enough for the film to make it. The $4 million debut represents a moderate opening in a market where it could have made a bigger impact. Oblivion could have potentially reached the $300 million milestone with a bigger push from Asia and North America. Wong Kar Wai's The Grandmaster premiered in 284 screens but was unable to replicate the overwhelming success it had in China, failing to hit the $1 million mark in its first week.

Box Office Results for Japan. May 30-June 2, 2013.



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NORTH AMERICA: 'Now You See Me' Edges Past Disappointing 'After Earth', 'Fast 6' Repeats At #1 on June 02, 2013


Sunday Update: Universal reports that Fast & Furious 6 is headed for a solid $34.5 million sophomore frame. That will put the action extravaganza's North American total at $170.4 million. 

Summit estimates that Now You See Me is headed for an excellent $28.05 million debut. The magic-themed flick snagged an impressive A- CinemaScore rating. Expect Now You See Me to hold up well in the weeks to come. 

Sony has After Earth pegged at $27 million for the weekend. This marks a new low for star Will Smith. Even Wild Wild West, a film widely regarded as the weakest of Smith's career, managed $27.7 million in 1999--and that's without adjusting for inflation.  

Fox is now estimating $16.4 million for Epic, which represents a respectable 51% drop from last weekend. 

The Hangover Part III will drop at least 60% this weekend. Estimates from WB put the comedy on pace for $15.9 million. Moviegoers simply aren't responding to this trilogy-capping dud. 

Check out more studio estimates here

Saturday Update #2: Sony's After Earth grossed $9.8 million on opening day. The film is on pace for a disappointing $27.3 million debut weekend. AE really needs to step it up overseas now in order to make up for this lackluster debut. It's important to remember that while star Will Smith's drawing power might be waning in North America, he remains one of the most trusted stars globally. Case in point: Men In Black 3 made $446 million overseas vs. $179 million in North America.

While Smith should be able to bounce back, it will be difficult for director M. Night Shyamalan to shake off this failure. Shyamalan's reputation has been in steady decline ever since The Village was hit with a wave of audience scorn back in 2004. Shyamalan has been talking about sequels to Unbreakable and The Last Airbender in interviews while promoting After Earth, but it might be an uphill battle for him to get anything made at a major studio now.  

AE will also hurt the budding career of Jaden Smith. Even a tweet from Jaden's pal Justin Bieber couldn't help After Earth:

The young actor better hope that The Karate Kid II happens soon. 2010's Karate Kid reboot--which featured J. Smith opposite Jackie Chan--earned a healthy $359 million globally. 

Now You See Me took in $10.05 million on Friday, according to Lionsgate. The flick is on pace to upset and grab second place for the weekend, although it could be a close finish with After Earth. Count this as a major victory for Lionsgate. The distributor successfully made their ensemble thriller stand out in a market full of more high-profile efforts. It's clear that with the success of The Great Gatsby and Now You See Me that moviegoers are hungry for alternatives to action tentpoles. 

Universal reports a $10.5 million second Friday for Fast & Furious 6. That puts the film on pace for another #1 finish this weekend with a projected $35 million, down 64% from last weekend. A steep drop is nothing to be overly concerned about considering that the film shattered expectations last weekend. Overseas expectations remain bullish: F&F 6 should have no problem hitting $500 million outside of North America. 

Fox's Epic should take in $15.7 million this weekend following its second Friday gross of $4.15 million. The animated flick continues to be a solid alternative for families with young children. Epic should do steady business right up until the release of Monsters University on June 21.

The Hangover Part III took in $5.23 million for its second Friday. The second sequel is on pace for a dismal $15.5 million sophomore frame. WB will be looking to overseas grosses to make up for the underwhelming domestic reception. 

Saturday Update: After Earth did surge a bit on Friday night, and it's now looking like it will end up in the range of $25 million-$28 million. Now You See Me is set for around $22 million-$24 million. 

Friday Update #3: Revised numbers are helping out After Earth and Now You See Me. AE is now looking at $21 million-$22 million, while Now You See Me could hit $24 million. 

Friday Update #2: Sources tell BoxOffice that early numbers are not promising for After Earth. The sci-fi flick could end up with around $7 million on Friday, which means it might struggle to hit even $20 million during its debut frame. AE will need to do well with families on Saturday if it wants to post a stronger opening weekend. These are VERY early numbers, so a surge is still a real possibility. 

Now You See Me should hit $7 million on Friday, and it's looking at a $20 million start. That would be a solid result for the magic-themed flick considering that the market is full of spectacle films right now.

Fast & Furious 6 will have no problem repeating as the #1 film this weekend. The same sources tell us that it is "way out in front." No numbers are available yet. 

Check back later for more updates. 

Friday Update: Sony reports that After Earth made $1 million from Thursday, 9 p.m. preview shows at 3,401 locations. That's a respectable start for Sony's sci-fi flick. The real concern now is going to be whether or not audiences agree with the harsh reviews from professional critics.

Lionsgate estimates that Now You See Me took in a solid $1.5 million from Thursday preview shows at 2,925 locations--nearly 500 less than After Earth. Now You See Me benefited from having shows at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m., while After Earth was only playing at 9. 

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