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LOS ANGELES -- IMAX Corporation (NYSE:IMAX; TSX:IMX) today announced that Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey grossed $15.1 million in 452 IMAX® theatres worldwide, which is an all-time best performance for an IMAX film in December. The Warner Bros. Pictures film, a production of New Line Cinema and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, grossed $10.1 million in 326 domestic IMAX theatres.

The film also set an international December IMAX record, generating $5 million in 126 international IMAX theatres - including strong performances in Brazil, Spain, Singapore, Turkey, Ukraine and the UK. The film, which received an impressive "A" grade from CinemaScore, is pending release in key territories including Australia, China and Russia.

"We are proud to have worked closely with our longtime partners at Warner Bros. and an accomplished filmmaker like Peter Jackson, who has created a story and visual spectacle ideal for The IMAX Experience®," said Greg Foster, Chairman and President of IMAX Filmed Entertainment. "We're pleased that so many moviegoers chose to experience the first installment of this highly anticipated trilogy in IMAX, and we believe the positive word of mouth going into the holiday season should drive a long and successful run."

The IMAX release of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has been digitally re-mastered into the image and sound quality of The IMAX 3D Experience® with proprietary IMAX DMR® (Digital Re-mastering) technology. The crystal-clear images, coupled with IMAX's customized theatre geometry and powerful digital audio, create a unique environment that will make audiences feel as if they are in the movie.


UPDATED: $138 Million for 'The Hobbit' Overseas on December 17, 2012


Monday (12/17) Update: Final weekend #s from WB:International weekend tallies came in just shy of $138m with 14.7m admissions from 18,165 screens in 56 markets. Russia opens on Wednesday with Australia slated for December 26th.

UK - Slightly higher numbers than projected on Sunday at £11.6m (US$18.7m) from 1,746 screens.

Germany - Also stronger numbers than estimated yesterday at €13.1m (US$16.9m), including previews from 1,333 screens and ranking it as the #2 biggest opening in 2012 (behind SKYFALL).

Korea - KRW 9.1b (US$8.5m) nationwide from 1,052 screens, ranking as the 4th highest WB opening of all time.

France - €9.0m (US$11.7m) with 1.2m admissions from 958 screens.

Spain - €6.1m (US$7.9m) from 1,052 screens.

Sweden - SEK 41.2m (US$6.2m) from 378 screens, marking the 2nd biggest weekend of all time (behind HP 7B).

Italy - €4.4m (US$5.7m) from 734 screens.

Mexico - Ps 67m (US$5.2m) from 2,425 screens, making it the biggest opening weekend in December ever.

Brazil - R$10.0m (US$4.8m) from 969 screens.

Japan - ¥291.7m (US$3.5m) from 862 screens.

New Zealand - NZ$2.8m (US$2.4m) from 203 screens.


Sunday (12/16) Update: Warner Bros. reports that The Hobbit has grossed $138.2 million overseas during its first weekend of release. The worldwide total is a healthy $223 million.

Key int'l stats from WB:

3D screens represented an estimated 60% of the total box office.

IMAX generated approximately $5m internationally, making it the highest December opening ever, and bringing in a spectacular $40k per screen average.

Top International Markets:

The UK opened to an incredible £11.4m (US$18.3m) from 601 situations, taking 62% of the market share. 3D projection is 60%.

Germany generated an outstanding €12.6m (US$16.3m), including previews, from 1,332 screens, representing a 60% share of the total box office. 3D projection is 80%. 

France pulled in a great €9.8m (US$12.7m) with 1.3m admissions from 958 screens, taking 63% of the top 5 films. 3D projection is 60%.

Korea debuted to an outstanding KRW 9.2b (US$8.5m) nationwide from 1,200 screens, taking 53% of the top 5.

Spain opened to a great €6.5m (US$8.4m) from 1,052 screens, controlling 60% of the market. 3D projection is 40%.

Sweden produced an outstanding SEK 39.6m (US$6.0m) from 272 screens, making this the 2nd biggest weekend of ALL TIME (behind HP 7B). 3D projection is 80%.

Italy took in €4.2m (US$5.4m) from 734 screens with 50% share of the top 5 box office. 3D projection is 71%.

Mexico dominated the market with Ps 66m (US$5.2m) from 2,414 screens, garnering nearly 70% of the top 5 films and making this the BIGGEST December opening ever.

Strong numbers in Brazil with R$10.1m (US$4.9m) from 969 screens, taking 53% of the top 5 films in the market. 3D projection is 64%.

Saturday (12/15) Update: 

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey continues to dominate with $29.6m from 18,200 screens in 56 markets, for a running tally of $57m.

Top Territories: UK – 70% market share. £2.5m (US$4.1m) from 601 situations. The running cume is now £4.6m (US$7.4m).
Germany – Friday pulled in €2.4m (US$3.1m) from 1,332 screens with a 63% market share, bringing the running cume to €5.5m (US$7.1m).
Spain – €1.8m (US$2.4m) from 1,052 screens, taking 72% share of the market. France – €1.5m (US$1.9m) with 200k admissions from 958 screens, bringing the 3 day cume to €4.3m (US$5.5m) with 577k admissions.
Brazil – excellent #'s at R$3.2m (US$1.5m) from 969 screens, taking 61% market share.
Korea – Friday numbers continue to be outstanding, coming in at KRW 1.6b (US$1.5m) from 1,200 screens, ranking a strong #1. The 2 day running cume is now KRW 2.9b (US$2.7m).
Mexico – fantastic Ps.18m (US$1.4m) from 2,414 screens, dominating the market with a 66% box office share and ranking as the best opening day ever in December.


Friday (12/14) Update: WB reports a $16 million overseas Thursday take for The Hobbit in 42 countries. The international tally stands at $27.3 million after two days with a number of markets yet to open.

Thursday (12/13) Update: Warner Bros. is reporting an $11.2 million Wednesday for The Hobbit. The gross only includes 16 markets.

Scandinavia grossed $4.3 million ($1.6m from Sweden, $1.2m Norway, $1.1m Denmark, $412k from Finland).

Other notables:

France: $2.4 million from 958 screens
Germany: $2 million 

Wednesday (12/12) Update: Warner Bros. reports that The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey opened to $643,000 in New Zealand on Wednesday (NZ$782,695), making it the best non-holiday Wednesday opening in the country's history.

The film will open in 55 territories this weekend on approximately 17,000 screens. Major markets such as Australia, China and Russia among others are not opening this weekend.

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