UK: 'Fifth Estate' Flops as 'Prisoners' Enjoys Third Consecutive Week as #1 on October 16, 2013

PRisonersstill.jpgJulian Assange has been repeatedly attacking The Fifth Estate from his asylum at the Ecuatorian embassy in London, predicting that the film based on true events would bomb at the box office. Assange was on the mark in the United Kingdom, as The Fifth Estate opened in the bottom half of the box office table. The film was unable to break the $2,000 mark in per-screen average, an especially poor result considering The Fifth Estate was only one of four films to play in over 400 screens last weekend. The Fifth Estate’s $801K bow is a disappointment for the film starring Benedict Cumberbatch and a bad omen a week ahead of its release in North America.     

Prisoners is enjoying its time on the right end of the box office table. There’s no stopping Prisoners in the U.K.; the Hugh Jackman/Jake Gyllenhall vehicle led the box office for the third consecutive weekend, adding $1.5 million to its tally and reaching an $8 million cume. Sunshine on Leith posted a $1.1 million hold in its second frame, a 5% drop from its opening weekend after expanding to 7% more screens. The film reached a $3.4 million total in the United Kingdom.

Blue Jasmine earned another $1 million in its third weekend. Woody Allen’s latest is the only film in the top five to be playing in less than 300 screens in the U.K. despite a 41% expansion compared to last weekend. Blue Jasmine has grossed a $5.3 million cume in the U.K. Filth finished the weekend in fourth place with a $1 million take that brings its total to $4 million. Ron Howard’s Rush looks to be slowing down after five weeks in release. Rush reached a $14.2 million cume after an $848K mid-table performance over the weekend.


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ITALY: The Minions Take Over Italy with $6.9M Debut on October 16, 2013

DM2Still.jpgDespicable Me 2 broke through the Italian box office with a $6.9 million opening weekend. It’s a fantastic result for the animated sequel, already reaching more than half of the lifetime total of Monsters University in Italy. Monsters University opened to $4.4 million in late August and is the second-highest grossing animated film of 2013 in the overseas box office. The Minions packed a market-leading 863 screens with an $8,105 average –more than any other film in the market.

Domestic comedy Aspirante Vedovo had a successful second place debut with a $2.2 million bow. The Italian comedy averaged $4,938 from 463 screens and bumped Gravity’s second weekend down to third place. Gravity was overshadowed by the two new releases despite posting a $1.9 million hold, only 31% down from the previous frame. Gravity has grossed a total of $5.5 million in Italy since its October 10 debut.

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GERMANY: 'Gravity' Pulls $8.1M on October 16, 2013

gravityopeningweekend.jpgGravity kept the top spot at the German box office after expanding to 8% more screens over the weekend. The sci-fi film took in $3 million dollars from 614 screens, averaging $4,957 per theater. Gravity’s numbers only fell 17% compared to its opening weekend. The film has now grossed $8.1 million. Turbo’s $1.8 million take from 709 screens made the animated film the #2 film in the country for a second consecutive week. A middling $2,615 per-screen average, however, suggests next weekend’s numbers will drop more than the 30% reported this weekend. Turbo has earned a total of $5.2 million in Germany.

Prisoners played in 254 screens, a fraction of Gravity’s 614 and Turbo’s 709 theaters. The Hugh Jackman/Jake Gyllenhall vehicle was able to scrape a third place finish in its limited debut, collecting a $1.3 million bow. Rush expanded to 15% more theaters and only suffered a 29% drop, finishing its second weekend in fourth place with a $1.1 million tally. The F1 biopic has grossed a total of $3.3 million from Germany. Lee Daniels’ The Butler opened in eight place to a $591K bow from 147 screens.

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FRANCE: 'Planes' Takes Off with $4.2M Debut on October 16, 2013

planes_still.jpgDisney’s Planes opened in 500 screens to take first place in the French box office over the weekend. The animated film averaged a healthy $7,261 per-screen on its way to a $3.6 million weekend total and $4.2 million bow. The successful debut makes France one of the film’s top markets; Planes has only grossed above $4.2 million in seven overseas territories.

Eyjafjallojokull, last week’s box office champion, fell 29% in its first hold for second place. The film took $2.9 million from the weekend, playing in a market-leading 665 screens for a $4,409 average. Eyjafjallojokull has grossed a total of $7.8 million in France.

Prisoners premiered in third place, a positive result considering it only played in 258 screens –the fewest number among all the films on the top half of the chart. Prisoners grossed $2.6 million in its French premiere, a stronger opening than films like The Conjuring, Argo, The Town and Silver Linings Playbook. Prisoners was the runaway winner in the per-screen average category with a $10,096 showing.

Palme d’Or winner La Vie d’Adele took fourth place in its first weekend, earning $2.3 million from 285 screens. Woody Allen occupies the mid-table spot with a $1.7 million take from its third weekend, only a 29% drop from last week’s performance. Blue Jasmine has grossed a total of $9.1 million in France. Lee Daniels’ The Butler rounds out a strong weekend for art house titles in France, adding $1.6 million to its tally during its fifth weekend in release. The Butler expanded its theater count by 51%, a sign of its box office resiliency in the territory. The Butler has now grossed a total of $12.2 million in its French run.

