'Madagascar 3' Surges Internationally on October 07, 2012

madagascar3review.pngMadagascar 3 added another $23.1 million internationally from 2,453 locations in 29 countries, pushing its cume abroad to $451 million.

The animated flick opened #1 in Germany' with $15.4 million over six days from 740 cinemas. This is 20% above Madagascar 2 and 130% above Kung Fu Panda 2.

Madagascar 3 also opened #1 in Austria with $1.3 million from 81 locations. 

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UPDATED: 'Looper' Officially at $16.7 Million To-Date In China on October 04, 2012

Wednesday (10/10) Update: Following controversial reports last week, a representative for FilmNation Entertainment confirmed to today that Looper has grossed $16.7 million to date in China, with the international total as of last weekend exceeding $46 million.

Special thanks to our Forums community for being the first to uncover the reporting error on October 1.

Thursday (10/4) Update: Endgame Entertainment, handling Chinese distribution for Looper, announced in a Sunday press release that the film was set to bring in between "23 and 25 million" for its debut weekend in China. There have since been disputes against that report, claiming that the figures were meant to refer to Chinese yuan and not dollars (which would be the equivalent of roughly $4 million USD). In response, we immediately pulled the story on Monday morning to investigate further.

As of Thursday evening, Endgame's representatives confirmed to once again that they are standing by the numbers as being correctly reported in US dollars. This is considered their official position regarding Looper's Chinese gross at this point in time.

Please watch this post for more updates as we will continue to investigate and address this story when and if necessary.

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