UPDATED: 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' Passes $500 Million Overseas on December 16, 2012


Sunday (12/16) Update: Summit reports that The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 has grossed $501.4 million overseas. The film's domestic total is $276.9 million. BD2's worldwide cume is sitting pretty at $778.3 million. 

Monday (12/10) Update: Summit confirms an actual gross of $22.6 million for Breaking Dawn - Part 2 overseas this weekend. The international cume stands at $482.9 million. Worldwide total is now $750.5 million.

The film's top 10 markets thus far:

UK - $53.2M
Brazil - $46.7M
CIS - $42.4M
France - $34.1M
Germany - $30.9M
Mexico - $27.3M
Australia - $27.1M
Italy - $23.6M
Spain - $26M
S. Korea - $16.5M

Sunday (12/9) Update: Summit is projecting a $23.5 million overseas gross this weekend for Breaking Dawn - Part 2. That would put the Twilight finale's international cume at $482.4 million to date. Worldwide, the pic has grossed an estimated $751.1 million through Sunday.

Sunday (12/2) Update: Summit estimates a $48.8 million international weekend for Breaking Dawn - Part 2. The film is currently playing in 73 territories and has an international total of $447.8 million to-date. The worldwide total now stands at $702.4 million.

The film's top 10 international markets thus far:

UK - $49.9M
Brazil - $41.6M
CIS - $41.2M
France - $31.7M
Germany - $25.8M
Mexico - $25.5M
Australia - $25M
Italy - $22.3M
Spain - $22.2M
South Korea - $14.5M

Monday (11/26) Update: Lionsgate reports that The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2's worldwide total is now $589.9 million. $365.5 million overseas combined with $224.4 million domestic.

Sunday (11/25) Update: Summit reports that Breaking Dawn - Part 2 added another $97.4 million this weekend from 73 territories, pushing its overseas total to $350.8 million. Domestically, BD2 has earned $227 million. The worldwide total is now $577.7 million. 

Key int'l stats:

o Breaking Dawn - Part 2 remained virtually #1 in all territories with the exception of Australia that debuted Skyfall
o Breaking Dawn - Part 2 opened big this weekend in Germany, grossing $15.2 million for the 4-day including previews. It is the best opening for the franchise and #2 opening for 2012 behind Skyfall
o Breaking Dawn - Part 2 also had strong openings in Austria $1.8 million and German Switzerland $1.5 million

Monday Update: The final opening #s: $199.5 million internationally and $340.5 million worldwide. 

Sunday Update: Summit reports that Breaking Dawn - Part 2 has already grossed $199.6 million internationally. Breaking Dawn - Part 2 is tracking roughly 38% higher than the previous installment in gross international box office.Key stats:

Top 10 Markets:

UK - $24.4 million
CIS - $20.3 million
Brazil - $19 million
France - $16.4 million
Australia - $12.7 million
Italy - $12.4 million
Spain - $11.8 million
Mexico - $11.8 million
S. Korea - $7.1 million
Philippines - $4.4 million
Sweden - $3.9 million


• UK - Once again the UK remains the top territory for the opening of Breaking Dawn - Part 2.
• Spain - Breaking Dawn - Part 2 is the top grossing 3-day weekend of all time.
• Latin America- The performance was incredible and delivered $43 million which is 57% above the opening of Breaking Dawn - Part 1, and already is more than ½ the box office for the entire engagement of Breaking Dawn - Part 1.
• France - France came in with a huge 2 million admissions on opening weekend; Best opening weekend of the year surpassing La vérité si je mens 3 - 1,660,445 admissions; 2nd best opening for franchise (behind New Moon)
• Australia- Continues to be one of the top markets for the franchise bringing in $12.7 million
• Scandinavia - Scandinavia delivered $9.8 million on opening weekend. $3.9 million from Sweden alone.
• Denmark - 7th best 4 day opening of all time.
• Finland - #2 opening of 2012
• Sweden - Biggest opening of 2012
• Norway - #4 opening of 2012
• Benelux - Benelux brought in $5.2 million on opening weekend
• Netherlands - Franchise record and 3rd best opening for 2012
• Overall internationally the grossed an estimated $3 million in IMAX from 82 locations (NOTE: this gross is factored into the overall estimate above)

Saturday Update: Summit reports that Breaking Dawn - Part 2 has grossed $91 million internationally through Friday. The global total is sitting pretty at $162.2 million. More updates will be available tomorrow.

Friday Update:

The official release from Summit: 

Summit is pleased to announce that from the 37 International territories that opened as of yesterday, Thursday 11/15, the international cumulative gross is a very impressive $38.8 million (not including the U.S. and Canada). 24 additional territories are opening today, Friday 11/16, which brings the total to 61 territories opened along with the U.S. and Canada. Nearly every market has opened to grosses at or well above the last installment in the franchise (Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1). Some territory highlights below. NOTE: The next international estimates update will come on Sunday morning.

* Brazil - Brazil posted an opening day of $5.4 million, which is the largest opening day figure for any TWSBD p2 market thus far.
* Australia - Opened on Thursday to a very strong 3.7 million.
* Russia - TWSBD p2 opening day comes in at $4.4 million which is 42% higher than TWSBD p1; this is a record for the Top Non-Holiday Opening Day of All-Time.
* France - After two days in release the gross is $6.1 million, which is about $1 million dollars ahead of TWSBD p1 at the same point.
* Italy - Posted a two day total of $4.2 million which is up 19% from TWSBD p1 at the same point.
* Mexico - Debuted with an opening day of $2.4 million, which is 41% higher than TWSBD p1 at the same point
* Benelux - Has accumulated $1.9 million after 2 days, which is 44% higher than TWSBD p1 at the same point.


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