OVERSEAS ROUND-UP: Top 10 Films From Major Markets - August 30 - September 1 on September 04, 2013

1DStill.jpgA busy weekend at the overseas box office saw a diverse slate of films top some of the world's top markets. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters continued its successful run in Brazil by reaching an $8.5 million cume. Red 2 claimed the top spot in the competitive French box office. Germany showed why its a top market for comedies by embracing We're the Millers. Superman couldn't power its way through Miyazaki's farewell film in Japan. The Conjuring followed its record-breaking opening weekend in Mexico with another frame at the top of the box office. One Direction finished its first frame in the U.K. with a $5.3 million take thanks to a strong push from previews. Read more about all these stories by following the links below:

BRAZIL: 'Percy Jackson' Continues Its Strong Run

FRANCE: 'Red 2' Leads in $2.5M Debut

GERMANY: 'We're The Millers' Shines With $2.4M Debut

JAPAN: Superman Debut Takes A Back Seat To Miyazaki's Swan Song

MEXICO: 'The Conjuring' Follows Record-Breaking Debut With $3.9M Hold

UK: 'One Direction: This Is Us" Reigns In Its Home Market

MEXICO: 'The Conjuring' Follows Record-Breaking Debut with $3.9M Hold on September 04, 2013

ConjuringStill.jpgThe Conjuring played in more screens than any other film currently in release in Mexico, following up the biggest opening for a horror film in the country's history with a $3.9 million hold. The Conjuring has grossed $10.9 million after two weeks in Mexico. Mortal Instruments opened to $1.6 million for second place, while The Heat took third place with a $1.4 million bow.

Grown Ups 2 culminated its third week with a $9.4 million take. It's a considerable improvement over the $7.7 million lifetime gross of the original. Grown Ups 2 features a supporting turn from Mexican actress Salma Hayek, making the comedy sequel the highest-grossing live action film for Hayek in her home country. One Direction: This is Us premiered in limited release to a $1.1 million take, reaching $1.4 million when factoring in previews.

Top Ten Films in Mexico. August 30 - September 1, 2013


Special Announcement: The BoxOffice Forums Surpass 1 Million Posts! on September 03, 2013

By Shawn Robbins

In special news on the home front today, the BoxOffice Forums registered our 1 millionth official post on Tuesday, September 3!

Special thanks go out to all the members who continue making the community thrive. We've reached this milestone in less than two years and at the tail end of a summer that generated our highest level of member activity yet. BoxOffice is proud to be the destination where movie fans around the world gather to discuss and debate everything from box office predictions to movie news, reviews, and much more.

With the industry's awards season beginning to heat up, and several holiday blockbusters such as Thor: The Dark WorldThe Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug just around the corner, now's the perfect time to join in the conversation, share your opinions, and get to know the many respected members of our community.

Join today, and here's to the next million posts!

PETITION TO WARNER BROTHERS/EXHIBITORS: Please Give Movie Fans A '2001'/'Gravity' Double Feature on September 01, 2013


By Phil Contrino

Movie enthusiasts around the world are eagerly anticipating the release of Gravity on October 4 based on the glowing reviews coming out of film festivals in Venice and Telluride. The Warner Bros. release looks poised to become a serious commercial success as well as a new cinematic landmark.

It's hard to avoid comparisons to Stanley Kubrick's groundbreaking 2001: A Space Odyssey when reading the reviews for Gravity. Hollywood-Elsewhere's Jeff Wells wrote the following after seeing the sci-fi thriller at the Telluride Film Festival: "If Stanley Kubrick had been there last night he would freely admit that 2001: A Space Odyssey is no longer the ultimate, adult-angled, real-tech depiction of what it looks and feels like to orbit the earth. Nifty and super-cool from a pure-eyeball perspective, Gravity is certainly the most essential theatrical experience since Avatar."

All this talk of 2001 spurred me to pop in my Blu-ray copy of the film, but that's not good enough. 2001 is a film that was meant to be viewed on a big screen. If Gravity really deserves to be compared to 2001, then sci-fi buffs around the globe should be treated to a double feature. 

I've started a petition in order build momentum for this idea. If you consider yourself a fan of ground-breaking cinema, then please show your support. 

