UPDATED: 'Skyfall' Surpasses 'Avatar' for #1 All-Time in United Kingdom on November 08, 2012


Wednesday (12/5) Update: Sony Pictures announced that through Tuesday, Skyfall has amassed $151,795,059 (£94.3 million) at the United Kingdom box office. That officially makes it the country's highest grossing film of all-time, surpassing Avatar (£94 million).

Thursday (11/8) Update: Skyfall has raked in a whopping £57.05 million ($91.9 million) through Tuesday in the UK. That puts it ahead of The Dark Knight Rises ($88.2 million) and The Avengers ($83.4 million). The total is also higher than Casino Royal's £55.6 million ($88 million) haul. 

Sunday (11/4) Update: Sony reports that Skyfall's international total is now $287 million after taking in $156 million this weekend.

Sony Pictures Releasing International passes its all time biggest year and is at $2.16 billion thru today. SPRI's previous best year ever was 2009 with $2.14 billion.

Stats from Sony:

GERMANY opened with a huge $23.9 million, which was the biggest opening of 2012, 77% bigger than the openining of Quantum of Solace and 88% bigger than Casino Royale.

ITALY launched with $7.9 million, which was the biggest opening of a Hollywood film in 2012 and the 2nd biggest overall. It beat the opening of Quantum by 95% and Casino by 85%.

SPAIN opened to $6.7 million, which is the 2nd biggest opening of the year behind the phenomenal The Impossible. It was 27% bigger than the opening of Quantum and 73% more than Casino.

SWITZERLAND had a record-setting opening of $5.3 million, the biggest opening in history there, breaking Quantum of Solace's old record.

HOLLAND opened with $4.4 million which was by far the biggest opening of the year there, almost 2 ½ times the previous best Dark Knight. The opening of Skyfall was 91% bigger than that of Quantum, 179% more than Casino.

AUSTRIA launched with a gigantic $3.4 million, more than double the previous biggest opening of 2012 (Ted), and the 2nd biggest opening of all time there behind Lord Of The Rings: Return of the King in 2003.

MEXICO bowed with $3.2 million, which was 40% bigger than the opening of Quantum of Solace and 151% bigger than Casino Royale.

In Asia, INDIA launched with a big $5.1 million, the 2nd biggest opening of the year there behind only The Amazing Spider-Man, beating the openings of the the #3 film Avengers by 20% and the #4 film Dark Knight by 41%. This opening was 60% bigger than Quantum's, 82% more than Casino's.

INDONESIA opened on a rare Thursday and grossed $2.5 million, outgrossing the normal Wednesday openings of Quantum by 93% and Casino by almost 4 times. It was the #3 opening of the year there behind The Amazing Spider-Man and Avengers.

MALAYSIA also bowed with $2.5 million and like Indonesia was the 3rd biggest opening of the year behind the same films. This was 45% bigger than Quantum's opening frame, 160% more than Casino's.

TAIWAN also launched with $2.5 million, here the 2nd biggest opening of the year behind Avengers, 69% bigger than Quantum and more than 5 times the opening of Casino. SINGAPORE opened to $2.3, the 4th best opening of 2012 behind Avengers, Spider-Man, and Dark Knight. This opening beat those of Quantum by 77% and Casino by 117%.

The PHILIPPINES launched with $1.9 million, 44% bigger than the opening of Quantum, 3 times the opening of Casino. HONG KONG also opened to $1.9 with an 80% market share, besting the opening of Quantum by 59%, Casino by 3 times.

THAILAND launched with $1.8 million and an 83% market share, 13% bigger than the opening of Quantum, 34% bigger than Casino.

20+ smaller markets all opened well, bigger than any of the previous James Bond films.

