AUSTRALIA: 'Hangover Part III' Opens Big with $8.6M on May 29, 2013

the-hangover-part-3-first-look.jpgAn $8.6 million opening weekend was more than enough for The Hangover Part III to take the top spot in Australia. Fast & Furious 6 hasn't been released in Australia, a factor that helped the comedy lead the box office with a $17,375 per-screen average across a market-leading 496 screens. The Australian gross will come as great news for the film's producers, left wondering what parts of the formula failed in the North American box office this time around. Star Trek Into Darkness continued its strong run at the box office, reaching a $12.5 million cume in its third week after a $1.7 million weekend. Iron Man 3 had another positive weekend in its fifth week, adding $1.1 million over the weekend to reach a $37.6 million cume. 

Box Office Results for Australia. May 24-26, 2013


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UK: 'Hangover 3' Leads a Busy Holiday Weekend with $9M Debut on May 29, 2013

the-hangover-part-3-first-look.jpgThe Hangover Part III led the box office in a busy holiday weekend, grossing $9 million in its debut across 474 screens. Epic placed third with a $4.8 million weekend in 532 screens. Fast & Furious 6 had a great hold-over performance, grossing $5.3 million in second place despite falling 60% from its opening weekend. Fast 6 has now grossed $24.2 million in the United Kingdom. The Great Gatsby added another $2.9 million over the weekend, seeing its total go to $12.7 million after two weeks in release. Star Trek Into Darkness continued performing strongly as well, coming in fifth place with $2.9 million and a $29.6 million cume. Iron Man 3 fell 57% in its fifth week, grossing under $1 million for the first weekend since its premiere. The superhero film has grossed a fantastic $54 million in the United Kingdom. The end of the club soccer season after last weekend's Champions League final, played in London, should clear up more space for movie-goers in the U.K. over the coming months.

Box Office Results for the United Kingdom. May 24-26, 2013.


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MEXICO: $12.6M 'Fast 6' Opening Takes Over the Box Office on May 29, 2013

fast-furious-6_05.jpgFast & Furious 6 had one of the best opening weekends of the year in Mexico, grossing a whopping $12.6 million. It was an overwhelming impact at the box office, with only one other film, Epic, breaking the $1 million mark. Epic raised its total gross to $6.4 in Mexico. The Fast & Furious sequel gave a knock-out blow to the momentum that Iron Man 3 carried from last month. The superhero film grossed under $1 million for the first time since its release in Mexico five weeks ago, reaching a $47.4 million cume. Star Trek Into Darkness also saw itself adversely affected by the success of Fast 6, falling 72% to fifth place in its third weekend for a $6.2 million cume.

Box Office Results for Mexico. May 24-26, 2013


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Memorial Day Weekend Contributes to Biggest May Ever on May 28, 2013

Last weekend's record Memorial Day business helped send May 2013 past the finish line for the box office's best month of May ever. Through Monday, May 27, North American grosses for the month have tallied an estimated $1.045 billion. That's enough to top May 2011's previous record of $1.037 billion.

Blockbuster hits like Iron Man 3 and Fast & Furious 6 have driven the market in summer's first month, along with Star Trek Into Darkness benefiting from strong word of mouth after its underwhelming opening. The Great Gatsby and Epic also broke out past industry expectations.

The final day of the month lands on Friday this week, through which point BoxOffice projects a final monthly tally of more than $1.1 billion. Check back later this week for our detailed analysis on this record-breaking month.

NORTH AMERICA: 'Fast & Furious 6' Snags Best Universal Opening Of All Time, Leads Record-Breaking Holiday Weekend With Massive $117M Debut; 'Hangover 3' Disappoints With $50.3M, 'Epic' Posts Healthy $42.8M Opening on May 27, 2013


Tuesday Update #2: Universal reports that Fast & Furious 6's final four-day haul is $117.1 million, the best opening of any Universal release ever. 

Fox reports that Epic's final four-day haul is a solid $42.8 million.

Tuesday Update: WB reports that The Hangover Part III's 4-day gross came in lower than expected at $50.3 million. The final number is due later today. 

Monday Update: Universal is currently estimating a four-day holiday weekend take of $120.0 million for Fast & Furious 6.  The revised three-day gross for Fast & Furious 6 is $96.8 million.

Warner Bros. is estimating The Hangover Part III to gross $51.2 million over the four-day frame, while Fox is estimating a four-day start of $42.6 million for Epic.

Sunday Update: The top six films alone will tally around $307 million over what's turned out to be a massive Memorial Day weekend at the box office. BoxOffice estimates that the overall box office total for the four-day weekend will come in at close to $325 million. That's more than enough to break the previous Memorial Day weekend record of $276.9 million set in 2011. It falls just shy of the all-time 4-day record of $331.1 million set during December 25-28, 2009. 

Universal reports that Fast & Furious 6 is on pace for a staggering $122 million from Friday-Monday. That shatters the $92.4 million gross that Fast Five managed during its first four days of release in 2011. 

Warner Bros. projects $42.4 million for The Hangover Part III from Friday-Sunday. Based on that, BoxOffice is forecasting a $51.3 million four-day haul. 

Fox estimates that Epic will take in $44 million over the four-day frame. That's a healthy start for a film that many feared would be overshadowed by the combined power of Fast & Furious 6 and The Hangover Part 3

See the rest of the top 10 here

Saturday Update: The official Friday estimate for Fast & Furious 6 is $38.2 million. The BoxOffice team projects a $119 million 4-day haul based on that.

Warner Bros. reports a $14.5 million Friday take for The Hangover Part III, bringing its two-day total to $26.3 million. BoxOffice projects a $43.5 million three-day weekend and $52.5 million four-day holiday take, bringing the projected five-day tally up to $64.3 million.

Meanwhile, Fox's Epic kicked off to $9.35 million yesterday. BoxOffice projects a healthy $44 million four-day extended weekend for the animated flick.

Friday Update #3: Sources tell BoxOffice that Fast & Furious 6 is on track for $37 million on Friday, which means it should easily pass $100 million over 4 days. The Universal will lead the box office during a four-day frame that is definitely going to break the previous Memorial Day-weekend record of $276.9 million set in 2011.

Epic is off to a healthy start. The animated flick should do $12 million on Friday, which could put it north of $50 million from Friday-Monday. That comes as something of a surprise since industry analysts feared the film would be overshadowed by live-action tentpoles.

The Hangover Part 3 continues to disappoint. WB's comedy is on pace for $12 million on Friday. The critically-panned flick should hit around $40 million from Friday-Monday. Negative word of mouth is clearly spreading at a rapid pace. 

Check back later for more updates. Official studio estimates will be released tomorrow morning. 

Friday Update #2: Fast & Furious 6 reportedly made $6.5 million from Thursday evening and Friday midnight shows. That's a nice jump from the $3.8 million that 2011's Fast Five made from midnight shows. 

Friday Update: Warner Bros. reports that The Hangover Part III took in $11.8 million on Thursday. That's down quite a bit--nearly 63%--from the $31.6 million that Hangover Part II managed on Thursday, May 26--its first full day of release.   

Thursday Update: Warner Bros. reports that The Hangover Part III took in $3.1 million from Wednesday evening/Thursday midnight shows. That's a far cry from the $10.4 million that The Hangover Part II managed in 2011. 

It seems that poor word of mouth is hurting the film already. Part III currently has an anemic 27% approval rating on That rating could keep many potential customers away. 

It's not time to give up hope just yet. Part II was also plagued by bad reviews and it still managed a $581.5 million global haul.

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