NORTH AMERICA: 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Ends Up With $83.7M 4-Day Haul on May 20, 2013


Monday Update: Star Trek Into Darkness' 4-day haul fell slightly from Sunday estimates. The final number is $83.7 million. 

Sunday Update: Paramount reports that Star Trek Into Darkness is headed for $70.5 million from Friday-Sunday. The sci-fi flick managed $22.1 million on Friday and $27.5 million on Saturday. 

IMAX reports that Into Darkness roped in more than $13.5 million from 336 IMAX screens for an impressive per screen average of $40,200. There were many IMAX sell outs, a strong Friday to Saturday uptick and 17 of Trek's top 20 domestic locations have IMAX runs.

Saturday Update #2: BoxOffice is now projecting that Star Trek Into Darkness will make $68 million from Friday-Sunday, which will put its 4-day total at $81.5 million.

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Saturday Update: Early reports this morning indicate that Star Trek Into Darkness may have grossed closer to $22 million on Friday, which means that it will be headed for a 3-day total somewhere near $70 million. 

Check back soon for official numbers from Paramount. 

Friday Update #2: Early estimates indicate that Star Trek Into Darkness is headed for around $85 million from Friday-Sunday. If that happens, the Paramount release will be at $98.5 million by the end of the weekend. Don't be surprised to see a surge in attendance that would push the film past $100 million. Into Darkness is performing very well on Facebook and Twitter, and it boasts an "A" from CinemaScore. 

Friday Update: Paramount reports that Star Trek Into Darkness' North American cume is $13.5 thru Thursday from 3,762 locations (including 336 IMAX 3D). The action flick already boasts an "A" from CinemaScore.

Thursday Update: Paramount reports that Star Trek Into Darkness took in $3.3 million from early IMAX shows. $2 million came from the Wednesday evening shows and the other $1.3 million came from midnight shows.

BoxOffice is currently forecasting $112 million in North America by the end of the weekend. 


GLOBAL: 'Star Trek' Reaches $165M; 'Gatsby' Opens with $42M; 'Iron Man' Hits $1 Billion; 'Fast' Takes the UK on May 19, 2013

STID2.jpgIron Man 3 broke the billion-dollar mark in the global box office heading into the weekend. The latest entry in the Disney/Marvel Iron Man franchise has been the year's biggest story in the global box office, reaching the $1 billion milestone in only 23 days. The superhero sequel faced an uphill battle this weekend, facing the global expansion of Star Trek Into Darkness, the opening weekend of The Great Gatsby in 49 territories, an Epic Latin American release, and the U.K. premiere of Fast & Furious 6.

A slower weekend didn't prevent Iron Man 3 from breaking into the top ten of the all-time highest-grossing films at the global box office. Iron Man 3 currently ranks in 9th place on that list after reaching a global cume of $1.073 billion. China leads the overseas grosses for the film, responsible for $109.5 million of its $736.2 million overseas total. South Korea ($61.1M), the U.K. ($52.1M), Mexico ($45.9M), Russia ($42.2M), and Brazil ($42.1M) round out the most important territories for Iron Man 3.

Star Trek Into Darkness ramped up its global expansion, grossing $40 million across 40 territories this weekend to reach a $80.5 million overseas total. The film's global cume stands at $164.5 million with around half of the overseas marketplace still waiting for the film's release.

Russia was the biggest market for the Star Trek reboot's sequel, bringing in $8 million in its opening weekend -a 400% increase from the last film's Russian opening and twice the lifetime gross of its predecessor in the same market. The film also outgrossed the lifetime cumes of the last Star Trek in Colombia, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Peru, Singapore, and Thailand.

Star Trek Into Darkness showed resiliency in its seven hold-over markets, grossing a combined $55.6 million in its second weekend. The U.K. led the pack with a $5.9 million weekend and a $24 million cume. Germany added $3.2 million this weekend to bring its German total to $12.4 million. Australia scored a similar figure, with $3.3 million in the three-day span to reach a $10 million total. Mexico pushed another $1.6 million for a $5.6 million cume. Star Trek Into Darkness will be released in China, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Italy, Spain and France in the coming weeks.

