UPDATED: $138 Million for 'The Hobbit' Overseas on December 17, 2012


Monday (12/17) Update: Final weekend #s from WB:International weekend tallies came in just shy of $138m with 14.7m admissions from 18,165 screens in 56 markets. Russia opens on Wednesday with Australia slated for December 26th.

UK - Slightly higher numbers than projected on Sunday at £11.6m (US$18.7m) from 1,746 screens.

Germany - Also stronger numbers than estimated yesterday at €13.1m (US$16.9m), including previews from 1,333 screens and ranking it as the #2 biggest opening in 2012 (behind SKYFALL).

Korea - KRW 9.1b (US$8.5m) nationwide from 1,052 screens, ranking as the 4th highest WB opening of all time.

France - €9.0m (US$11.7m) with 1.2m admissions from 958 screens.

Spain - €6.1m (US$7.9m) from 1,052 screens.

Sweden - SEK 41.2m (US$6.2m) from 378 screens, marking the 2nd biggest weekend of all time (behind HP 7B).

Italy - €4.4m (US$5.7m) from 734 screens.

Mexico - Ps 67m (US$5.2m) from 2,425 screens, making it the biggest opening weekend in December ever.

Brazil - R$10.0m (US$4.8m) from 969 screens.

Japan - ¥291.7m (US$3.5m) from 862 screens.

New Zealand - NZ$2.8m (US$2.4m) from 203 screens.


Sunday (12/16) Update: Warner Bros. reports that The Hobbit has grossed $138.2 million overseas during its first weekend of release. The worldwide total is a healthy $223 million.

Key int'l stats from WB:

3D screens represented an estimated 60% of the total box office.

IMAX generated approximately $5m internationally, making it the highest December opening ever, and bringing in a spectacular $40k per screen average.

Top International Markets:

The UK opened to an incredible £11.4m (US$18.3m) from 601 situations, taking 62% of the market share. 3D projection is 60%.

Germany generated an outstanding €12.6m (US$16.3m), including previews, from 1,332 screens, representing a 60% share of the total box office. 3D projection is 80%. 

France pulled in a great €9.8m (US$12.7m) with 1.3m admissions from 958 screens, taking 63% of the top 5 films. 3D projection is 60%.

Korea debuted to an outstanding KRW 9.2b (US$8.5m) nationwide from 1,200 screens, taking 53% of the top 5.

Spain opened to a great €6.5m (US$8.4m) from 1,052 screens, controlling 60% of the market. 3D projection is 40%.

Sweden produced an outstanding SEK 39.6m (US$6.0m) from 272 screens, making this the 2nd biggest weekend of ALL TIME (behind HP 7B). 3D projection is 80%.

Italy took in €4.2m (US$5.4m) from 734 screens with 50% share of the top 5 box office. 3D projection is 71%.

Mexico dominated the market with Ps 66m (US$5.2m) from 2,414 screens, garnering nearly 70% of the top 5 films and making this the BIGGEST December opening ever.

Strong numbers in Brazil with R$10.1m (US$4.9m) from 969 screens, taking 53% of the top 5 films in the market. 3D projection is 64%.

Saturday (12/15) Update: 

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey continues to dominate with $29.6m from 18,200 screens in 56 markets, for a running tally of $57m.

Top Territories: UK – 70% market share. £2.5m (US$4.1m) from 601 situations. The running cume is now £4.6m (US$7.4m).
Germany – Friday pulled in €2.4m (US$3.1m) from 1,332 screens with a 63% market share, bringing the running cume to €5.5m (US$7.1m).
Spain – €1.8m (US$2.4m) from 1,052 screens, taking 72% share of the market. France – €1.5m (US$1.9m) with 200k admissions from 958 screens, bringing the 3 day cume to €4.3m (US$5.5m) with 577k admissions.
Brazil – excellent #'s at R$3.2m (US$1.5m) from 969 screens, taking 61% market share.
Korea – Friday numbers continue to be outstanding, coming in at KRW 1.6b (US$1.5m) from 1,200 screens, ranking a strong #1. The 2 day running cume is now KRW 2.9b (US$2.7m).
Mexico – fantastic Ps.18m (US$1.4m) from 2,414 screens, dominating the market with a 66% box office share and ranking as the best opening day ever in December.