Neither Diana nor Runner Runner have enjoyed the same success as the films mentioned above. The Lady Di biopic sank to the bottom half of the chart with a 49% drop, translating into a $548K weekend a $1.9 million cume. Runner Runner never took off in France, rounding out the top ten with a  $422K performance after three weeks in release. Runner Runner has grossed a total of $2.9 million in France.

Top Ten Films in France. October 11-13, 2013




GLOBAL: A $68M Overseas Push Pulls 'Gravity' Close to $200M Worldwide on October 13, 2013

grav.pngA $28 million weekend makes Gravity the top film overseas, with 3.3 million admissions registered at over 5,700 screens in 38 markets. The film is closing in on $200 million worldwide, a figure it should reach by mid-week. Gravity has grossed a total of $68 million outside of North America. 

Alfonso Cuarón's sci-fi spectacle reports a $4.3 million hold from 1,155 screens in Russia, taking its cume in the territory to $14.5 million. The film only dropped 15% in Germany, where it held to the top spot at the box office by earning $3.1 million over the weekend. Gravity has grossed a total of $8.2 million in Germany. Gravity posted an 11% drop in Australia, bringing in $3 million to continue being the top film in the territory. The sci-fi flick has grossed a total of $8.1 million in Australia. A $2 million weekend in Spain represents another fantastic hold for the film, only 10% down from its debut, and launches the film to a $5.1 million cume in the territory. Gravity opened in second place in Brazil with $1.5 million, behind Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. The second place finish in the territory is only in terms of total box office, as Gravity nearly doubled Cloudy's per-screen average in its 205 screens.  

The Minions took in an impressive $10.1 million from 2,500 dates in 40 territories over the weekend, as the animated sequel opened in its final two overseas territories. A $6.8 million opening in Italy was more than enough for the top spot in Italy, where it took 41% of the country's market share and recorded a 40% improvement over the opening of its predecessor. Greece contributed a $535K first place finish from 80 dates, as the film posted a 10% improvement over the debut of the original. Despicable Me 2 is the top film in Japan for the fourth consecutive week, dominating the box office with a 49% market share and a $19.2 million Japanese cume. Despicable Me 2 passed Shrek Forever After as the seventh highest grossing animated film of all time in the overseas box office. The animated film has grossed $522.1 million overseas and $885.2 million worldwide.

Now You See Me jumped into the scene after surprisingly beating After Earth in a head-to-head battle during the early stages of the summer in North America. The film has since gone to gross $333 million worldwide, including a robust $215.3 million overseas. Now You See Me opened in China this weekend with an $8 million bow. BoxOffice estimates the film's budget at $105 million, making Now You See Me one of the year's most profitable films. The film still has one more major market left in its agenda with an October 25 release date in Japan.

Turbo saw a 20% bump in New Zealand and a 1% increase in Switzerland as the animated film posted a strong hold to bring in $5.4 million from 2,932 screens across 14 markets. Turbo also posted strong holds in Germany (-25%), Austria (-15%), and Norway (-14%). The film opened in third place in the Netherlands with an $811K take from 185 screens. Turbo has grossed $125.2 million overseas and $207.5 million worldwide, with openings in France and Sweden scheduled for the next couple of weeks.  

Runner Runner brought in $5.2 million from 3,756 screens across 56 markets, taking its overseas tally to a $31.3 million total. The film took $770K from 469 screens in its Mexican debut, a second place $466K premiere from Taiwan, and a $289K debut in the Netherlands. Runner Runner will expand to seven more overseas markets next weekend, including Germany, Austria, and New Zealand. The film has grossed a total of $45.4 million worldwide.

Rush is on its way to the $50 million overseas mark after reaching a $47.5 million cume outside of North America over the weekend. The film retained the top spot in Australia with a $1.6 million performance. Rush Howard's F1 biopic has now grossed a total of $69.7 million worldwide. 

A $3.5 million first place opening in France helped Planes cross the $100 million mark this weekend. The film has grossed a total of $102.3 million from 49 territories, with Norway opening next weekend. The United Kingdom is the film's top market with a $13 million cume. Other top performers include Spain ($7.7M), Mexico ($7.3M), and Germany ($7.1M). Planes has grossed $190.7 million worldwide. The film will open in Italy on November 8 and Japan on December 21.

Escape Plan opened in 16 markets a week ahead of its North American debut. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone teamed up for a $2.7 million head start, including a $1.2 million take from the Middle East. Escape Plan will make its way to theaters in Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia, the United Kingdom, and North America next weekend. 

Prisoners opened in France to a strong $2.2 million from 258 screens, finishing the weekend in second place behind Planes. It was nearly twice as much as the film's German bow, where it opened to $1.2 million from 255 screens behind Gravity and Turbo. Prisoners has now grossed $22.6 million from 42 overseas markets as it prepares to open in Australia and Brazil next weekend. Prisoners has grossed $ 76.2 million worldwide.

Riddick reached the $50 million milestone overseas after adding $1.5 million from 51 markets. The sci-fi flick has two key markets on its slate to increase its overseas tally, with Mexico opening on October 25 and South Korea on November 14. Riddick is reporting a $50.4 million overseas total and $92 million global cume.  

The Lone Ranger took in $2.4 million from its first hold-over weekend in China, taking its overseas total to $170.7 million. The film finished its 15th weekend at the global box office with a $260 million cume, still short of its estimated $290 million budget.

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