The Great Gatsby roared into 49 territories with a $42.1 million opening weekend. It is the biggest opening weekend of Baz Luhrman's career. The Great Gatsby took the top spot in France ($4.7M), Italy ($3.8M), and Spain ($2.2M), and Taiwan ($799K). Other top markets for Gatsby include: Russia ($6.2M), the U.K. ($6.2M), South Korea ($4.3M), Italy ($3.8M), and Germany ($3.7M). The film still has several major markets on the horizon: Australia (May 30th), Mexico (May 31st), Brazil (June 7th), and Japan (June 14th).

Epic launched in 16 markets this weekend, the majority in Latin America, and came away with a very strong $14.5 million opening weekend in its overseas release. Animated films perform exceptionally well in Latin America and Epic was no exception, taking the top spot in 7 of the region's 12 markets. Epic was the #2 film in every other market it opened. Mexico has been building a reputation for one of the most important overseas markets for animated films. Mexican audiences responded to Epic with a $3.4 million weekend. Brazil followed with $2.3 million and Germany was the only other market where the film broke the million-dollar mark, notching a $2.3 million gross.

Epic cut into the strong hold-over performance from The Croods. The Croods reached a $552.6 million global total after increasing its overseas cume to $375.8 million, including a $2.5 million premiere in South Korea.

Fast & Furious 6 began its global roll-out in the United Kingdom, where it dominated the box office in first place with a $13.8 million take. The Fast and Furious premiere was the second highest opening weekend of the year in the U.K., behind Iron Man 3. The sixth entry in the franchise featuring attractive people driving fancy cars will open in North America and 59 additional overseas territories next weekend.

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UPDATED GLOBAL: 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Reaches $164.5M With Plenty Of Territories Remaining on May 19, 2013


Sunday Update: Star Trek Into Darkness grossed $40 million across 40 territories this weekend to bring its overseas cume to $80.5 million. Combined with the film's $86.4 million opening weekend in North America, the Star Trek sequel's global cume currently stands at $164.5 million. IMAX screenings account for $20 million of the film's current global total. 

The openings in Russia ($8M) and Taiwan ($1.7M) were the most notable new markets for the sci-fi sequel. The $80.5 million overseas cume is already 80% better in the same number of foreign markets than the film's predecessor during the same time-period. Star Trek's biggest cumulative markets include the U.K. ($24M), Germany ($12.5M), Australia ($10M), and Mexico ($5.6M). The film will open in major markets like China, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Italy, Spain, and France in the coming weeks. 

Saturday Update: A softer-than-expected Fri-Sun North American haul means that it will take Star Trek Into Darkness more time to hit the $200 million global milestone. The film opened in 33 new markets this weekend, including Russia. Russia is estimated to earn $9M for the weekend, which is 400% of the gross of the last film in that market. The film's estimated gross is $35M for the weekend and the projected overseas cume through Sunday is $75M.

Friday Update #2: Star Trek Into Darkness is off and running at the box office. With estimates approaching $100 million in four days of release in North America combined with $47 million in overseas box office reported already, the sci-fi flick is quickly making its way to the $200 million global plateau. 

Friday Update: Paramount reports that Star Trek Into Darkness has $47 million in the bank overseas thru Thursday. Combined with the $13.5 million North AMerican haul, Into Darkness is now sitting pretty at $60.5 million globally. 

Thursday Update: Star Trek Into Darkness opened in seven overseas markets this past weekend, earning $40 million thru Wednesday. According to Paramount, the combined figures from these territories are almost 70% greater than 2009's Star Trekfrom the same territories (UK, Australia, Germany, Mexico, New Zealand, Austria and German speaking Switzerland). 33 new markets, lead by Russia, will open this weekend.

UPDATED OVERSEAS: 'The Great Gatsby' Breaks $100M Global Mark in Overseas Debut on May 17, 2013


SUNDAY UPDATE: The Great Gatsby broke the $100 million global mark over the weekend after grossing $42.1 million across 49 overseas territories. Baz Luhrmann's adaptation of the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel is the highest-grossing film of the Australian director's career. The film still has releases in several major markets in the coming weeks: Australia (May 30th), Mexico (May 31st), Brazil (June 7th), and Japan (June 14th). The film ranked in #1 in France, Italy, Spain, and Taiwan.

