Facebook Report: The Impact of Super Bowl XLVI Ads on February 05, 2012

superbowlads.jpgWant to know which movies received the largest boost in Facebook activity by taking part in the advertising event of the year? Look no further than's coverage. Check back at half-time for like increases and then again at the end of the game.

Like Counts as of 2:40 p.m. PT:

Act of Valor: 37,155
Increase as of half-time: +582 for a total of 37,737
Increase as of the end of the game: +896 for a total of 38,051

The Avengers
: 520,891
Increase as of half-time: +21,287 for a total of 542,268
Increase as of the end of the game: +40,642 for a total of 561,533

Battleship: 95,114
Increase as of half-time: +492 for a total of 95,606
Increase as of the end of the game: +565 for a total of 95,679

The Dictator: 6,848
Increase as of half-time: +131 for a total of 6,979
Increase as of the end of the game: +158 for a total of 7,006

G.I. Joe: Retaliation: 118,734
Increase as of half-time: +300 for a total of 119,034
Increase as of the end of the game: +724 for a total of 119,458

The Hunger Games: 1,747,119
Increase as of half-time: +2,043 for a total of 1,749,162
Increase as of the end of the game: +4,966 for a total of 1,752,085

John Carter: 76,921
Increase as of half-time: +996 for a total of 77,287
Increase as of the end of the game: +727 for a total of 77,648

Dr. Seuss' The Lorax: 427,465
Increase as of half-time: +36 for a total of 428,501
Increase as of the end of the game: +4,842 for a total of 432,307

Safe House: 187,800
Increase as of half-time: +695 for a total of 188,495
Increase as of the end of the game: +1,374 for a total of 189,174

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace: 6,712,987
Increase as of half-time: +1,040 for a total of 6,714,027
Increase as of the end of the game: +3,280 for a total of 6,716,267


International Box Office: ‘Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol’ Still Standing Tall with $25.8M on February 05, 2012

By Sterling Wong

mi4review.pngThe amazing international run of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol continues, as the Tom Cruise film earned $25.8M from 5,924 locations in 64 markets to lead the global box office for yet another week.

With the strong showing, the Paramount film officially crossed the $400 million mark, with its international cume now standing at an outstanding $422.3M.

Boosting the film’s performance this week was a No. 1 bow in Finland, where it took in $491K from 86 screens. In China, the film impressively improved in its second frame, taking it $19.8M from 3,000 venues, which was a 46% increase over its two-day opening.

Coming in second was the family adventure Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, which took in $14.1M from 3,890 screens in 19 territories. The Warner Bros. film has banked $41.5M overseas, and stands a strong chance of surpassing its predecessor’s $140M foreign take.

The film’s most impressive opening this weekend was in Mexico, where it surged to the top with approximately $2.8M from 1,085 screens. Openings in Brazil ($1.9M) and the UK ($2.0M) also exceeded the original’s results. Next week, the film opens in Russia and China.

Fox’s lowly budgeted Chronicle proved as big a hit internationally as it is domestically, as it grossed a fantastic $13M in its debut week from 2,410 screens in 33 markets to finish at No. 3.

The horror flick notched up No. 1 openings in the UK ($3.6M), Australia ($3.1M), Hong Kong ($582K), Malaysia ($465K), New Zealand ($336K) and Puerto Rico ($197K). In Russia, the film also raked in a solid $1.9M from 800 screens. 

It was also good news for Sony, as Underworld: Awakening grossed $11.9M from 3,400 screens in 57 markets. With $53.9M in the bank, the film is on course to become the most successful installment of the Kate Beckinsale-led franchise, with many big markets still to open.

In Germany, the movie launched at No. 2 with $3.2M, but that opening is actually 26% bigger than the lifetime grosses of both Underworld: Evolution and Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans. Other debuts included Singapore (No. 1 with $675K) and Turkey (No. 2 with $465K).

Buoyed by its Oscar nods, Fox’s The Descendants held strongly and grossed $11.2M from 2,890 screens from 43 markets. The Alexander Payne-directed movie has now earned $44.8M overseas.

Warner Bros.’ Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows earned $9.3M from 5,515 screens in 56 markets, which took its overseas total to $311M. At this point, the sequel is tracking 16% ahead of the first installment, whose lifetime gross is $315M. Japan is the final major market to open.

Sony’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo banked another $7.6M from 4,430 screens in 62 markets to bring its international total to $99.3M. The film opened with average results in four markets, including Italy (No. 4 with $1.1M), the Philippines (No. 5 with $140K), Colombia (No. 4 with $125K) and Peru (No. 4 with $105K).

Expanding to 21 new markets in its second weekend, Summit Entertainment’s Man On A Ledge took in an estimated $6.2M from roughly 2,400 screens in 38 territories. The movie’s overseas total is now $9.4M.

Paramount’s Puss In Boots trekked along with $5.3M from 3,599 screens in 61 markets, taking its cume to $367.4M.  Late in its run, the Antonio Banderas-voiced animation debuted in Denmark and Sweden with $545K and $1.4M respectively.

Other select international results:
War Horse ($3.3M; Cume: $41.2M), Tower Heist ($2.0M; Cume: $68.5M), Hugo ($1.5M; Cume: $17.8M), The Darkest Hour ($799K; Cume: $42.9M), Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy ($950K; Cume: $5.7M)



Los Angeles, CA -- Fandango marks its Super Bowl debut this Sunday, as part of Universal Pictures' new trailer spot for the summer action-adventure movie, Battleship, which premieres in May. The end of the spot will feature a tag directing viewers to Fandango's mobile apps and, starting on Sunday. There, fans can sign up to receive a special Fandango FanAlertTM, notifying them when Battleship showtimes and tickets are available in their area and entering them for a rare chance to win five years' worth of free movie tickets.

Additionally, a 15-second Battleship-themed Fandango promo will run in the pre-game hours, alerting viewers that a "battle is coming," with instructions on how to sign up for a FanAlertTM and enter the movie ticket sweepstakes, which takes place on Sunday. To get a sneak peak at this promo, which will not air until Sunday, click here.

"This is an innovative collaboration that brings together the nation's leading moviegoer destination, Universal's epic film and the power of the Super Bowl," said Nick Lehman, President of Digital for NBCUniversal Entertainment & Digital Networks and Integrated Media, which includes Fandango. "We are breaking new ground for effective movie marketing. By featuring a direct ‘call to action' linking on-air movie promotion to advance ticket sales, Fandango will be instrumental in building enthusiasm among fans and helping to fill theaters with avid moviegoers."

"This marks the first time Fandango has partnered with a major movie studio in an on-air trailer spot to directly boost advance ticket sales," says Rick Butler, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Fandango. "We anticipate supporting all of our studio partners with on-air FanAlert promotional opportunities for upcoming films in the future."

Fandango will also put the weight of its own promotional muscle behind the film in advance of the Super Bowl spot. This includes social media outreach to its 1 million-plus Facebook and Twitter fans, as well as extensive promotion across its site and award-winning mobile apps, with pre-stitials and prominent homepage integration.


New Trailer: 'The Hunger Games' on February 02, 2012

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