Friday (12/14) Update: WB reports a $16 million overseas Thursday take for The Hobbit in 42 countries. The international tally stands at $27.3 million after two days with a number of markets yet to open.

Thursday (12/13) Update: Warner Bros. is reporting an $11.2 million Wednesday for The Hobbit. The gross only includes 16 markets.

Scandinavia grossed $4.3 million ($1.6m from Sweden, $1.2m Norway, $1.1m Denmark, $412k from Finland).

Other notables:

France: $2.4 million from 958 screens
Germany: $2 million 

Wednesday (12/12) Update: Warner Bros. reports that The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey opened to $643,000 in New Zealand on Wednesday (NZ$782,695), making it the best non-holiday Wednesday opening in the country's history.

The film will open in 55 territories this weekend on approximately 17,000 screens. Major markets such as Australia, China and Russia among others are not opening this weekend.

UPDATED: 'Skyfall' Boasts $951 Million Worldwide on December 16, 2012


Sunday (12/16) Update: Sony reports that Skyfall has grossed $678.7 million overseas and $272.3 million domestically for a worldwide total of $951 million.

Sunday (12/9) Update: Sony reports that Skyfall pulled another $20.3 million overseas this weekend. That brings the international cume to $656.6 million. Combined with the estimated domestic haul of $261.6 million, the worldwide total is now $918 million through Sunday.

Key international notes:

AUSTRALIA remained #1 in the market for the third consecutive weekend with $4.8, raising its cume to $33.5. JAPAN fell just 40% from its fantastic opening weekend, grossing $3.3, bringing its market cume to $13.2. GERMANY added $2.4 in its 6th frame, increasing its cume to $74.7. The U.K. continues to add to its record-setting total with $2.3 in its 7th week, cume is now a staggering $154.5. HOLLAND is still #1 for the 6th consecutive weekend, down just 29% with $1.1, cume is $19.1. FRANCE adds $1.0 in its 7th frame, bringing its market cume to $56.5.


Monday (12/3) Update: Sony reports that Skyfall grossed another estimated $34 million internationally over the weekend. That brings the overseas total to $623 million and the worldwide total to an estimated $869 million.

Key international notes for Skyfall:

JAPAN debuted at #1 this weekend with a fantastic $5.9 from 587 screens, 51% bigger than QUANTUM OF SOLACE, 76% more than CASINO ROYALE and 28% over DARK KNIGHT RISES. SOUTH AFRICA also bowed at #1 with $.800 from 128 screens, 76% bigger than QUANTUM and about double the launch of CASINO ROYALE.

Last weekend's openers AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND remain very strong #1s, both commanding about 60% their respective markets and both about 3 1/2 times the #2 film TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN PART 2. AUSTRALIA took in an estimated $8.0 to bring its cume to a very nice $25.7 and NEW ZEALAND did $1.1 for a total of $3.4.

In Europe, GERMANY is #2 in its 5th frame, earning $3.7 for a new cume of $71.3. The U.K. is in a tight race for #1 this weekend, bringing in $3.5 and raising its total to a phenomenal $150.2 -- right on the heels of AVATAR which currently stands as the U.K.'s biggest film to date.

FRANCE did $1.8 in its 6th frame, cume now $55.1. HOLLAND performed beautifully, placing #1 for a 5th consecutive weekend and dropping a slight 25% with $1.6 (cume $17.5). Other holdovers include: SWITZERLAND with $1.0 and retaking the #1 position (cume $17.3); BELGIUM $.550 ($9.3); SWEDEN $.550 ($15.2); DENMARK $.465 ($13.4); MEXICO $.410 ($9.1); ITALY $.400 ($16.4) and SPAIN $.305 ($12.7).

Monday (11/25) Update: Skyfall's worldwide total is an estimated $790 million. The action flick has earned $560.8 million internationally and $221.7 million domestically. 

Sunday (11/18) Update: Sony reports that Skyfall has grossed $161.3 million domestically and $507.9 million internationally for a worldwide cume of $669.2 million. Skyfall has now passed Casino Royale's $594.2 million worldwide haul in order to become the biggest Bond movie of all time. The success of Skyfall has helped Sony hit $4 billion worldwide for the first time in its history. 