Holdovers were nothing less than stunning. The UK fell off just 21% from its opening weekend to gross $25.7 million and bring the 10-day market cume to jaw-dropping $85.8 million.
FRANCE added $14.3 million in its 2nd frame to bring the market cume to $30.0, already passing the lifetime of Casino Royale and a day from passing Quantum Of Solace. The Fri-Sat-Sunday portion of the weekend fell off just 20% from last weekend's opening.
RUSSIA was off a good 47% from its opening, adding $5.2 million to bring the market cume to $16.1.
BRAZIL fell just 5% from its opening frame ($3.4 million/$7.8 million cume)
KOREA was down 49% ($3.0 million/$11.4 million)
SWEDEN fell off just 2% from its opening frame ($2.8 million/$8.1 million cume)
DENMARK fell 15% ($2.7 million/$7.5 million)
BELGIUM was up 6% for Fri-Sun ($2.6 million/$4.9 million)
POLAND fell just 24% from its opening ($1.9 million/$5.7 million)
NORWAY was off 48% ($1.5 million/$6.5 million)
FINLAND fell 12% ($1.3 million/$4.1 million).

Imax issued an estimated weekend gross of $4.3 mil in 132 locations over 36 territories, or $33+k a screen.

Friday (11/2) Update: Skyfall has grossed $59.9 million during its first seven days in the U.K. and Ireland. That impressive tally gives Skyfall the first-week record in the U.K./Ireland. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 previously held the record with $57.6 million in its first seven days.


Thursday (11/1) Update: Skyfall will pass the $100 million mark internationally today. The film doesn't hit North America until IMAX shows begin on November 8. 

Tuesday (10/30) Update: Skyfall remained strong at the international box office on Monday.  The film has now grossed an estimated $96.6 million internationally through the end of Monday.  The United Kingdom is responsible for $39.3 million of that total.

Daily international grosses on Monday for Skyfall included $6.8 million in the United Kingdom, $2.3 million in France and $0.896 million in Russia.

The UK figure represents the best Monday of all-time in the UK, topping Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2.

Monday (10/29) Update: Sony has revised the strong international start for Skyfall upwards.  The international start for Skyfall now stands at $80.6 million.

Sunday (10/28) Update: Skyfall is off to a great start. Sony estimates that the latest Bond flick has already taken in $77.7 million internationally.

Key stats from Sony:

Setting the pace was, of course, the UK, which opened to an enormous estimated $32.4 million (£20.1). Smashing the all-time Saturday attendance record yesterday, this is the biggest opening of 2012 and the 2nd biggest Friday-to-Sunday opening weekend in history there, behind just the 3D Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part 2. This launch was 76% bigger than Daniel Craig's first turn as 007, Casino Royale, and 30% bigger than Quantum Of Solace. Of the $77.7 million on Skyfall, IMAX is estimating a weekend gross of $3.5 mil in 79 locations in 15 territories which include the UK, France, Russia, Korea, Bulgaria, Middle East, Kazakhstan and Brazil.

FRANCE bowed with $9.1, 39% more than Casino Royale's opening Friday to Sunday (beating the entire 5-day opening as well) and just 15% less than Quantum, which opened during a holiday period.

RUSSIA opened to $8.6 million, beating Casino Royale's first weekend by 171% and Quantum's by 58%.

KOREA managed to take an gigantic 49% of the market, grossing $6.1, which was more than triple Casino Royale's opening and 58% more than Quantum's opening Fri-Sun (22% more than Quantum's entire 4-day opening).

BRAZIL launched with a huge $6.5, the biggest Bond bow ever there, beating Casino's opening by 130% and Quantum's by 37%.

BELGIUM earned $1.4 million, up 40% on Casino Royale's first Friday to Sunday by 40% and 17% on Quantum's. MGM's licensees:

NORWAY opened to $2.7 million, capturing well over 65% of the entire market and besting the opening of Casino by 52% and Quantum by 15%.

SWEDEN launched with a huge $2.6 million, the biggest opening of 2012, 27% bigger than the opening of Casino, and just 4% less than Quantum, which opened during a national holiday.

DENMARK also opened to $2.6 million, the biggest non-3D opening ever there, beating Casino by 23% and Quantum by 30%.

POLAND bowed with $2.5 million, more than tripling the opening weekend of Casino and besting Quantum by 67%.