GLOBAL: 'One Direction: This is Us' Sings its Way to $33.1M Debut; 'Conjuring' and 'Monsters' Hit Milestones; Superman Settles for Second in Japan on September 01, 2013

1d3dstill.jpgOne Direction: This is Us had a strong debut for a concert film. The 1D concert movie opened day-and-date in 53 markets, outgrossing Justin Bieber: Never Say Never by 125% in the same territories. One: Direction This is Us finished the weekend with a $14.5 million overseas tally and $33.1 million global gross.

The U.K. was friendly to its pop darlings with a $5.7 million #1 opening on 650 screens, representing the film's best overseas showing in its first frame. This is Us posted a 16% improvement above the Hannah Montana movie debut and a 3% bump over Never Say Never's lifetime cume in the market.

A region-by-region breakdown provided by Sony paints a clearer picture on the film's success:


  • Denmark: $.590 on 70 screens, #2 in the market (53% above Bieber's final lifetime gross) 
  • Sweden: $.300 on 75 screens, #2 in the market (2.3 times more than the opening of Bieber)
  • Finland: $.160 on 80 screens, #1 in the market (59% above Bieber's final lifetime gross)

Latin America

  • Mexico: $1.5 on 200 screens (55% above Bieber's final lifetime gross)
  • Argentina: $.950 on 90 screens, #2 in the market (103% above Bieber's final lifetime gross)
  • Chile: $.510 on 40 screens, #1 in the market (55% bigger than the opening of Bieber)
  • Colombia: $275 on 50 screens, #2 in the market (15% above Bieber's final lifetime gross)
  • Peru: $.200 on 24 screens (1% bigger than the opening of Bieber)


  • Indonesia: $.140 on 20 screens (2.1 times bigger than Hannah Montana Movie)
  • Malaysia: $.065 on 30 screens

Eastern Europe/Middle East

  • Turkey: $.160 on 43 screens
  • Greece: $.135 on 35 screens (6.7 times above Bieber's final lifetime gross)
  • Russia: $.090 on 90 screens
  • United Arab Emirates: $.155 on 25 screens

The big debut wasn't enough for One Direction to overtake another Sony release in the overseas box office. Elysium came through with a $17.1 million weekend outside of North America after two #1 debuts in top markets.

Elysium opened in first place in South Korea with a strong $5 million bow on 361 screens. It was an 18% improvement over the Oblivion premiere in the market and more than twice the opening gross of director Neill Blomkamp's District 9 in the market. Elysium took first place in its Italian debut as well, reporting a $2 million performance across 452 screens. The Italian victory for the sci-fi film represents a 38% improvement over Oblivion's Italian debut and a 10% raise above the Pacific Rim premiere in the same market.

Elysium posted a number of strong holds over the weekend, including the United Kingdom ($1.9M Weekend / $9.2M Cume), France ($1.5M Weekend / $10.3M Cume), and Australia ($1.2M Weekend / $8.1M Cume). The overseas total for Elysium is $97.7 million. The film's worldwide cume is $176.1 million.

Monsters University became the fourth Disney/Pixar release to cross the $700 million global mark on August 29. The prequel joined an elite list of releases that include Toy Story 3 ($1.063B), Finding Nemo ($922M), and Up ($731M). It became Disney's biggest animated release in China after surpassing Toy Story 3 with a $27.8 million cume in the market. Monsters University has grossed a total of $715.1 million worldwide, with $450.9 million of that figure coming from outside of North America. The top overseas market for the film continues to be Japan with a whopping $87.4 million. The film's last remaining market is South Korea, where it will open on September 12.

The Conjuring crossed the $100 million mark overseas this weekend, reaching an impressive $109.5 million cume after 41 markets combined for $12.1 million. The worldwide total for The Conjuring stands at $243.3 million. The Conjuring backed up last weekend's #1 showing Mexico, where it posted the biggest opening for a horror film of all time, with a 3% drop that accounts for a $4.2 million hold to retain the top spot. The film's Mexican total is $11.2 million. Other top markets for The Conjuring include the U.K. ($15.2M), Russia ($10M), Australia ($7.9M), and Spain ($7.6M).