Key int'l stats for Skyfall:

GERMANY was off just 29% in its 3rd weekend, adding $10.3 million and bringing the market cume to $57.4 million. The UK fell off 47% in its 4th frame, grossing $8.9 million to bring the market cume to $133.4. SKYFALL is now the 2nd biggest film of all time in the UK with £82.7 million behind AVATAR (£94.0 million). FRANCE added $3.9, cume now $47.9.
HOLLAND held off new opener TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN - PART 2 to remain #1 in the market, fell off 32% in its 3rd frame, grossing $2.5 and bringing market cume to $12.7.
Other top markets for the weekend: SWITZERLAND fell 33% in its 3rd ($2.5 million/$14.2 million), ITALY ($1.6 million/$2.8 million), BRAZIL ($1.1 million/$12.4 million), RUSSIA ($1.0 million/$23.9 million), SPAIN ($1.0 million/$11.3 million), SWEDEN ($1.1 million/$13.2 million), DENMARK ($1.0 million/$11.5 million).

Australia and New Zealand release next week.

Wednesday Update: With £74.3 million ($117.8 million) in the bank, Skyfall is now the second-highest grossing film ever in the UK and the highest grossing movie in 2D. Avatar still holds the #1 spot with £94 million ($149 million).

Tuesday Update: Sony estimates that Skyfall made $11.3 million in North America on Monday, pushing its domestic total to $101.9 million. A final number is due later today. 

Sunday Update #2: 

From Sony:

Skyfall, the 23rd film in the James Bond series, grossed an estimated $89.0 million this weekend overseas bringing the international total to $428.6 million and an estimated $518.6 million worldwide.

Sony's markets earned $79.6 million to bring the cume to $367.4. MGM's distribution partners grossed $9.4 million to bring their cume to $61.2. SKyfall has now passed the lifetime of Quantum of Solace ($407.7 million) and tomorrow will pass that of Casino Royale ($432.2 million).

Top markets: The UK fell off just 30% in its 3rd weekend, grossing a huge $18.2 to bring the market cume to $117.5. Skyfall is now the 4th biggest film of all time in the UK with £72.9 million in the bank (and the biggest non-3D film), behind Avatar (£94.0 million), Toy Story 3 (£73.8 million), and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (£73.1 million). By tomorrow it will be #2 of all time. GERMANY was off just 30% from its opening frame, adding $15.1 million and bringing the market cume to $44.0. FRANCE earned $8.2 million, cume now $42.5 million.

Other top markets for the weekend: HOLLAND was off just 3% from its opening frame ($3.7 million/$9.4 million cume), SWITZERLAND fell 26% in its 2nd ($3.7 million/$10.9 million), ITALY ($2.8 million/$12.1 million), RUSSIA ($2.6 million/$22.0 million), SPAIN ($2.5 million/$9.9 million), SWEDEN ($1.9 million/$11.3 million), INDIA ($1.7 million/$8.5 million), MEXICO ($1.7 million/$5.8 million), BRAZIL ($1.6 million/$10.6 million), DENMARK ($1.6 million/$9.9 million), NORWAY ($1.4 million/$9.1 million), KOREA ($1.4 million/$14.1 million), AUSTRIA ($1.4 million/$5.4 million).


Sunday Update: Skyfall snagged $31.7 million on Friday, and it increased 7% on Saturday to $33.9 million. Sony is predicting it will take in $22.2 million today for a weekend total of $87.8 million. The action flick took in $2.2 million on Thursday thanks to IMAX previews. 

shattered the record of Biggest Bond Opening in North America previously held by Quantum of Solace, which opened to $67.5 million in November of 2008. This marks the 9th #1 film to be released by Sony Pictures in 2012.

Saturday update: Sony reports that Skyfall made $30.8 million in North America on Friday including $2.4 million from midnight shows. Combined with the $2.2 million the film made on Thursday from IMAX and Premium Large Format theaters, the total stands at $33 million.

Friday update: Sony reports that Skyfall made $2.2 million from Thursday previews that were exclusive to 463 Imax and Premium Large Format theaters. Another $2.4 million came from midnight shows. Early reports indicate that matinee shows are doing well.

UPDATED: 'Life of Pi' Reaches $129.4 Million Overseas on December 16, 2012


Sunday (12/16) Update: 20th Century Fox estimates that Life of Pi grossed another $11.5 million overseas this weekend, pushing its global cume to $129.4 million. China is the #1 territory again with $6.9 million for a total of $84.3 million. 

