Fandango: 'Apes' Stays Strong, While 'Purge' Paces to Become Year's Top Horror Pre-Seller on July 17, 2014

purge2.pngLOS ANGELES - July 17, 2014 - According to Fandango, the nation's leading moviegoer destination, "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" is still in command, scoring an impressive 83 out of 100 points on the company's Fanticipation movie buzz indicator, in its second weekend. Following close behind, "The Purge: Anarchy" is running riot in advance sales, and has scored 79 out of 100 points.

To date, "The Purge: Anarchy" is the year's biggest pre-selling horror movie on Fandango, selling more advance ticket sales than "Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones," "Oculus," and "Deliver Us from Evil" at the same point in the sales cycle. It is also outpacing sales of the first "Purge" movie on Fandango.

"The filmmakers behind ‘The Purge: Anarchy' did two very smart things with the sequel," points out Fandango Chief Correspondent Dave Karger. "First, they widened its scope so it takes place throughout the city instead of solely in one house. Second, they managed to get it in theaters just a year after the first film. It's no wonder its ticket sales are so strong."

About Fandango's Fanticipation
Known for having its finger on the pulse of moviegoers, Fandango's movie buzz indicator, Fanticipation, provides statistical insight into the movies fans are planning to see in a given weekend. Fanticipation scores (based on a 1 to 100-point scale) are calculated via an algorithm of Fandango's advance ticket sales, website and mobile traffic, and social media engagement. Fanticipation is not intended as a forecast of the weekend box office; it is a snapshot of movie fan sentiment.

NORTH AMERICA: 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' Passes $90M Mark on Tuesday on July 16, 2014


By Daniel Garris

Fox's Dawn of the Planet of the Apes took in $9.62 million on Tuesday to lead the daily box office for a fifth consecutive day. In the process, the critically acclaimed 3D sci-fi action sequel surpassed the $90 million mark yesterday. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes was up a very solid 17 percent over Monday. However, it should also be noted that represented one of the day's softer percentage increases among wide releases, as daily holds were especially strong on Tuesday. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes continues to run a bit ahead of its lofty expectations with a five-day take of $90.45 million. That places the film an impressive 33 percent ahead of the $68.13 million five-day start of 2011's Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

Transformers: Age of Extinction held steady in second with $2.59 million. The fourth installment of Paramount's blockbuster sci-fi action franchise increased 29 percent over Monday and was down 50 percent from last Tuesday. Transformers: Age of Extinction has grossed $213.44 million in 19 days, which places the film a significant 29.5 percent behind the $302.88 million 19-day take of 2011's Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Warner's Tammy took in $2.12 million to remain in third. The Melissa McCarthy comedy vehicle was up a healthy 33 percent over Monday and down 37 percent from last Tuesday. Tammy surpassed the $60 million mark yesterday and has grossed a very solid $60.71 million through two weeks of release (especially with its modest price tag in mind).

Family films How to Train Your Dragon 2 and Earth to Echo both experienced very strong daily percentage increases on Tuesday. Fox's How to Train Your Dragon 2 was up 48 percent over Monday to remain in fourth with $1.50 million, while Relativity's Earth to Echo was up one spot and 44 percent to place in fifth with $1.33 million. Respective total grosses stand at $154.79 million in 33 days for How to Train Your Dragon 2 and at $26.83 million in two weeks for Earth to Echo.

Sony's 22 Jump Street was down one spot, but also up 27 percent from Monday to land in sixth with $1.27 million. The successful action comedy sequel has grossed $174.03 million through 33 days of release.

'Sex Tape' Struggles To Build Awareness on July 16, 2014


By Alex Edghill

Wednesday Morning Update: The Purge: Anarchy rose a modest 14% on Tuesday to 10,710 tweets, up from 9,365 tweets on Monday. The Purge had a slight dip on its Tuesday before release but was still over 60k tweets on the day, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones had 6,320 tweets, Oculus had 6,240 and Deliver Us From Evil had 6,803. I'm buoyed by its Tuesday numbers and even though the numbers here might be miles below The Purge I recall that the latter fell hugely to 9,808 tweets on its Wednesday before release before rising back up to 41k on Thursday. Such wild swings are very common for films which are trending on social media and have a huge awareness. Great to see the big numbers but without consistent building buzz through release week it always spells a massive ratio aka not as much bang for its buck when it comes to tweets to box office. The slowly building buzz here for The Purge: Anarchy over the last few weeks and its superiority in numbers over all other horrors this year is a very strong sign. While I still don't think it has a $34 million opening in it like the first film it should be able to push the envelope closer to $30 million on its current track.

Planes: Fire And Rescue moved up a spot amongst the new openers as it rose a healthy 174% to 3,073 tweets, up from 1,121 tweets on Monday. The first film had 2,744 tweets its Tuesday before release so the big jump is indeed heartening to see, perhaps this isn't going to be as far off of the original's opening number of $22 million as I had thought. Other recent comparisons include The LEGO Movie which had 14,586 tweets its Tuesday before release, Mr. Peabody And Sherman had 4,950 and The Legends Of Oz: Dorothy's Return had 1,324.

Sex Tape had a disappointing return for Tuesday as it fell 9% to 2,263 tweets on the day, down from 2,475 tweets on the day. As I went over yesterday it has a very difficult title to narrow down tweets for so the low number is not that much of a surprise. However, even if we have a poor search string because of the title it will be consistently poor, so that rises or falls in that number take on a much larger role than the actual numbers of tweets. Still, 8% is not a huge fall and I still think it is looking to top $20 million, but unlike after yesterday's tweet numbers I don't see it contending with The Purge: Anarchy for the top spot. 

Top 15 Movies for Tuesday July 15th

Rk Film Mon Tue Week Mon-Tue %
1 (+1) The Fault in Our Stars 28,056 45,413 73,469 61.87%
2 (-1) Dawn of The Planet of The Apes 36,350 29,751 66,101 -18.15%
3 (-) Transformers: Age of Extinction 17,232 14,598 31,830 -15.29%
4 (-) The Purge: Anarchy 9,365 10,710 20,075 14.36%
5 (+2) Guardians of the Galaxy 6,614 9,047 15,661 36.79%
6 (+25) Big Hero 6 758 8,485 9,243 1019.39%
7 (-2) 22 Jump Street 9,085 7,605 16,690 -16.29%
8 (-2) The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 7,692 6,247 13,939 -18.79%
9 (-1) Maleficent 6,100 6,241 12,341 2.31%
10 (+3) Step Up All In 3,412 5,616 9,028 64.60%
11 (-1) Before I Go to Sleep 4,558 4,868 9,426 6.80%
12 (+10) Earth to Echo 1,663 4,847 6,510 191.46%
13 (-4) If I Stay 4,596 4,528 9,124 -1.48%
14 (+1) How to Train Your Dragon 2 2,901 3,316 6,217 14.31%
15 (+11) Planes: Fire and Rescue 1,121 3,073 4,194 174.13%
21 (-3) Sex Tape 2,475 2,263 4,738 -8.57%

Please check the methodology page for information about our Twitter project or here for historic data.

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