'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Posts Strong Gains on April 30, 2014


By Alex Edghill

Wednesday Morning Update:  The Amazing Spider-Man 2 continued its torrid pace on Tuesday as it rose 45% to 24,259 tweets, up from 16,690 tweets on Monday. By comparison the first film of the reboot franchise The Amazing Spider-Man had a scant 2.958 three days before its release. Because Spider-Man is such an iconic and popular character I decided to force matched tweets to also contain "amazing" as it did a much better job of getting rid of false positive matches. The drawback of course is that it omits many tweets meant for the film but its a necessary evil as plain old "spider-man" generates hundreds to thousand of non-relevant tweets every day. Take any other character such as say Thor or Wolverine and their impact on pop culture isn't as great and as such a search with just their name is possible. The good news is that I subjected the first film to these exact same restrictions so the fact that the sequel is so far ahead is a great sign for its chances.

Maleficient has a hefty 300% bump on Tuesday thanks to a few different pieces of news stories about the film: Jon Voight talking about being happy to see his granddaughter in the film, amongst others. This has been a big winner for Disney over the life of its marketing campaign and doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime.

Top 15 Movies for Tuesday April 29th

Rk Film Mon Tue Week Mon-Tue %
1 (+3) The Amazing Spider-Man 2 16,690 24,259 40,949 45.35%
2 (+3) Godzilla (2014) 12,924 21,889 34,813 69.37%
3 (-2) The Fault in Our Stars 35,714 18,960 54,674 -46.91%
4 (-2) Divergent 19,421 17,623 37,044 -9.26%
5 (-2) Captain America: The Winter Soldier 16,707 12,836 29,543 -23.17%
6 (+12) Maleficent 2,038 8,304 10,342 307.46%
7 (-1) 22 Jump Street 7,709 7,175 14,884 -6.93%
8 (+6) If I Stay 2,439 4,146 6,585 69.99%
9 (+2) X-Men: Days of Future Past 3,357 3,668 7,025 9.26%
10 (+3) Brick Mansions 3,140 3,358 6,498 6.94%
11 (-1) Neighbors (2014) 3,731 3,354 7,085 -10.10%
12 (-5) The Other Woman (2014) 5,712 3,349 9,061 -41.37%
13 (-5) Heaven is for Real 4,662 2,985 7,647 -35.97%
14 (-5) Avengers: Age of Ultron 3,824 2,514 6,338 -34.26%
15 (-3) Addicted 3,156 2,258 5,414 -28.45%

Please check the methodology page for information about our Twitter project or here for historic data.

NORTH AMERICA: 'The Other Woman' Remains #1 on Monday with $1.91M on April 29, 2014


By Daniel Garris

Fox's The Other Woman easily remained in first place on Monday with $1.91 million. The comedy starring Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton was down 67 percent from Sunday, which represented one of the day's stronger daily holds among wide releases. The Other Woman continues to exceed expectations with a strong four-day start of $26.67 million. That places the film 22 percent ahead of the $21.83 million four-day take of 2008's What Happens in Vegas (which fell 70 percent on its first Monday to gross $1.66 million). The Other Woman has likely received an added boost from the relative lack of films aimed directly towards female moviegoers over the past two months.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier placed in second with $1.07 million. The blockbuster 3D superhero sequel from Disney and Marvel was down 76 percent from Sunday and down 59 percent from last Monday's post-Easter inflated gross. Captain America: The Winter Soldier has grossed $226.13 million in 25 days, which places the film an impressive 21 percent ahead of the $187.24 million 25-day take of last year's Thor: The Dark World. It will be interesting to see if the film's strong word of mouth softens the likely hit it will take from the arrival of Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on Friday.

Heaven is for Real claimed third place with $1.01 million. Sony's break-out faith-based drama was down 77 percent from Sunday and down 59 percent from last Monday. Heaven is for Real continues to distance itself from expectations with a 13-day take of $53.47 million. The film is likely to continue to hold up well going forward thanks to strong word of mouth and from serving as a potential alternative to May's heavy line-up of likely blockbusters.

Relativity's Brick Mansions took fourth with $0.637 million. The modestly budgeted action thriller starring the late Paul Walker was down 73 percent from Sunday. Brick Mansions has grossed a respectable $10.15 million through four days of release, but is also quite likely to be front-loaded towards is opening weekend performance.

Fox's Rio 2 rounded out Monday's top five with $0.573 million. The successful 3D computer animated sequel was down 87 percent from Sunday and down 79 percent from last Monday, as midweek grosses for family films have now come back down to Earth. With an 18-day take of $96.96 million, Rio 2 is $3.04 million away from reaching the $100 million domestic mark and is running 7 percent behind the $104.70 million 18-day take of 2011's Rio.