FINLAND earned a huge $1.5 million, the biggest opening in history there excluding previews, beating Casino Royale's bow by 82% and Quantum's by 23%.

Other openings include the CZECH REPUBLIC ($835K), ISRAEL ($825K), PORTUGAL ($630K), HUNGARY ($425K), ROMANIA ($325K), SLOVAKIA ($310K), BULGARIA ($175K), and ICELAND ($155K).



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'Skyfall' Outpacing 'Quantum of Solace' On Fandango on November 07, 2012

skyfall.pngFandango reports that Skyfall is outpacing Quantum of Solace by a margin of 2-1 at the same point in the release cycle. Skyfall currently accounts for 53% of this week's sales, but that could drop quickly once The Hobbit enters the picture today. Starts Selling Tickets for 'The Hobbit' on November 07, 2012

The official release:, the worldwide leader in advance movie ticketing, begins advance ticket sales for THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY today! Moviegoers who purchase advance tickets for the film through will receive a free music download of the track "Old Friends" from the film's score composed by Howard Shore.

THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY, directed by Academy Award®-winning filmmaker Peter Jackson, is the first of a trilogy of films adapting the enduringly popular masterpiece The Hobbit, by J.R.R. Tolkien. The film will be released on December 14, 2012.


NEW YORK -- The Cinema Advertising Council (CAC), a national non-profit trade association which serves cinema advertising sellers, the theatrical exhibition community and the advertising community, announced that Cliff Marks has been elected president and chairman of the industry association, and Suzanne La Forgia executive director. Effective immediately, they join Bob Brouillette and Laura Adler, returning as treasurer and secretary, respectively.

"With the box office showing 5.1 percent growth year-to-date compared with last year, and some of the year's most anticipated films set to premiere in the coming weeks, cinema remains a powerful platform for advertisers looking to attract hard-to-reach consumers," said Mr. Marks. "I look forward to continuing to work with the CAC in order to evangelize cinema and bring more attention to the unique opportunities it offers brands in all top categories."

The CAC also announced that Steve Ochs (SVP marketing, NCM) will take over as chair of the Marketing committee and Lauren Zweifler (VP, research and strategy, Screenvision) will take over as chair of the Research committee. Laura Adler will remain chair of the Public Relations committee.
Mr. Marks is the president of sales and marketing at National CineMedia (NCM), a position he has held since 2002. Prior to joining NCM, he was SVP national sales for ESPN/ABC Sports from 1989-2002, and a network TV buyer at BBDO Advertising from 1984-1987. In 2010, Mr. Marks was identified as #17 on the "Mediaweek 50" which lists top executives in the advertising and media industry who "advanced innovation, revenue and influence for their companies."

Ms. La Forgia is the SVP, national & regional sales, at Screenvision. With nearly 20 years of experience in creating and driving revenue growth., La Forgia has previously served as EVP, advertising sales, for RMG Networks and was president of the Digital Place-based Advertising Association. She began her career selling for Home & Garden Television as part of the network's early launch team. La Forgia has also held positions at The Hotel Networks and Hallmark Channel.

Mr. Brouillette has been a CAC officer since 2004. He is also NCM's senior vice president of business development, where he forges new business partnerships with other entertainment and media companies and creates new media solutions for undeveloped NCM client categories. Prior to his time at NCM, Mr. Brouillette held several senior level positions throughout his 17 years in the media industry, including executive VP, marketing and business development at Fanfare Media Works from 2000-2002; senior VP, marketing and business and at News America Marketing from 1997-2000; and senior VP, sales and marketing for SPAR Marketing Force from 1993-1997. Mr. Brouillette holds a BS from Iowa State University.

Ms. Adler is president of A&G Marketing Group, Inc., and serves clients in both the for-profit and not-for profit sectors, including the CAC which she's managed since its inception in 2003. Ms. Adler worked at National Cinema Network for more than 18 years, where she started her career as an account executive in 1986. She was promoted in 1996 to vice president of marketing and public relations. Ms. Adler graduated with a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University. She also serves on the Board of Advisors for Brainy Camps Association of Children's National Medical Center.


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