SATURDAY UPDATE: The Great Gatsby added 19 territories on Friday, grossing $10M from 49 countries. The overseas cume is now $17M heading into the weekend and already surpasses the entire opening weekend of Moulin Rouge ($13M in the same 49 markets). The gloval total is $83.7M ahead of Saturday and Sunday's grosses.


1/ Russia: $2.6M from 1,282 screens. Ranked 2nd

2/ UK: $2.5M from 934 screens. Ranked 2nd

3/ France: $2.2M from 660 screens nationwide. Ranked 1st
4/ Korea: $1.9M from 559 screens nationwide. Ranked 2nd

5/ Italy: $1.4m from 664 screens. Ranked 1st

Key Friday Opening Markets:

Both Spain and Taiwan opened on Friday to #1. Spain grossed $422k with 40k admissions from 540 screens, and Taiwan took $203k with 24k admissions from 101 screens respectively.

FRIDAY UPDATE: The Great Gatsby opened in 27 markets for an early $5.4 million overseas total as it expands to Spain and several other markets over the weekend. Baz Luhrmann's adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel is on track to become the Australian director's highest grossing opening weekend. Check back with us throughout the following days as we bring you updates on Gatsby abroad.


UPDATED GLOBAL: 'Iron Man 3' Joins The $1 Billion Club, Breaks All-Time Top Ten in Global Box Office on May 17, 2013


SUNDAY UPDATE: Iron Man 3 is now the 9th highest grossing movie of all time in the global box office. The superhero film reached a $1.073 billion global cume over the weekend, led by a $337.1 million North American cume and a $107.5 million performance in China. The film has grossed a total of $736.2 million overseas.

Top Overseas Territories for Iron Man 3. As of May 19, 2013.

China $107.5M
South Korea $61.1M
United Kingdom $52.1M
Mexico $45.9M
Russia $42.2M
Brazil $42.1M
France $37.8M
Australia $36.1M
Japan $22.4M
Italy $20.5M
Germany $20.5M
Taiwan $19.5
Philippines $14.6M
Hong Kong $13.9M
Malaysia $13.4M
India $12M
Argentina $12.0M
Spain $11.6M
Thailand $10M

Other Overseas Markets $139M

Overseas Total $736.2M


FRIDAY UPDATE: Iron Man 3 crossed the $1 billion global mark after 23 days in release. It is only the second Marvel film to break the billion dollar barrier, and the fourth Disney film to do so after Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's ChestAlice in WonderlandToy Story 3, and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, and Marvel's The Avengers. Iron Man 3 crossed the $300 million milestone in North America after 14 days in release, the 9th Disney film to reach the figure. 

The overseas total for Iron Man 3 is $698.9 million across 55 territories, including a whopping $104 million from China. South Korea and the United Kingdom follow down the list, grossing $56.2 and $50 million respectively. Iron Man 3 is expected to cross the $50 million mark in Mexico this weekend.

The latest entry in the Iron Man franchise has surpassed the global totals of Captain America ($369M), Thor ($449M), Iron Man ($585M), Iron Man 2 ($624M), Amazing Spiderman ($752M), Spiderman 2 ($784M), Spiderman ($822M), Spiderman 3 ($891M), Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End ($963M), Jurassic Park ($967M), and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone ($975M). It is the highest grossing film of all time in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

Iron Man 3 is now the second highest grossing superhero film of all time. It occupies the 11th position among all-time grosses in the overseas marketplace and is the 16th most successful film of all time in the global box office. The film has grossed $301.9 million in North America (U.S. and Canada).

Top Overseas Territories for Iron Man 3. As of May 16, 2013.

China $104.0M
South Korea $56.2M
United Kingdom $50.0M
Mexico $44.0M
Russia $40.4M
Brazil $39.4M
France $36.5M
Australia $33.9M
Japan $21.6M
Italy $19.9M
Germany $18.8M
Taiwan $18.5M
Indonesia $14.7M
Philippines $14.3M
Hong Kong $13.3M

Other Overseas Markets $173.3M

Overseas Total $698.9M


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