'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Looking Rosy on April 29, 2014


By Alex Edghill

Tuesday Morning Update:  The Amazing Spider-Man 2 had a strong start to its week with 16,690 tweets on the day, good enough for fourth spot amongst all tracked films. The most important comparison here will be the first film of the reboot franchise The Amazing Spider-Man which actually had just 3,322 tweets four days before its release. The first film had a much different release pattern as it was released on a Tuesday and managed to rack up $137 million through its first six days and over $750 million worldwide. Its is common for sequels to see a big bump in traffic over the original, but with significantly more traffic I believe it is in line for more box office riches. It should be able to top 9 digits and be the first film on the year to crack $100 million, while also securing the number 1 opening of 2014 (currently held by Captain America: The Winter Soldier's $95 million).

The Fault In Our Stars continues to do surprisingly well on Twitter, as it led all films on Monday thanks to a new trailer. Star Shailene Woodley has really exploded this year and this film plays very well to young girls and women who are one of the most vocal demographics on Twitter. The fact that the worst three tweet to box office dollar ratios this year came from films catering to this demo (Vampire Academy, Endless Love and Divergent) serve as timely reminders. Stars looks to be a Summer hit in the wings as it is handily trouncing Endless Love's numbers at the same distance out.

Top 15 Movies for Monday April 28th

Rk Film Sun Mon Sun-Mon %
1 (+3) The Fault in Our Stars 13,136 35,714 171.88%
2 (-) Divergent 27,536 19,421 -29.47%
3 (-2) Captain America: The Winter Soldier 35,622 16,707 -53.10%
4 (-1) The Amazing Spider-Man 2 15,076 16,690 10.71%
5 (-) Godzilla (2014) 7,852 12,924 64.60%
6 (+8) 22 Jump Street 2,674 7,709 188.29%
7 (-) The Other Woman (2014) 6,723 5,712 -15.04%
8 (-2) Heaven is for Real 7,811 4,662 -40.31%
9 (-) Avengers: Age of Ultron 4,010 3,824 -4.64%
10 (+3) Neighbors (2014) 2,868 3,731 30.09%
11 (-1) X-Men: Days of Future Past 3,157 3,357 6.34%
12 (+14) Addicted 760 3,156 315.26%
13 (-5) Brick Mansions 6,518 3,140 -51.83%
14 (+1) If I Stay 2,567 2,439 -4.99%
15 (+4) Rio 2 1,509 2,282 51.23%

Please check the methodology page for information about our Twitter project or here for historic data.

'Star Wars: Episode VII' Cast Announced! Are We Looking At The Next Member of the $2 Billion Global Club? on April 29, 2014













By Phil Contrino

The wait is over.

Andy Serkis, Oscar Isaac, Adam Driver, John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, Andy Serkis, Domhnall Gleeson, and Max von Sydow will join Star Wars vets Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew, and Kenny Baker in Star Wars: Episode VII.

Now the pressure is on director J.J. Abrams to deliver a product that will meet the expectations of millions of fans around the world. 

Star Wars fans are an interesting breed. Remember how so many of them were disappointed after the release of Star Wars: Episode I in 1999? Well, that disappointment doesn't really register when you look at that film's $967.7 million global haul during its initial theatrical run. (Tack on another $103.5 million from the 3D re-release and that puts the flick over $1 billion globally.) George Lucas has built up a fanbase that isn't afraid to complain about the choices he makes, yet that doesn't stop them from supporting the products. It's an interesting position for a brand to be in. Apply this mentality to a different product, let's say a hamburger, and the value of it becomes even more astounding. Imagine if McDonald's added unremovable toppings to the Big Mac that people didn't really like but they still kept coming back simply because they liked the core of the sandwich. That's a dream scenario for any business creating a product designed for mass consumption. From a commercial standpoint, there really is no losing, but rather different levels of victory.

Back when this project was first announced, I wrote that Episode VII could feasibly hit $2 billion at the global box office. I stand by that. A strong domestic run combined with healthy grosses in booming overseas markets such as China, Brazil, Russia, South Korea, etc. could easily help the sci-fi flick reach that coveted plateau. It's also worth noting that Episode VII opens on December 18, the exact same day as Avatar did in 2009. Avatar was able to make a killing in January 2010 because the competition was sparse. It's not hard to imagine Episode VII following a similar path. Of course, this all depends on the results that Abrams & Co. deliver. Don't forget: we're talking about different levels of victory here. A so-so movie could still end up with $1 billion in global receipts, while a crowd-pleasing effort could chase after loftier goals. Abrams may feel artistic pressure, but commercially he really can't lose. 


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