NORTH AMERICA: Studio Estimates: 'Neighbors' Blows Away Expectations with $51.1M; 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Falls to Second with $37.2M on May 11, 2014


Sunday Update: Universal's Neighbors broke out this weekend with an estimated first place debut of $51.07 million. The comedy starring Seth Rogen, Zac Efron and Rose Byrne had been widely expected to find itself in a close battle for first place this weekend with The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but Neighbors ultimately won this weekend's box office battle with ease. Neighbors delivered the largest live-action opening weekend performances ever for both Rogen (whose previous high-mark was the $33.53 million start of 2011's The Green Hornet) and Efron (whose previous best was the $42.03 million launch of 2008's High School Musical 3). Neighbors generated the fifth largest opening weekend of 2014 to date and marks another strong performer for Universal thus far in 2014 (joining Ride Along, Lone Survivor and Non-Stop).

Neighbors opened with $19.6 million on Friday (which included an estimated $2.56 million from Thursday evening shows), fell 9 percent on Saturday to take in $17.8 million and is estimated to decline 23 percent on Sunday to take in $13.67 million. That places the film's estimated opening weekend to Friday ratio at 2.61 to 1. Neighbors had clear four-quadrant appeal this weekend, as it skewed slightly towards female moviegoers (53 percent) and slightly towards moviegoers 25 and older (53 percent). The film did only receive a B rating on CinemaScore, but is still likely to hold up well going forward.

Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 took second place with $37.2 million. The expensive 3D superhero sequel fell 59.4 percent from last weekend's opening weekend performance. That was similar to the respective 58.4 percent and 61.5 percent second weekend declines of last year's Iron Man 3 and 2007's Spider-Man 3, though both of those films were coming off far larger opening weekend performances. With a ten-day take of $147.90 million, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 continues to perform on the low end of expectations. The film is currently running 2 percent ahead of the $145.097 million ten-day start of last year's Thor: The Dark World and 7 percent behind the recent $158.88 million ten-day take of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is likely to continue to fall off quickly next weekend when Warner's highly anticipated Godzilla enters the marketplace.

Turning towards the weekend's other new wide releases, neither Moms' Night Out nor Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return was able to make an impact at the box office. Sony's Moms' Night Out debuted in seventh place with an estimated $4.2 million. Despite strong pre-sales, the low-budget comedy from TriStar aimed at faith-based audiences opened slightly below its modest expectations. Opening in only 1,044 locations this weekend didn't help matters for the film. Mom's Night Out debuted with $1.25 million on Friday, increased 12 percent on Saturday to take in $1.4 million and is estimated to increase 11 percent to gross $1.55 million on Mother's Day. That places the film's estimated opening weekend to Friday ratio at 3.36 to 1. Moms' Night Out received a B+ rating on CinemaScore, but might be front-loaded going forward as a result of opening on Mother's Day weekend.

Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return opened in eighth place with an estimated $3.71 million. Despite decent pre-release tracking and the current relatively empty marketplace for family fare, the 3D computer animated film from new distributor Clarius Entertainment debuted below its modest expectations. The film was clearly unable to propel itself from the strong performance of Disney's Oz The Great and Powerful last year. Legends of Oz opened with $0.99 million on Friday, increased 63 percent on Saturday to gross $1.61 million and is estimated to decline 31 percent on Sunday to take in $1.11 million. That gives the film an estimated opening weekend to Friday ratio of 3.75 to 1. Legends of Oz did receive a strong A rating on CinemaScore, but it will have a tough time keeping screens going forward after this weekend's soft start.

Fox's The Other Woman claimed third place this weekend with an estimated $9.25 million. The comedy starring Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton was down 36 percent from last weekend. That represented a very solid weekend hold, especially when considering the new competition the film faced from Neighbors. The Other Woman was helped out a bit this weekend by the Mother's Day holiday. The Other Woman continues to exceed expectations with a 17-day take of $61.73 million. That places the film 14 percent ahead of the $54.36 million 17-day gross of 2008's What Happens in Vegas.

Heaven is for Real held up very nicely this weekend with an estimated fourth place take of $7.0 million. The break-out faith-based drama from Sony was down just 19 percent from last weekend, thanks in part to continued strong word of mouth and the Mother's Day holiday. The 26-day total for Heaven is for Real stands at an impressive $75.22 million.

