UK: 'The Wolverine' Leads the Weekend with $7.2M Debut; 'Despicable Me 2' Breaks $50M on July 31, 2013

despicableme2overseas.jpgA $7.2 million opening weekend for The Wolverine led the box office chart in the United Kingdom. The superhero film opened in 522 screens and dominated the market with a $13,822 per-screen average. Monsters University placed second in its third frame with $4.7 million, taking its U.K. total past the $20 million milestone. Despicable Me 2 passed an even bigger milestone, reaching a $52.5 million total in its fifth week in release. The U.K. is the biggest overseas market for the animated Universal release. Depiscable Me 2 has grossed $662 million worldwide and is the third biggest film of 2013 at the global box office, behind Iron Man 3 and Fast & Furious 6.

The World’s End posted a strong hold in its second weekend, grossing $2.2 million and reaching an $8.3 million total in its home market. Now You See Me raised its cume after a $1.3 million weekend, reaching a $13.7 million cume. Pacific Rim was the last strong hold of the weekend, falling 45% in its third frame for a $1.1 million take. The Guillermo del Toro popcorn flick has earned $10.7 million in the United Kingdom. Noah Baumbach’s micro-budget Frances Ha impressed in limited release, breaking into the top ten with a $3,863 per-screen average across 60 locations.

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MEXICO: 'Wolverine' Dethrones Animated Fare with a $6.3M Opening on July 31, 2013

Wolverinestill.jpgThe Wolverine walked off with $6.3 million from its Mexico debut, the highest performance for an X-Men film featuring Hugh Jackman’s title character in the territory. X-Men: the Last Stand took in $5.9 million in its debut, X-Men Originis: Wolverine brought in $4 million, X2: X-Men United opened to $3.3 million, and the original X-Men grossed $2.5 million in their respective Mexican premieres.

Despicable Me 2 was a distant second place in its fourth frame, grossing $2 million over the weekend to take its total to a market-leading $43.1 million among films in release. Monsters University is still posting positive numbers after six weeks in Mexico. The Pixar prequel has taken in a total of $37.3 million in the country, the second biggest market for the film behind Japan. Turbo is the odd-film-out of the three animated features in the top ten, dropping 53% in its first hold for a $1.7 million weekend and $7.4 million cume. Mexico is the third top market for Turbo, behind South Korea and Russia.

The Lone Ranger fell 55% in its second weekend for a $1.5 million hold, taking its Mexican cume to $7.1 million. It’s a disappointing performance for the Disney release; The Lone Ranger has only taken in $78.6 million from 40 territories. If Johnny Depp’s brand has devalued through the release, it’s nothing compared to the diminishing returns of the Scary Movie franchise. Scary Movie 5 opened in sixth place to $434k, well behind openings that ranged from $926k to $1.6 million from the previous entries in the franchise.

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AUSTRALIA: 'Wolverine' Opens Big as 'The Heat' and 'The Conjuring' Post Strong Holds on July 31, 2013

wolverinestill.jpgHugh Jackman's latest outing as The Wolverine was met with a warm reception in the actor's home country. The latest installment in the X-Men franchise brought in $5.6 million from its opening weekend in Australia, the highest opening weekend in the series featuring Jackman in the role. Jackman's previous opening weekends in Australia as the clawed superhero included a $4.7 million opening for X-Men Origins: Wolverine, $5.05 million for X-Men: The Last Stand, $3.76 million for X2: X-Men United, and $2.1 million for the original X-Men.

The Heat broke the $10 million mark in Australia with a solid $1.6 million hold in its third week. Australia continues to be The Heat's biggest overseas market. The Conjuring scared up the weekend's highest per-screen average with at $10,681 and a $1.4 million weekend after a terrific hold that saw its grosses drop 9%. The Conjuring $3.7 million has earned in its Australian theatrical run.

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UPDATED GLOBAL: 'The Wolverine' Posts $141M Opening; 'Fast 6' Breaks $500M Overseas on July 28, 2013



Adjusted grosses are coming in throughout the day. Here's a breakdown of Monday's box office actuals by studio:


The Wolverine: $87,212,126 Overseas Total
Epic: $140,185,262 Overseas Total
The Heat: $29,092,012 Overseas Total
The Internship: $30,389,449 Overseas Total
Turbo: $43,533,426 Overseas Total


Fast & Furious 6: $503,684,005 Overseas Total.
Despicable Me 2: $355,218,385 Overseas Total.
R.I.P.D.: $12,582,966 Overseas Total.
The World's End: $8,804,601 Overseas Total.
Now You See Me: $3,893,975 Overseas Total.
The Purge: $14,153,567 Overseas Total.


Pacific Rim: $140M Overseas Total
The Conjuring: $12.5M Overseas Total
Man of Steel: $357.05M Overseas Total


Scary Movie 5: $43,787,750 Overseas Total
Quartet: $39,594,402 Overseas Total
Escape from Planet Earth: $13,881,176 Overseas Total
Only God Forgives: $7,098,871 Overseas Total
Unfinished Song: $5,338,686 Overseas Total

Sunday: The Wolverine posted the highest opening weekend overseas in the X-Men franchise with an $86.1 million take from 15, 152 screens around the world. The 3D version accounted for around half of the film's overseas cume. The Wolverine performed 51% above the overseas debut of X-Men: First Class, 30% higher than X-Men: Origins - Wolverine, and 13% bigger than X-Men: The Last Stand. The Wolverine closed out its opening weekend with a $141 million worldwide total. 

