GERMANY: 'Despicable Me 2' Continues to Thrive on July 24, 2013

dm2sTILL.jpgGermany loves the Minions. Despicable Me 2 added $2.9 million over its third weekend to reach an $18.2 million cume, leading a weekend that included four new releases breaking into the top ten. Grown Ups 2 came in second place with a $2.3 million debut. The comedy sequel won a head-to-head battle against Pacific Rim. Guillermo del Toro's high-concept project opened in third place with $1.9 million.

No other film broke the million-dollar mark outside of the top three. World War Z came closest to reach the milestone in its fourth weekend but fell short with a $740k tally that raised its German total to $16.1 million. Now You See Me fell flat in Germany, falling to fifth place in its second weekend after a 50% drop from its opening frame. The magic heist film has grossed a total of $2.3 million to date. The Heat has also disappointed in the market, earning a $3.5 million total in an otherwise comedy-friendly territory.

Top 10 Films in Germany. July 19-21, 2013.


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AUSTRALIA: 'The Heat' Warms Up the Box Office on July 24, 2013

the-heat-still.jpgThe Heat is still on in Australia. The Melissa McCarthy/Sandra Bullock comedy led the box office in its second weekend by taking in a total of $2.5 million dollars, brining its cume in Oz to $7.5 million. It was only a 27% drop from The Heat's opening weekend, enough to relegate the openings of This is the End and The Conjuring down to second and third place, respectively. Screen count had a lot to do with the result in the top three. The Heat's 341 locations allowed the female-driven comedy to pull ahead of the new releases. This is the End played in 233 screens for a $2.2 million opening weekend and a $9,683 per-screen average that ranks above The Heat's $7,529 average. The Conjuring came in third with a $1.6 million opening but posted the weekend's top average with a $12,133 count from only 135 screens.

Pacific Rim fell 55% from its opening weekend to gross $1.5 million in its second frame. The high-concept film has earned a total of $5.2 million in Australia -not exactly a flop, but nowhere near a blockbuster success. The film will likely end its run behind Disney's The Lone Ranger. The Johnny Depp vehicle has grossed $8.2 million in three weeks, including a million-dollar performance over the weekend.

The rest of the chart is populated by certified hits. Despicable Me 2 added another $1.5 million in its fifth weekend to reach a $29.9 million total. Man of Steel earned $1 million in its fourth frame to break the $20 million mark. World War Z closed out its fifth week in Australia with anequally impressive $20.8 million.

Top 10 Films in Australia. July 19-21, 2013


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UPDATED GLOBAL: 'Pacific Rim' Topples the Minions on July 21, 2013


TUESDAY: Late numbers confirmed that Pacific Rim was the top film of the weekend around the world, toppling the two week reign of Despicable Me 2 atop the global box office. 

Universal adjusted the actual overseas gross of Despicable Me 2 down to $34.9 million, giving an edge to Pacific Rim's higher-than-expected $35.3 million adjusted estimate, according to a sources at Warner Bros. 

The adjusted global total for Despicable Me 2 stands at $584.3 million. Pacific Rim still has ground to make up in order to reach similar heights; the Guillermo del Toro tentpole has grossed $181.2 million worldwide.

SUNDAY: Despicable Me 2 is the top film in the world for the third consecutive week. The animated film overtook its predecessor's $293 million overseas cume and hit a $308.4 million overseas total after taking in $35.4 million from 50 territories over the weekend. Despicable Me 2 has grossed $584.6 million globally.

The minions are set to become the second Universal release to break the $100 million mark in Latin America, following the first-time feat accomplished by Fast 6 in the region earlier this month. Brazil posted the strongest hold ($4.5M Weekend / $27.5M Cume), passing Fast 6 to become Universal's top release of all time in the country. Other top holds include Mexico ($3.7M Weekend / $38.9M Cume), Germany ($3M Weekend / $18.3M Cume), the U.K. and Ireland ($2.7M Weekend / $45.6M Cume), and France ($2.3M Weekend / $23.5M Cume). 

Monsters University broke the half-billion global mark on July 17, setting the stage for a weekend that only included one new opening. The film becomes Pixar's seventh consecutive title to surpass the $500 million mark. The Pixar prequel has held on well around the world and contributed another $20.7 million from the overseas marketplace this weekend to reach a $283.9 million overseas tally and a $532.9 million cume. The top overseas earners for Monsters U include Mexico ($37.4M), Japan ($34.4M), Australia ($21.2M), Argentina ($21.1M), Russia ($20.6M), Brazil ($16.1M), the U.K. ($13M), Spain ($12.6M), and Germany ($11.8M).

