ITALY: 'Iron Man 3,' 'Hansel and Gretel' Boost Box Office on May 07, 2013

53429296680800441582126.jpgFive new releases meant a more dynamic weekend at the Italian box office. Iron Man 3 easily retained the top spot for the second consecutive week with $2.7 million. Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters had a stronger debut than expected, grossing $1 million despite playing in less than half the theaters than Iron Man 3. Side Effects had a moderately successful opening considering the other options during its release date, grossing $715,782. Snitch was the only clear disappointment of the weekend, opening in sixth place with a mediocre $1,617 per-screen average in 206 theaters. 

Box office results for Italy. May 3-5, 2013.


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MEXICO: 'Iron Man 3' $7.8M Leads Second Consecutive Week on May 07, 2013

53429296680800441582126.jpgIron Man 3 continued its spectacular run in Mexico, grossing $7.8 million over the weekend to bring its total in the Mexican box office to $35.8 million.

Just below the superhero film, multi-week hold-overs Nosotros Los Nobles and The Croods occupied the second and third spots, respectively. Nosotros Los Nobles grossed $1.3 million over the weekend to take its domestic cume to a very successful $19.8 million. The Croods is one of the biggest hits of the year in Mexico, grossing $27 million in its seven week run. Identity Thief suffered in its opening weekend, only grossing $370,044. The U.S. comedy was passed over by Mexican audiences the same way This is 40 whimpered out of the box office. U.S. comedies have had a difficult time finding popularity in Mexico this year. 

Specialty releases, however, found relative success with the opening of Trance and Spring Breakers. Danny Boyle's stylish psychological thriller opened in fifth place with a $1,527 average from 230 screens. Harmony Korine's neon-tinged subversive indie opened in 121 screens for a $1,734 average.

Box office results for Mexico. May 3-5, 2013.


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GLOBAL: 'Iron Man 3' $28.6M Biggest IMAX Wekeend in History on May 06, 2013

iron-man-3.jpgIron Man 3 benefitted from its North American opening weekend to score the highest grossing IMAX weekend in history. The film's $28.6 million weekend came from 562 screens worldwide, including record-breaking openings like a $63,000 per-screen average in China, a $77,000 per-screen average in Russia, and a $47,000 per-screen average in the Ukraine. 


LOS ANGELES -- IMAX Corporation (NYSE:IMAX; TSX:IMX) and Marvel Entertainment announced that Marvel's Iron Man 3 has grossed an estimated $28.6 million for the weekend in 592 IMAX® theatres worldwide, setting an all-time global IMAX opening weekend record. The film, which premiered in North America Friday, May 3, and returns star Robert Downey Jr. to his now-iconic title role, established several other IMAX records and benchmarks, including:

• The film generated $15.6 million domestically, setting a new IMAX opening-weekend record for May and establishing the second-best IMAX opening weekend in North America

• Multiple individual theatre opening weekend records with 27 IMAX theatres establishing new Friday records, and 22 setting new marks for Saturday

• Record-breaking IMAX openings in key territories, including China ($63,000 per screen), Russia ($77,000 per screen) and Ukraine ($47,000 per screen)

Iron Man 3 has now grossed $39.3 million in IMAX at the global box office, and the film overall has grossed $174.2 million domestically and $677 million globally so far.

Dave Hollis, Executive Vice President, Theatrical Exhibition Sales and Distribution, The Walt Disney Studios, said, "IMAX continues to be an in-demand format for premium, immersive moviegoing experiences like those created by Marvel's action-packed films, and we're very proud of the record-setting performance of Marvel's Iron Man 3 on IMAX screens around the world."

"Iron Man 3 is a bona fide global hit and the perfect property to kick off the summer season," said Greg Foster, Chairman and President of IMAX Entertainment. "Films like this form a strong foundation for our portfolio and we once again congratulate Marvel, Disney and the film's cast and crew for creating a film that so clearly resonates with IMAX fans around the world."


UPDATED: DOMESTIC: 'Iron Man 3' Nears $200M on May 03, 2013


Wednesday Update: Iron Man 3 grossed $11.29 million on Tuesday.  That was essentially on par with Monday's performance and represented a strong first-Tuesday hold.  The film's five-day domestic total stands at $196.699 million.

Tuesday Update: Iron Man 3 grossed $11.27 million on Monday.  That was down 74 percent from Sunday's performance and brings the four-day domestic total for the film to $185.41 million.

Monday Update: The reported weekend actual for Iron Man 3 is $174,144,585.  The daily breakdown for Iron Man 3 was as follows: $68.859 million on Friday, $62.273 million on Saturday and $43.013 million on Sunday.

Sunday Update: Disney is estimating that Iron Man 3 will gross $175.3 million this weekend.  That ranks as the second largest opening weekend take of all-time, behind only the $207.44 million debut of Marvel's The Avengers last May.  Iron Man 3 grossed $62.2 million on Saturday, which represented a decline of just 9 percent from Friday.

Saturday Update: Disney reports that Iron Man 3 took in $68.31 million on Friday.  That places the film on pace for a strong opening weekend gross in the area of $169 million.

Friday Update #4: As the evening continues sources now tell BoxOffice that Iron Man 3 is on pace to gross $63 million-$65 million on Friday, which would mean an opening weekend take of around $161 million.

Friday Update #3: More numbers are coming in now and sources tell BoxOffice that Iron Man 3 is going to hit $65 million-$67 million on Friday, which means that it should end up with around $165 million for the weekend.

Check back tomorrow morning for an official studio estimate and a new projected weekend haul.

Friday Update #2: Sources tell BoxOffice that Iron Man 3 is on pace for $66-$68 million on Friday. The action flick's weekend total should come in between $165-$170 million.  

Friday Update #1: Disney reports that Iron Man 3 took in $15.6 million from Thursday evening/midnight shows in North America. That compares favorably to the $7.5 million that Iron Man 2 tallied from early shows, but it falls short of the $18.7 million haul that The Avengers posted before setting a new opening weekend record with $207 million. 

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