MEXICO: 'Man of Steel' Opens Big with $9.6M Weekend on June 19, 2013

MOSSTill.jpegMan of Steel flew to the top spot of the Mexican box office, grossing just under $10 million in its opening weekend. The $9.6 premiere averaged $3,493 across 2,771 screens in Mexico. It was one of the principal markets for the superhero film in its day-and-date debut, as it grossed above $70 million in its initial overseas roll-out.

After Earth fell to second place in its first hold-over weekend, adding $2.5 million after dropping 52%. The Mexican cume for After Earth is a positive $9.9 million that will help soften the film's woes elsewhere in North America.

Fast & Furious 6 had another weekend over the $1 million mark. The action film has grossed $33.9 million in four weeks. It looks like the great success of Iron Man 3 will fall short of the $50 million mark. The third installment in the Iron Man franchise has grossed $48.5 million in Mexico but a decreasing screen count as the summer rolls on will likely see the film fall out of the top ten next weekend.

Box Office Results for Mexico. Weekend of June 14-16, 2013


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JAPAN: 'Gatsby' Rules in Premiere on June 19, 2013

gatsbygrosses.jpgThe Great Gatsby was the number one film in Japan last weekend, taking an opening gross of $1.7 million from 571 screens. The film was closely followed by G.I. Joe: Retaliation; the action film dropped 31% in its second weekend to gross $1.4 million and reach a $6 million cume. Japan is the last major territory for the G.I. Joe sequel as it inches to a $250 million overseas total. It likely won't get htere, however, as the current overseas cume stands at $247.3 million. Oblivion hit an important milestone by breaking the $10 million mark in its third weekend. Olympus Has Fallen continued to underperform, dropping 34% in its sophomore frame to reach a disappointing $2.1 million total.

Box Office Results for Japan. Weekend of June 14-16, 2013


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GERMANY: 'The Hangover Part III' Breaks $25M on June 19, 2013

HangOver3-3.jpgAnother big weekend for The Hangover Part III in Germany saw the comedy take the top spot at the box office with a $2.6 million take. The Hangover III's German cume now stands at an impressive $25 million. It is going on a head-to-head race with the weekend's second-place film, Fast & Furious 6, which currently posts a $26.9 million weekend with an additional week of release under its belt. Fast & Furious 6 grossed $1.4 million over the weekend.

Four U.S. films premiered but none were able to break the $1 million mark in their debut. The Purge fared best in the group, posting a competitive $3,311 average across 264 screens. The Purge placed second in the per-screen average category, below first place hold-over The Hangover Part III. The Host came in fifth place with a $702k take from 347 locations. The Place Beyond the Pines placed on the bottom half of the table after a $610k opening weekend in 252 locations. Olympus Has Fallen fell flat in Germany, only managing to gross slightly above the half-million mark in 223 screens.

Star Trek Into Darkness has been a great hit in Germany and is on the verge of breaking the $20 million mark. It is only $65,000 shy from the milestone and should be able to achieve it by next week even if the film doesn't gross enough to stay in the top ten for the seventh consecutive occasion.

Box Office Results for Germany. Weekend of June 14-16, 2013


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GLOBAL: 'Iron Man 3' Breaks $400M in North America, is #5 Highest Grossing Film of All Time on June 16, 2013

53429296680800441582126.jpgWEDNESDAY UPDATE: Iron Man 3 is Disney's fifth release to have ever reached the $400 million mark in North America. The superhero film reached the milestone on Tuesday, currently boasting a $400.4 million take in North America and a $803.9 million cume overseas. The $1.204B global total is enough to make Iron Man 3 the fifth most successful film of all time globally, surpassing Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean: on Stranger Tides. It ranks sixth among films with the highest gross outside of North America.

Iron Man 3 reached the $1 billion global mark in 23 days, becoming the fifth billion-dollar film in Disney's history. It is the second highest grossing film in the studio's history, behind The Avengers. Iron Man 3 has outgrossed The Avengers in China, Finland, Hong Kong, Korea, Russia, Poland, Switzerland, Thailand, and Ukraine. The film is the most successful film of all time in Malaysia and Vietnam. 

SUNDAY REPORT: Warner Brothers is enjoying a great Fathers' Day weekend after three of its releases hit major milestones at the global box office. This weekend saw the Man of Steel premiere go day-and-date in 24 overseas markets and gross $196 million globally. The opening weekend take is nearly half of the $391 million global gross of Bryan Singer's Superman Returns.

Two other Warner Brothers films broke the $300 million global mark this weekend. The Hangover Part III reached a $201.8 million overseas cume after a $17.5 million weekend from 56 markets. The comedy is scoring big totals in several important markets that include the United Kingdom ($27.4M), Germany ($24.9M), Australia ($19.7M), Russia ($17M), Italy ($15.4M), Brazil ($13.4M), and France ($13M). The global total for The Hangover Part III currently stands at $309.7 million.