Monday (12/10) Update: Life of Pi grossed an actual result of $23.42 million overseas this weekend. The updated total is now $105.4 million internationally.

Sunday (12/9) Update: 20th Century Fox estimates that Life of Pi has reached $105.7 million internationally this weekend thanks to continued strong holds in multiple markets. The film earned $23.8 million (down only 3 percent from last weekend) from 5,612 screens in just 11 territories.

Notable holds include China (up 6 percent from last weekend to $23.8 million), Spain (up 2% to $2.4 million), Taiwan (down just 14 percent to $2.3 million) and India (down 33 percent to $1.3 million).

In China, the film surpassed the totals of both The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider-Man. In India, the film has also surpassed The Dark Knight Rises as well as Skyfall, making it the third highest grossing American film of the year in the country (behind The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man).

In Taiwan, the film is now the fourth highest grossing film of 2012 (behind Avengers, Dark Knight Rises and Din Tao).

The film also retained #1 in those countries as well as Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Monday (12/3) Update: Life of Pi held up even stronger than already estimated in China over the weekend. The flick pulled $13.77 million from 3,800 screens. Cume is now $40 million in China alone.

In Taiwan, the film pulled an actual result of $2.68 million (cume $6.08 million).

The film's international tally now stands at $64.1 million from 12 markets.

Sunday (12/2) Update: 20th Century Fox is projecting a $21.5 million overseas weekend for Life of Pi. The hold is all the more impressive because the film is currently only playing in 11 markets. With strong holds in a number of countries including China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, the international cume is now $61.1 million.

In Taiwan, director Ang Lee's home country, the film actually increased by 47 percent to $2.58 million. In China, the flick was down just 15 percent to $11 million this weekend.

Life of Pi will open in an estimated 24 more countries on December 20 and 21.

Monday Update: The Sunday estimate out of China was low because 400 locations were missing from the total. 20th Century Fox is now reporting that Life of Pi has already earned $16.1 million in China. The overseas total--which also includes India, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Puerto Rico--is now $23.9 million. 

Sunday Update: Life of Pi is shaping up to be a huge worldwide hit.

20th Century Fox estimates that the drama took in $17.5 million from 5,458 screens in 4 markets. Life of Pi is #1 in China thanks to a $10.5 million haul from 4,500 3D screens. In India, Life of Pi is also #1 with $3.4 million from 697 locations. That marks the third-highest non-franchise opening in India behind Avatar and 2012. The estimated worldwide total is $48 million. 

Other stats from Fox:

In Taiwan ($2.2 million from 165 locations), the film absolutely dominates, with 68% market share, and in Hong Kong ($1.4 million from 96 location), the film enjoys the biggest Ang Lee opening ever, beating LUST, CAUTION. LIFE OF PI opens in a handful of markets next weekend, including Spain, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, with the bulk of International releasing from the Dec. 19/20/21 weekend into early January.



UPDATED: 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' Passes $500 Million Overseas on December 16, 2012


Sunday (12/16) Update: Summit reports that The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 has grossed $501.4 million overseas. The film's domestic total is $276.9 million. BD2's worldwide cume is sitting pretty at $778.3 million. 

Monday (12/10) Update: Summit confirms an actual gross of $22.6 million for Breaking Dawn - Part 2 overseas this weekend. The international cume stands at $482.9 million. Worldwide total is now $750.5 million.

The film's top 10 markets thus far:

UK - $53.2M
Brazil - $46.7M
CIS - $42.4M
France - $34.1M
Germany - $30.9M
Mexico - $27.3M
Australia - $27.1M
Italy - $23.6M
Spain - $26M
S. Korea - $16.5M

Sunday (12/9) Update: Summit is projecting a $23.5 million overseas gross this weekend for Breaking Dawn - Part 2. That would put the Twilight finale's international cume at $482.4 million to date. Worldwide, the pic has grossed an estimated $751.1 million through Sunday.

Sunday (12/2) Update: Summit estimates a $48.8 million international weekend for Breaking Dawn - Part 2. The film is currently playing in 73 territories and has an international total of $447.8 million to-date. The worldwide total now stands at $702.4 million.

