AUSTRALIA: 'Iron Man 3' Records the Highest Disney and Marvel Opening of All Time on May 01, 2013

iron-man-3.jpgIron Man 3 recorded the biggest Disney and Marvel opening of all time in Australia over the weekend. The Robert Downey Jr. movie grossed $14.4 million at 637 screens for a $22,731 per-screen average. Iron Man 3 currently has a $17.9 million cume in Australia. Other releases struggled to hold on, as no other new releases were able to break into the top ten. The Croods fared best, adding $1.5 million to its $23.9 million cume. Olympus Has Fallen and Oblivion had bigger drops, however, as both films grossed around the $1 million mark early into their release. Olympus fell 48% in its second weekend, bringing in $1 million to reach $3.6 million in Australia. Oblivion wasn't able to reach the $1 million weekend benchmark for the first time. The Tom Cruise film has grossed $8.1 million after three weeks in release.

Box Office Results for Australia. April 26-28, 2013.


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UK: 'Iron Man 3' is the Undisputed #1 with $21.2M Opening Weekend on April 30, 2013

im3.pngA $21.2 million weekend from Iron Man 3 dominated the market at the U.K. box office. Iron Man 3 is now Marvel's second highest grossing film in the U.K. after The Avengers. Audiences didn't seem very willing to watch anything else over the weekend, as per-screen averages dropped across the board for every other title. The Croods was the weekend's  strongest hold-over, falling a mere 11% in its sixth week. The animated film has already grossed a $37.2 million cume in the U.K. Oz: The Great and Powerful is showing resiliency by staying in the top ten after 12 weeks in release, reaching a $22.8 million cume in the U.K.. Oz's $444 per-screen average doesn't even remotely compare to Disney's other release, Iron Man 3, which averaged an overwhelming $38,225. Another telling statistic from the weekend sheds negative light on Oblivion's hold-over potential: Iron Man 3 grossed 33% more in one weekend than the Tom Cruise film has been able to bring in during its three weeks in release.  

Box Office Results for the United Kingodm. April 26-28, 2013.


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ITALY: 'Iron Man 3' is #1 After $11.1M in First Week on April 30, 2013

im3.pngIron Man 3 recorded the all-time biggest industry opening for an April release in Italy. The superhero film grossed $9 million over the weekend to bring its Italian cume to $11.1 million. The $10,492 per-screen average is the highest among current releases in the country. Scary Movie 5 ceded the top spot to Tony Stark and fell to third place in it second week. The horror spoof has still proved successful in Italy, grossing $1 million over the weekend to bring its total to $3.5 million. Olympus Has Fallen was the only other film to break $1 million over the weekend, bringing its total to $3.3 million. Tom Cruise's Oblivion slipped out of contention in its third week in release. The sci-fi film is slowly creeping towards the $5 million, which it should reach before next weekend. 

Box Office Results for Italy. April 26-28, 2013


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