Saturday Update: Universal reports that Neighbors took in a hefty $19.6 million on Friday, putting it on a course for a projected weekend of $50 million. The opening day figure tops that of The Hangover ($16.7 million, onward to a $45 million weekend) and fell just shy of Ted ($20.6 million Friday, $54.4 million weekend).

With a healthy 80 percent Flixster score as of Saturday morning, word of mouth is off to a strong start as Universal's 2014 winning streak continues. Look for Neighbors to play strongly in the days and weeks ahead.

Sony reports The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was down 71 percent from its opening day to $10.1 million yesterday. That sets the sequel on course for a projected sophomore frame of $37 million. The severe drop-off is indicative of mixed word of mouth, as well as Neighbors moving in on Spidey's young adult audience.

Moms' Night Out earned $1.25 million on Friday, putting it on course for a $4.3 million weekend. The flick is taking advantage of Mother's Day this Sunday for an added boost of appeal to faith-based audiences. The film's Flixster score stands at 79 percent as of Saturday morning.

Meanwhile, Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return posted a meager $0.98 million on Friday. First-time distributor Clarius Entertainment can at least be encouraged by the film's 94 percent Flixster audience score as of this morning (notably up from its pre-release anticipation score). BoxOffice projects a $4.2 million weekend.

Friday Update #2: Multiple sources report that Neighbors is trending for a huge opening day between $16-18 million. That virtually assures the comedy will top $40 million for the weekend, with a range of $42-47 million on the table based on these early projections.

More updates as they come.

Friday Update: Sources report that Neighbors took in $2.56 million from early shows at 2,224 theaters last night. That's a strong start for the comedy on the heels of generating Fandango's best pre-sales for an R-rated comedy since 2012's Ted.

Notable comparisons include The Hangover Part III, which earned $3.1 million from early Wednesday night shows last May before taking in $41.7 million over the 3-day Memorial Day weekend. Ted itself posted a similar $2.6 million late night launch before hauling in a $54.4 million opening weekend two summers ago, although that former figure was exclusively from midnight shows (Neighbors started four to five hours earlier).

As an original flick generating strong early word of mouth and very positive critical reactions for a raunchy comedy, we expect Neighbors to continue building on the momentum of Thursday's first screenings throughout the weekend. Sources report that Universal itself had been projecting an opening weekend in the $25-30 million range, however, signs up to this point indicate a weekend near or in excess of $40 million could be in store. Check back later in the day for an early report on how Friday's business is trending.

NORTH AMERICA: 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Grabs $110.7M in First Week on May 09, 2014


By Daniel Garris

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 took in $3.56 million on Thursday to lead the daily box office for a seventh consecutive day. However, the second film in Sony's re-launched superhero franchise was down a sharp 14 percent from Wednesday. It should be noted that a number of films took significant hits on Thursday, due in part to Universal's Neighbors entering the marketplace on Thursday night and in part to the high ratings of the first round of the NFL Draft. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 easily led the weekly box office with a seven-day start of $110.70 million. That was 2 percent ahead of the $108.51 million seven-day start of last year's Thor: The Dark World and 6 percent behind the recent $117.61 million seven-day start of Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  The film performed towards the lower end of pre-release expectations this week.

Fox's The Other Woman held steady in second place with $1.11 million. The modestly budgeted comedy starring Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton was down 11 percent from Wednesday and down 41 percent from Thursday, which represented a respectable daily hold when taking into account the evening launch of Neighbors. The Other Woman placed in second for the week with $19.33 million. That was down 42 percent from the film's opening week performance and brings the film's two-week total to a stronger than expected $52.48 million.

Heaven is for Real took in $0.611 million to remain in third place. Sony's break-out faith-based drama fell 7 percent from Wednesday and 38 percent from last Thursday. Heaven is for Real took third place this week with $11.32 million. That was down 40 percent from last week and brings the film's 23-day take to an impressive $68.22 million. Like many of the weekend's other holdovers, Heaven is for Real will hope to get a boost from Mother's Day this weekend.

Disney's Captain America: The Winter Soldier claimed fourth with $0.509 million. The blockbuster superhero sequel was down just 5 percent from Wednesday, which represented one of the day's better daily holds among wide releases. The film was down 40 percent from last Thursday. Captain America: The Winter Soldier placed in fourth for the week with $9.997 million. That was down 51 percent from the previous frame and brings the film's 35-day total to $239.38 million.