The film's top 10 international markets thus far:

UK - $49.9M
Brazil - $41.6M
CIS - $41.2M
France - $31.7M
Germany - $25.8M
Mexico - $25.5M
Australia - $25M
Italy - $22.3M
Spain - $22.2M
South Korea - $14.5M

Monday (11/26) Update: Lionsgate reports that The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2's worldwide total is now $589.9 million. $365.5 million overseas combined with $224.4 million domestic.

Sunday (11/25) Update: Summit reports that Breaking Dawn - Part 2 added another $97.4 million this weekend from 73 territories, pushing its overseas total to $350.8 million. Domestically, BD2 has earned $227 million. The worldwide total is now $577.7 million. 

Key int'l stats:

o Breaking Dawn - Part 2 remained virtually #1 in all territories with the exception of Australia that debuted Skyfall
o Breaking Dawn - Part 2 opened big this weekend in Germany, grossing $15.2 million for the 4-day including previews. It is the best opening for the franchise and #2 opening for 2012 behind Skyfall
o Breaking Dawn - Part 2 also had strong openings in Austria $1.8 million and German Switzerland $1.5 million

Monday Update: The final opening #s: $199.5 million internationally and $340.5 million worldwide. 

Sunday Update: Summit reports that Breaking Dawn - Part 2 has already grossed $199.6 million internationally. Breaking Dawn - Part 2 is tracking roughly 38% higher than the previous installment in gross international box office.Key stats:

Top 10 Markets:

UK - $24.4 million
CIS - $20.3 million
Brazil - $19 million
France - $16.4 million
Australia - $12.7 million
Italy - $12.4 million
Spain - $11.8 million
Mexico - $11.8 million
S. Korea - $7.1 million
Philippines - $4.4 million
Sweden - $3.9 million


• UK - Once again the UK remains the top territory for the opening of Breaking Dawn - Part 2.
• Spain - Breaking Dawn - Part 2 is the top grossing 3-day weekend of all time.
• Latin America- The performance was incredible and delivered $43 million which is 57% above the opening of Breaking Dawn - Part 1, and already is more than ½ the box office for the entire engagement of Breaking Dawn - Part 1.
• France - France came in with a huge 2 million admissions on opening weekend; Best opening weekend of the year surpassing La vérité si je mens 3 - 1,660,445 admissions; 2nd best opening for franchise (behind New Moon)
• Australia- Continues to be one of the top markets for the franchise bringing in $12.7 million
• Scandinavia - Scandinavia delivered $9.8 million on opening weekend. $3.9 million from Sweden alone.
• Denmark - 7th best 4 day opening of all time.
• Finland - #2 opening of 2012
• Sweden - Biggest opening of 2012
• Norway - #4 opening of 2012
• Benelux - Benelux brought in $5.2 million on opening weekend
• Netherlands - Franchise record and 3rd best opening for 2012
• Overall internationally the grossed an estimated $3 million in IMAX from 82 locations (NOTE: this gross is factored into the overall estimate above)

Saturday Update: Summit reports that Breaking Dawn - Part 2 has grossed $91 million internationally through Friday. The global total is sitting pretty at $162.2 million. More updates will be available tomorrow.

Friday Update:

The official release from Summit: 

Summit is pleased to announce that from the 37 International territories that opened as of yesterday, Thursday 11/15, the international cumulative gross is a very impressive $38.8 million (not including the U.S. and Canada). 24 additional territories are opening today, Friday 11/16, which brings the total to 61 territories opened along with the U.S. and Canada. Nearly every market has opened to grosses at or well above the last installment in the franchise (Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1). Some territory highlights below. NOTE: The next international estimates update will come on Sunday morning.

* Brazil - Brazil posted an opening day of $5.4 million, which is the largest opening day figure for any TWSBD p2 market thus far.
* Australia - Opened on Thursday to a very strong 3.7 million.
* Russia - TWSBD p2 opening day comes in at $4.4 million which is 42% higher than TWSBD p1; this is a record for the Top Non-Holiday Opening Day of All-Time.
* France - After two days in release the gross is $6.1 million, which is about $1 million dollars ahead of TWSBD p1 at the same point.
* Italy - Posted a two day total of $4.2 million which is up 19% from TWSBD p1 at the same point.
* Mexico - Debuted with an opening day of $2.4 million, which is 41% higher than TWSBD p1 at the same point
* Benelux - Has accumulated $1.9 million after 2 days, which is 44% higher than TWSBD p1 at the same point.

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