The Wolverine took in $40.4 million from Europe. The top markets in the region include Russia ($10.5M), France ($7.4M), the United Kingdom ($7.1M), Germany ($3.3M), Spain ($2.8M), and Italy ($2.1M).

Asia/Pacific accounted for $26.9 million of the overseas total. Top markets include Australia ($5.6M), South Korea ($5M), and Taiwan ($1.4M).

Hugh Jackman's clawed superhero brought in $18.8 million from Latin America. Brazil is the top market in the region ($6.5M), followed by Mexico ($6.3M), and Argentina ($1.7M).

The Wolverine will release in an additional 25 territories throughout August, closing its overseas run with a September 13 premiere scheduled in Japan. 

Fast 6 broke Universal's opening day record in China on Friday. The film went on to become the market's second biggest Hollywood release of 2013, behind Iron Man 3. Fast 6 sped through a $24 million opening weekend in China and is expected to cross the half-billion overseas mark today. BoxOffice predicted a $500 million overseas run for the sixth entry of the Fast & Furious franchise back in May. China is the last market for Fast 6, which is currently the second-highest grossing film of the year with a $503.5 million overseas total and a $741.1 million worldwide cume.

Despicable Me 2 ranks third among this year's highest grossing titles at the global box office. The animated sequel has taken in $354.5 million from 50 territories overseas territories, bringing its worldwide total to $660.9 million. That number is expected to receive a boost from its opening in Russia on August 15. Despicable Me 2 was recently denied a release in China, an unfortunate development for Universal taking into account the box office success that The Croods had in that market earlier this year.

Not everything on Universal's slate has had the same luck. R.I.P.D. continues to be the only sour spot for the studio's summer. The metaphysical action flick has flopped hard in North America, taking in a poor $24.4 million over two weeks. The film has gone on to gross $12.7 million from 11 overseas territories, including a $10.9 million performance in Russia since its day-and-date premiere. The $130 million production budget doesn't take into account the film's P&A costs, which seem to have been scaled back in comparison to the summer's other costly flops.

The Lone Ranger didn't have any new openings this weekend, a factor that makes its $5.1 million weekend overseas less damaging. The Disney film is sure to be among the biggest flops of the year, derailing any hope of a new franchise for Pirates of the Caribbean director/star duo Gore Verbinski and Johnny Depp. The film's box office woes present a setback for Armie Hammer, who appears in the film's title role. Hammer joins Taylor Kitsch's unfortunate turn in John Carter as actors whose A-List potential has been sidetracked by an expensive wannabe franchise flop from Disney. The Lone Ranger has grossed $78.6 million from 42 territories (about 40% of the total marketplace) and posts a $163.9 million global cume. The film is only a certified hit in Russia with $15.5 million and has posted modest numbers in Australia ($9.1M), Mexico ($7.1M), and Argentina ($6.1M). Look for a big push in early August as The Lone Ranger opens in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom for August 7-9.

Pacific Rim reached the $140 million mark in its third weekend overseas. Guillermo del Toro's high concept "Robots vs. Monsters" romp has been a disappointment in North America but is on pace to perform respectably well in the overseas marketplace. Top holds for Pacific Rim include France ($1.2M Weekend / Week 2 / $6.5M Cume), Russia ($1.3M Weekend / Week 3 / $19.5M Cume), the United Kingdom ($1.1M Weekend / Week 3 / $10.6M Cume), South Korea ($1M Weekend / Week 3 / $17.2M Cume), and Mexico ($984K / Week 3 / $13.8M Cume). Pacific Rim should get a big bump from its Chinese release on July 31 and could clear the $200 million overseas mark by mid-August following upcoming releases in Spain, Japan, and Brazil.

Paramount's distribution plan with Star Trek Into Darkness meant to get the most out of the revitalized sci-fi franchise in the global marketplace through a strategic release that would span throughout the summer. The film's $224.6 million overseas total has already beaten its predecessor's $127 million lifetime gross overseas. That translates to a massive 76% improvement with Japan, Argentina, and Chile still to come in August. The film opened in Venezuela to $500K, 560% above the opening weekend of Star Trek in the same territory. Star Trek Into Darkness has grossed $450.2 million worldwide, 17% ahead of its predecessor's lifetime global gross.

Paramount has had similar success overseas with World War Z. The international zombie thriller reached the $280 million overseas mark this weekend. World War Z posted strong holds in France ($1.2M Weekend / Week 4 / $17.6M Cume), Germany ($420K Weekend / Week 5 / $16.8M Cume), and Mexico ($410K Weekend / Week 5 / $22.7M Cume).

No new openings for Monsters University as the Pixar prequel added another $15.6 million to its $321.6 million overseas total. The animated film has grossed an impressive $576.9 million worldwide. An August 23 opening in China should push the film past the $600 million global mark. Top markets for Monsters University include Japan ($46.2M), Mexico ($38M), the United Kingdom ($23.2M), Argentina ($23.2M), Australia ($21.8M), and Russia ($20.8M).

The Conjuring continues to thrive in North America, where the low-budget horror movie is clawing its way toward the $100 million mark. The film has had a positive run in its limited overseas release thus far, earning $12.1 million from 7 territories. Low budget thrillers have posted a high ROI for studios this summer, with fellow genre flick The Purge posting a similarly successful $14.2 million run in its limited overseas release.

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