Rio 2 rounded out the day's top five with $0.341 million. Fox's computer animated sequel was up 1 percent over Wednesday and down 35 percent from last Thursday. Rio 2 landed in fifth for the week with $9.17 million, which represented a 44 percent decline from the previous frame. The 28-day total for Rio 2 stands at a very solid $108.04 million.

NORTH AMERICA: 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Dips 34 Percent on Wednesday, Reaches $107.1 Million in 6 Days on May 08, 2014

spidey3.pngPlease note that Disney did not report Wednesday grosses due to a company event. The studio will report them on Friday along with Thursday's numbers.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 posted $4.12 million yesterday, off 34 percent from Tuesday. Sony's sequel has amassed $107.1 million in its first six days, 5 percent behind the pace of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. For comparison, 2012's The Amazing Spider-Man earned $137 million over its six-day July 4th weekend opening.

The Other Woman added $1.25 million to the bank on Wednesday, down a solid 38 percent from the same day last week. Fox's comedy has tallied $51.4 million so far, 16 percent more than 2008's What Happens in Vegas.

Heaven is for Real grossed $0.66 million on Wednesday, representing a 38 percent decline from last week. Sony's faith-driven film has brought in $67.6 million domestically to date.

Meanwhile, Rio 2 was off 47.5 percent from last Wednesday to $0.34 million yesterday. The animated sequel's domestic tally thus far is $107.7 million--8 percent behind its predecessor.

'Neighbors' Primed For Great Start on May 08, 2014


By Alex Edghill

Thursday Morning Update:  Neighbors rebounded nicely on Wednesday with a 35% bump to 7,210 tweets, up from Tuesday's 5,349 tweets. By comparison, The Other Woman had 4,978 tweets its Wednesday before release while This Is The End had 5,285 two days before its opening. Very impressive numbers overall here for the film, so much so that we are predicting $39 million for it on the weekend and top spot at the box office, dethroning the reigning champ The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in just its second weekend.  

Legends Of Oz: Dorothy's Return narrowly escaped a third straight decline as it rose a 'massive' three tweets on Wednesday to 1,327. Simply put the lack of increases and paltry levels for its genre all point to a flop this weekend. Almost embarrassing to compare it to recent animated family films, but Mr. Peabody And Sherman had 6,126 tweets its Wednesday before release, Rio 2 had 10,524 while The LEGO Movie had 18,155. We are predicting $4.5 million for it which is a long ways off from its reported $70 million price tag plus prints and advertising.

The Fault In Our Stars continues to steamroll the competition on Twitter and for good reason. It recently broke the record (held by One Direction) for the most liked video in YouTube history. On top of that there has been a couple memes floating around related to the book (#johning!) which have only helped. It has already become one of the most notable performances over the last five years on social media which is saying a lot. Paranormal Activity, Inception and The Purge are all films which come to mind as having ridden hugely popular online sentiment to huge riches and it would appear as though this is set to join the pantheon.

Top 15 Movies for Wednesday May 7th

Rk Film Tue Wed Week Tue-Wed %
1 (-) The Fault in Our Stars 77,710 114,823 249,425 47.76%
2 (-) Maleficent 28,507 24,519 74,935 -13.99%
3 (-) The Amazing Spider-Man 2 23,307 17,156 64,546 -26.39%
4 (-) Divergent 14,106 14,732 44,711 4.44%
5 (+1) Godzilla (2014) 12,238 13,269 38,259 8.42%
6 (+1) X-Men: Days of Future Past 9,638 11,728 29,424 21.68%
7 (-2) Captain America: The Winter Soldier 12,253 11,466 37,433 -6.42%
8 (+2) Neighbors (2014) 5,349 7,210 19,457 34.79%
9 (+2) 22 Jump Street 4,732 6,520 15,196 37.79%
10 (+6) If I Stay 2,513 2,767 7,570 10.11%
11 (+3) Brick Mansions 2,769 2,668 8,123 -3.65%
12 (-3) Interstellar 7,831 2,551 10,776 -67.42%
13 (-5) Star Wars: Episode VII 7,897 2,295 13,836 -70.94%
14 (+7) A Million Ways to Die in the West 1,486 2,235 4,815 50.40%
15 (+11) Blended 957 1,959 3,836 104.70%
24 (-1) Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return 1,324 1,327 4,307 0.23%

Please check the methodology page for information about our Twitter project or here for historic data.

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