Two Fox releases round out the weekend's animated films. Turbo opened in 28 markets to $22.6 million overseas, taking its opening weekend to a $53.8 million global total. Russia led the charge with a fantastic $8.4 million opening weekend, followed by strong performances from Mexico ($3.4M), Brazil ($1.8M), and Argentina ($1.3M). Several major markets are still to come for Turbo. Epic is closing out its overseas run as it looks forward to its last two top markets: South Korea (August 7) and Spain (August 30). Epic has earned $139 million in its overseas run and posts a $244.4 million global total. 

Pacific Rim reached a $110.3 million overseas cume from 48 territories to propel its global total to $178.5 million. North American audiences haven't responded to Guillermo del Toro's popcorn flick in the same way that overseas viewers have embraced the film. Pacific Rim reached a $16.5 million cume in Russia after a strong $3.9 million take from its second weekend. The film opened at #1 in France with $3.8 million from 641 screens, including previews. South Korea posted another strong weekend, adding $3.5 million to take its total to $15.6 million despite falling behind the opening weekend of Mr. Go, a film about a baseball-playing gorilla.

Man of Steel reached the $350 million overseas mark after earning $6 million from 60 markets. Fans are already looking forward to the upcoming Superman sequel featuring Batman, a project that practically has money dripping off of it. The only way to raise the expectations on the upcoming Superman/Batman film directed by Zack Snyder and Executive Produced by Christopher Nolan is if Warner Bros. could somehow tie-in Harry Potter as the villain. Top markets for Man of Steel include China ($63M), the U.K. ($46m), Mexico ($21.1M), Australia ($21M), France ($18.8M), South Korea ($15.2M), and Russia ($10.7M).

World War Z is holding strong overseas. The Brad Pitt zombie passion project reached a $456.4 million global total this weekend. $269.5 million of that figure comes from overseas, where World War Z is still eyeing openings in Spain and Japan. The film posted strong holds in France ($1.9M Weekend / $15.6M Cume), South Korea ($900k Weekend / $33.1M Cume), Mexico ($880k Weekend / $21.7M Cume), Germany ($800k Weekend / $16.1M Cume), and Brazil ($620k Weekend / $13.8M Cume).

The Lone Ranger had a $3.6 million opening in Mexico this weekend as the film prepares a wider overseas roll-out over the next couple of weeks. The Disney film has struggled outside of North America, only posting a successful run in Russia ($14.7M) en route to an underwhelming $66.4 million overseas cume. The numbers in North America are just as poor, where The Lone Ranger has failed to reach the $100 million mark after its July 4 weekend debut. Several top territories are still on deck for the wannabe franchise, including Japan (August 2), France (August 7), Germany (August 8), the U.K. (August 9), and Spain (August 23). A Chinese release date has yet to be confirmed.

R.I.P.D. was D.O.A. at the North American box office, where the high-concept tent-pole only managed to earn $12.8 million while walking away with a C+ CinemaScore. Audiences in Russia didn't seem to mind much, giving the film the top spot at the box office with a $6.4 million weekend that accounts for the lion's share of its $6.8 million overseas cume from ten territories. Universal is quoting a $130 million production budget for R.I.P.D., making the film the leading contender for 2013's biggest global box office flop.  

Fast & Furious 6 is gearing up for its Chinese release on Friday. The action flick is the second biggest hit of the year, trailing the blockbuster success of Iron Man 3. Fast 6 is currently posting a $475.4 million overseas cume and a worldwide total of $712.5 million. A good run in China can easily lift the film past the $500 million overseas benchmark. 

The Heat is still hot in Australia. The comedy reached a $7.5 million cume in its second weekend in Australia, taking its overseas total to $24.1 million from 29 markets. Other top markets for The Heat include Russia ($4.7M) and Germany ($3.6M). Expect the film to pick up more steam after its U.K. release on July 31. 

Star Trek Into Darkness is finishing out its overseas run with only three territories left to release in August. Argentina and Chile will see an August 15 release and the film is slated to open in japan on August 23. The sci-fi sequel has grossed $223.5 million outside of North America over 11 weekends, bringing its global total to $448.6 million.

The Conjuring brought in an impressive $3.4 million from three markets. Spain was the top territory, bringing in $1.7 million from 300 screens. Australia followed by packing theaters with $1.5 million from only 134 locations, posting the highest per-screen average in the market. New Zealand rounded out the rest of the release with $200k. Upcoming top territories for the horror film include Russia (July 25), Germany (August 1), the U.K. (August 2), and France and Italy (August 21).

The Purge continues its slow overseas roll-out. The film has grossed $13.4 million from a dozen territories and still has 26 more countries to open. The global total for the low-budget thriller is $77.5 million.

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