The Great Gatsby is the second WB release to have reached $300 million worldwide this weekend. The Baz Luhrman adaptation starring Leonardo Di Caprio grossed $9.9 million from 58 markets over the weekend to raise its overseas total to $160.3 million. The film opened #1 in Japan with $2.1 million. Top markets for The Great Gatsby include high totals from the United Kingdom ($22.4M), Australia ($18.5m), Russia ($16.7M), France ($13.9M), and Germany ($13.8M). The global total for The Great Gatsby is $300.2 million.    

Star Trek Into Darkness also hit an important milestone over the weekend after soaring past the $400 million global mark. A $17 million weekend with openings in Brazil, Italy, and France had the sci-fi film cross $200 million overseas with big markets like Spain and Japan still on the horizon. Currently posting a $201.7 million overseas total, Star Trek Into Darkness has already outgrossed the lifetime overseas gross of its predecessor by 60%. Star Trek Into Darkness opened at #1 in France with $3.5 million, a promising start but still less than After Earth's debut from the previous week. The Star Trek sequel also opened atop the Italian box office, bringing in $1.5 million from 398 locations. The film is already 70% ahead of its predecessor's Brazilian cume after a splendid $3.1 million opening weekend in Brazil. The Brazilian gross is even more impressive, as the country's media coverage has largely focused on local protests and the country's Confederations Cup soccer tournament. Star Trek Into Darkness has a global total of $412.1 million.      

Fast & Furious 6 became the highest grossing film in its franchise this weekend after reaching a $417.3 million overseas total and $636.9 million cume. It surpassed Fast Five's global record of $628 million. The action franchise still has three more territories left to open:Venezuela on June 21, Japan on July 6, and a yet-to-be confirmed China release on July 26. 

The Internship took in $5.1 million from 19 markets. The box office woes have gone global for the Fox comedy starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, who were unable to place above third in Australia or Russia, its first pair of major markets. The comedy took in $2.2 million in Australia and $1.4 million from Russia. The grosses aren't a disappointment by any means, but do cast doubt on the chances a global run could help overcome the film's lackluster North American performance. The Internship will open in Sweden and Poland next weekend with 12 additional markets to follow during the last week of June. 

After Earth is showing strength despite an uncomfortable release window that has it facing premieres from Man of Steel and Star Trek Into Darkness. The film took the top spot in Belgium and the Netherlands, beating Star Trek's opening weekend gross in both countries. A $2 million hold-over weekend in France took its French total to $6.7 million following this weekend's premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness. The Star Trek sequel beat After Earth in France this weekend but was unable to match After Earth's $4 million debut frame, according to our source at Sony. After Earth went head to head with The Internship in Australia and lost, taking in $1.9 million in its Australian debut. A Scandinavian release saw the film open in #1 in Norway and Finland as well as taking the top spot in Sweden for the second consecutive week. Man of Steel bumped the Smith father-son picture to second place in Mexico with a $2.6 million weekend and $10 million territory cume. After Earth also faced off against Superman in the U.K. with similar results, taking in $1.8 million in second place for a $7.3 million U.K. total. Other top markets for After Earth in its second weekend include Russia ($2.6M Weekend / $14.7M Total), Germany ($1.2M Weekend / $3.5M Total), and Brazil ($1.1M Weekend / $4.3M Total). The sci-fi adventure has grossed a much needed $91.1 million overseas to take its global cume to $145.3 million.

An $8 million dollar weekend abroad helped Epic reach a $119 million overseas total. The tally includes a #1 opening in South Africa and strong hold-overs from the United Kingdom ($1.2M Weekend / $18.8M Total) and Russia ($1M Weekend / $14M Total). The film outperformed its previous weekend in the U.K. by 23% in its fourth week in release. Epic has grossed $214.5 million worldwide. The animated film will open in Australia on June 27.

The Purge reached a $6.7 million overseas total from seven territories, taking its early global tally to $58.54 million. The slow overseas release of the Ethan Hawke thriller continued this weekend with openings in Germany, Russia, Austria, German-Switzerland, and Serbia/Montenegro. The film failed to gain as much traction as it had in its North American debut, coming in on fourth place in Germany with $1 million from 264 screens. It fared worse in Russia with a seventh place finish after grossing $540k from 350 locations. The Purge opens in Egypt on June 26, Lebanon and the U.A.E. on June 27, and Romania on June 28.  

Oblivion looks like it might get to $200 million overseas after all. Another great performance in Japan ($1.1 million in its third weekend) helped the Tom Cruise sci-fi film reach $194 million oversea. The North American $88.8 million cume has stalled the film's global total at $282.8 million. 

G.I. Joe: Retaliation is winding down its overseas run with a good streak in Japan. The film grossed $1.3 million in its second weekend in the country, taking its overseas cume to $247.3 million. The global total for the action film is $369.4 million. 

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