UK: 'Despicable Me 2' Reaches $34.5M Cume on July 10, 2013

DM2StillA.jpgDespicable Me 2 reached a $34.5 million total in the United Kingdom as it led the box office chart for the second consecutive weekend. The animated film faced competition from the premieres of Now You See Me and The Internship. The Vince Vaughn/Owen Wilson comedy placed third with a $1.8 million opening. Now You See Me brought in $4.3 million in its first weekend, only behind the $5.9 million from the Despicable Me sequel.

World War Z and Man of Steel continued their successful runs, grossing $1.2 and $1.1 million respectively. World War Z has brought in a total of $18.5 million in three weeks, while the Superman reboot has grossed an impressive $43.8 million after four weeks.

Box Office Results for the United Kingdom. July 5-7, 2013


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SPAIN: 'Despicable Me 2' Excels in Debut, 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Tanks on July 10, 2013

DMStillC.jpgA $3.1 million take was enough for Despicable Me 2 to top the Spanish box office over the weekend. The animated film opened across 703 screens, averaging a territory-best $4,448. After Earth fell to second place after dropping 59% from its opening weekend. The sci-fi film has grossed a total of $5.6 million in Spain, a big number when considering the struggles of Star Trek Into Darkness in the country. The Star Trek sequel opened in third place in its Spanish premiere, opening behind After Earth with a $1.1 million performance. Monsters University fell just under the $1 million weekend mark in its third frame, grossing $903k to take its Spanish cume to $9.5 million. The Pixar film is outperforming Man of Steel over the same timeframe. The Superman reboot has grossed a total of $8.3 million in its Spanish run.

Box Office Results for Spain. July 5-7, 2013


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JAPAN: 'Monsters University' Trounces 'Fast 6' in a Head-to-Head Opening Weekend on July 10, 2013

MonstersUStill3.jpegMonsters University raced against Fast & Furious 6 for the top spot in Japan last weekend, with the Pixar film swiftly beating the likes of Vin Diesel and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Monsters U earned $8.3 million from 661 screens, nearly twice the amount of Fast 6's $4.3 million debut across 610 locations.

After Earth had its first slow weekend in Japan, falling 57% in its third frame to reach a $7.4 million total. Warner Bros. had two of its releases round out the bottom half of the chart, with The Great Gatsby posting a $9.1 million cume after four weeks and The Hangover Part III showing signs of wear and tear with $1.7 million after only two weeks.

Box Office Results for Japan. July 5-7, 2013


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MEXICO: 'Despicable Me 2' Posts Another Big Animated Opening Weekend on July 10, 2013

DM2StillA.jpgAnimated films are a safe bet in Mexico. Despicable Me 2 proved that with a $14.8 million opening weekend across 2,920 screens. The minions dominated the box office, hitting Disney's Monsters University the hardest. The Pixar sequel fell 69% in its third week for a $2.4 million weekend. The Monsters sequel is nothing short of a blockbuster in Mexico, grossing a total of $32.8 million to date. Despicable Me 2 will be rivaling that figure if it is able to hold in the coming weeks.

World War Z held on to a $3.5 million weekend, bringing its Mexican cume to $15.5 million. Pedro Almodovar's I'm So Excited posted impressive numbers in its limited release debut, coming in fifth place with a $359k take from 192 screens. Holdovers dominate the bottom half of the table with domestic comedy Nosotros Los Nobles ($26.2M / 15 Weeks), Fast & Furious 6 ($35.8M / 7 Weeks), and The Great Gatsby ($5.2M / 6 Weeks) selling more tickets deep into their respective runs.

Box Office Results for Mexico. July 5-7, 2013


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