Man of Steel opened to a strong $3.5 million debut in Japan, but it wasn't enough to bring down the blockbuster run of Miyazaki's The Wind Also Rises from first place. The Wind Also Rises has been a top grosser in Japan, collecting an $82.4 million cume since its July 20 premiere. The Wind Also Rises has already overshadowed the release of Star Trek Into Darkness in the market, which lost the head-to-head battle against the anime release last weekend. Man of Steel is the latest film to fall against The Wind Also Rises, despite a release that spanned across 612 screens. Man of Steel has grossed a total of $367 million overseas and has earned a cume of $657.3 million worldwide.

Despicable Me 2 added another $6.5 million to its growing overseas tally this weekend. The Minions reached an overseas cume of $467.5 million, including a $3.3 million hold in its third frame in Russia ($28.8M Cume) to become the highest animated release of the year in the market. Despicable Me 2 ranks behind Iron Man 3 and Fast 6 as the third biggest film of the year in Russia. Despicable Me 2 will add to its current $823.1 million global total with the addition of eight more territories in the coming months. South Korea is the next major release on September 12.Jurassic Park 3D has become a very profitable endeavor for Universal. The re-release of the Spielberg dinosaur flick has taken in $108.9 million worldwide, thanks in large part to a $47.2 million performance after thirteen days in China. Two weeks in China represent the bulk of the film's $63.5 million overseas gross. Jurassic Park 3D has four more territories left on its calendar.

The Wolverine is slashing its way toward the $250 million overseas mark. It will need a solid performance from Japan, where the film is set, to take its current $232 million overseas total to the new milestone. The Wolverine opens in Japan on September 13. The film has grossed $359.8 million worldwide.

We're the Millers opened in first place in Germany, where it grossed $2.2 million from 470 screens, including previews. The comedy is picking up steam overseas, with the U.K. reporting a $6.3 million cume in its second weekend and Russia reporting an impressive $14.4 million run. We're the Millers opens in Mexico next weekend.

Planes added two top markets to its scaled overseas release this weekend. The Disneytoons film opened in Russia to $2.1 million and took in $1.9 million from its German debut. Planes is currently in release in 25 territories and has grossed a total of $31.2 million outside of North America. The global cume is $105 million. The film is set to open in Lebanon, Singapore, Indonesia, Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay next weekend.

Pain and Gain was shelved for a wide overseas roll-out until the end of the packed summer season and has been hitting screens around the world over the last several weeks. Michael Bay's black comedy reached a $20.9 million overseas cume after posting a $1.5 million debut across 393 locations in teh U.K. and a $1.3 million hold in its second weekend in Germany ($4.7M Cume). Pain and Gain opens in Belgium, Denmark, Panama, and Taiwan next weekend.

Pacific Rim is still gaining ground overseas, reaching a $304.4 million total outside of North America that is propelled by a massive $108.6 million cume from China. Pacific Rim has grossed less in North America than China, where it was unable to cross the $100 million mark in the U.S. and Canada until this weekend.

World War Z continues to gain ground overseas. The zombie thriller has now grossed a worldwide total of $532.1 million, with $331.6 million of that figure coming from outside of North America.

A $1.1 million hold in its second weekend in Japan ($6.9M Cume) gave Star Trek Into Darkness a modest boost as it closes out its theatrical run. The sci-fi sequel has taken in a total of $234 million overseas and is reporting a $462.4 million global total.

The Lone Ranger will need a boost from its Chinese release on October 6 if it hopes to reach the $250 million global mark. The critically-panned Western has grossed a total of $150.7 million overseas and is reporting a $239.2 million global cume.

Kick-Ass 2 reached a $23.3 million overseas total from 39 territories. The film opened in five territories this weekend, including disappointing bows in Spain ($311k in 274 locations) and Portugal ($35k in 34 locations). The super-hero sequel has grossed a total of $50.1 million worldwide. Kick-Ass 2 opens in Russia on September 5, with twenty additional territories to follow in the coming weeks.

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters continues to do well overseas after finishing the weekend with an $11.4 million tally from 48 markets to take its overseas cume to $82.6 million. The film's global total is $137.5 million.

The Heat reached a $58 million overseas cume to take its global to $215.2 million.



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