ITALY: 'Fast 6' Scores $9.4M Opening Week on May 29, 2013

fandf6.jpgFast & Furious 6 scored a big opening week in Italy, grossing $9.4 million to lead the box office chart. Domestic film La Grande Bellezza landed in second place, coming to a $2.9 million total in its first week. The Great Gatsby had a good hold in its second week, taking in $2 million over the weekend to reach a $6.8 million cume. Epic had a relatively soft opening weekend, only taking in $1.5 million from 634 screens.

Box Office Results for Italy. May 24-26, 2013



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GERMANY: 'Fast 6' Wins Despite a German Champions League Weekend on May 29, 2013

Fast6.jpgIt was always going to be a slow weekend at the German box office as soon as it was revealed that Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, two of Germany's biggest soccer rivals, were to face-off against each other in the Champions League final last Saturday evening. Perhaps that's why Fast & Furious 6 benefitted from a mid-week opening, taking in $8.6 million over the weekend to see its German cume go to $12.9 million in its first week. Films that played well served as good counter-programming against the pre-occupied sport fans, with The Great Gatsby falling only 27% for second place and reaching an $8.2 million cume. Epic saw a 15% boost in attendance and saw its cume raise to $5.7 million. Star Trek Into Darkness placed fourth with a $1.8 million weekend, breaking the $15 million mark with a $16.1 million total.

Box Office Results for Germany. May 24-26, 2013.



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FRANCE: 'Fast 6' is First with $11.3M, 'Only God Forgives' Impresses Despite Cannes Setback on May 29, 2013

only-god-forgives.jpgFast & Furious 6 didn't leave any doubt at the French box office, opening with a big $11.3 million weekend -miles ahead of the other films in the market. The latest Fast & Furious sequel played in 624 screens for a $18,192 average, an important number compared to the 629 screens from Epic's opening weekend. Epic had a $3.4 million debut and $5,471 average. The Great Gatsby made strides towards a $10 million French cume, falling just short of the mark over the weekend after taking in $2.4 million in a market-leading 660 screens. Expect Gatsby to see a steep drop next weekend after a likely decrease in its screen count. Nicolas Winding Refn's latest film was booed at its Cannes premiere, but French audiences were more forgiving with Only God Forgives. The Ryan Gosling vehicle grossed $1.7 million in fourth place, a great number for a specialty feature in a packed summer market. Iron Man 3 saw its weekend gross dip below $1 million for the first time during its fifth week. The superhero movie has grossed $37.9 million and will hope to have enough left in the tank to come out of France with a $40 million cume.

Box Office Results for France. May 24-26, 2013.


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AUSTRALIA: 'Hangover Part III' Opens Big with $8.6M on May 29, 2013

the-hangover-part-3-first-look.jpgAn $8.6 million opening weekend was more than enough for The Hangover Part III to take the top spot in Australia. Fast & Furious 6 hasn't been released in Australia, a factor that helped the comedy lead the box office with a $17,375 per-screen average across a market-leading 496 screens. The Australian gross will come as great news for the film's producers, left wondering what parts of the formula failed in the North American box office this time around. Star Trek Into Darkness continued its strong run at the box office, reaching a $12.5 million cume in its third week after a $1.7 million weekend. Iron Man 3 had another positive weekend in its fifth week, adding $1.1 million over the weekend to reach a $37.6 million cume. 

Box Office Results for Australia. May 24-26, 2013


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UK: 'Hangover 3' Leads a Busy Holiday Weekend with $9M Debut on May 29, 2013

the-hangover-part-3-first-look.jpgThe Hangover Part III led the box office in a busy holiday weekend, grossing $9 million in its debut across 474 screens. Epic placed third with a $4.8 million weekend in 532 screens. Fast & Furious 6 had a great hold-over performance, grossing $5.3 million in second place despite falling 60% from its opening weekend. Fast 6 has now grossed $24.2 million in the United Kingdom. The Great Gatsby added another $2.9 million over the weekend, seeing its total go to $12.7 million after two weeks in release. Star Trek Into Darkness continued performing strongly as well, coming in fifth place with $2.9 million and a $29.6 million cume. Iron Man 3 fell 57% in its fifth week, grossing under $1 million for the first weekend since its premiere. The superhero film has grossed a fantastic $54 million in the United Kingdom. The end of the club soccer season after last weekend's Champions League final, played in London, should clear up more space for movie-goers in the U.K. over the coming months.

Box Office Results for the United Kingdom. May 24-26, 2013.


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