'The Dark Knight Rises' Shows Strength in China on August 29, 2012


Thursday Update: Warner Bros. reports that The Dark Knight Rises added another $4.6 million to its haul in China on Tuesday, pushing its total to $9.1 million. 

The 2nd day in China compares as follows:
- 135% ahead of Inception
- 92% ahead of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
- 6% ahead of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1
- On par with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 (which was in 3D)

The Dark Knight Rises currently has a worldwide total of $958.2 million.

Wednesday Update: Warner Bros. reports that on Monday The Dark Knight Rises opened in China to an estimated Rmb* 28.3 million ($4.45 million) from 2,400 sites (screens TBA). IMAX showings accounted for Rmb 3.2 million ($516K).

This marks WB's highest 2D opening day in China, outgrossing Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Rmb 22.046m/$3.5 million), Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Rmb 22.04 million/$3.5 million) and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1 (Rmb 18.3 million/$2.9 million), as well as Inception (Rmb 12 million/$1.7 million).

The Dark Knight Rises has raked in $528.2 million internationally. The Dark Knight managed $468.6 million internationally during its entire theatrical run. 

*Rmb stands for Chinese yuan

New Trailer: 'The Master' on August 28, 2012


LOS ANGELES -- Fandango, the nation's leading moviegoer destination, announced its best summer (May-August) in the company's 12-year history. Fandango's summer ticket sales rose more than 26% year-over-year, while traffic across all platforms broke previous Fandango records with total monthly unique visitors increasing more than 25% over the same time period last year. During the summer season, Fandango also posted its two highest-trafficked months ever with July garnering more than 41 million unique visitors, besting the previous record set in June of 35 million unique visitors.

Mobile continues to be a driver of sales this summer with downloads of Fandango's apps up 43% year-over-year and total downloads topping 26 million. This increase led to mobile ticket sales more than doubling over the past year, rising 116%. Overall, mobile purchases accounted for nearly 30% of all tickets sold on Fandango throughout the summer of 2012, a new record for mobile's percentage of overall ticket sales.

"Fandango continues to be on a roll," said Fandango Executive Vice President and General Manager Rick Butler. "This summer's record performance is a testament to our new exhibitor and portal partnerships, as well as our mobile and social innovations which have made Fandango the easiest and most convenient way to go to the movies."

The second quarter of 2012 was Fandango's top quarter to date, with a 26% year-over-year increase in traffic and 28% year-over-year surge in second quarter ticket sales. Helping fuel Fandango's growth surge is the company's expanded exhibitor reach, thanks to recent deals with AMC Theatres, Regency Theatres and other chains. In addition, Fandango struck recent partnerships with MSN, Yahoo! and AOL's Moviefone, becoming the movie ticketing provider for these sites.


UPDATED: 'Ice Age 4' Becomes 10th Highest Grossing Film Of All Time At The International Box Office on August 26, 2012


Sunday (8/26) Update: 20th Century Fox reports that Ice Age 4 took in another $7.6 million from 5,988 screens in 48 markets, pushing its international total $665 million. Ice Age 4 has passed Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone to become the 10th highest grossing film in history at the international box office.

Sunday (8/19) Update: 20th Century Fox reports that Ice Age: Continental Drift banked an estimated $10.1 million from 7,055 screens in 58 markets this weekend.  The total international gross for the flick is now $647.3 million, with the worldwide gross estimated at $797 million through Sunday.

Monday (8/13) Update: 20th Century Fox reports that the final international weekend gross for Ice Age 4 was $16.2 million, bringing the official overseas total to $624.3 million.

Sunday (8/12) Update: 20th Century Fox is reporting that Ice Age 4 grossed another $16.2 million from 9,890 screens in 62 international markets this weekend.  That brings the total overseas gross to $623.6 million.  The worldwide total is $767.7 million.

Sunday (8/5) Update: 20th Century Fox reports that Ice Age 4 is on pace to add another $32.8 million internationally this weekend from 13,678 screens in 62 markets. The animated flicks international total is now a staggering $587 million. The worldwide total is $718.8 million.

Sunday (7/29) Update: 20th Century Fox reports that Ice Age 4 added another $49.4 million internationally this weekend, giving it a $514 million total overseas. The animated flick's worldwide total to a staggering $629 million.

Monday (7/23) Update: Ice Age 4 tallied another $56.3 million from 13,796 screens in 67 markets. The international total equals $440.4 million.

Monday (7/16) Update: 20th Century Fox reports that the final international weekend gross for Ice Age 4 $97.6 million, which pushes its cume abroad to $339.2 million.

Sunday (7/15) Update:
20th Century Fox reports that Ice Age 4 took in a staggering $95 million from 14,131 locations in 64 markets. The international cume is now $339 million.

Monday (7/9) Update:
20th Century Fox reports that the final international weekend gross for Ice Age: Continental Drift is $82 million. The reported international cume is now $200.1 million.

Sunday (7/8) Update:
20th Century Fox reports that Ice Age: Continental Drift took in another $80.6 million internationally this weekend, pushing its total to $198 million before it has opened in North America. The animated flick opens at home on July 13.

Monday Update:
20th Century Fox reports that the final international weekend gross for Ice Age 4 is a staggering $80.3 million.

Sunday Update: 20th Century Fox reports that Ice Age: Continental Drift is on pace for a $78 million opening weekend from 9,505 screens in 34 international markets.

Key achievements, according to Fox:

Industry Biggest Opening Weekend ever in: Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Central America, and Chile

Industry Biggest Animated Opening Weekend ever in: Norway, Sweden, Ecuador and Bolivia

Biggest Fox Opening Weekend ever in: Mexico and Brazil

Continental Drift opens in 14 new markets (19 countries) this coming week, including Germany and Holland, followed by an additional 16 markets/29 countries day & date with the US, including UK and Russia. South Korea and India release on July 26 and 27, respectively, followed by Italy on September 28.

Friday Update:

The official numbers from 20th Century Fox:

Biggest Industry Animated opening day of all-time in Sweden and Peru.

2nd highest Industry Animated opening day of all-time in France, Colombia, Argentina and Chile.

Fox's Biggest animated opening day ever in Central America.

Fox's 2nd highest animated opening day ever in Mexico.

These highlights are even more impressive considering that most of these accomplishments occurred in markets not yet in school holidays.

Please find by market results and details below and get ready for a BIG weekend at the International Box Office!

France: Release date: Wednesday, Jun-27 (Holidays: 5th July - 4th September)
#1 in the market. Best opening day of 2012 and 2nd best animated opening day ever after Ice Age 3.
Wed: € 2.3m ($ 4.5m), Thu: € 760k ($ 943k). Cume to date is € 3.05m ($ 3.8m) 3D is 55% of the total.
Wednesday opening compares to: IA2 € 2m (lifetime € 39.4m) - in hols, IA3 € 4.8m (lifetime € 51.6m) - in hols, Madagascar 3 € 1.6m (cume to date € 15m), Shrek 3 € 2.2m (lifetime € 33m), Shrek 4 € 1.3m (lifetime € 32m).

Australia: Release date: Thursday, Jun-28 (Staggered Holidays: 23rd June - 15h July).
#1 in the market.
Thurs: AUS$ 920K, (USD $920K) and CUME of AUD $2.3M, (USD$2.3M), including Queensland previews.
It is school holiday season only in Queensland (22%) of market, and the major markets of NSW and Victoria commence school holidays this evening. From the weekend we will have active holidays in 90% of the Australian market.
Opening day performance is: 341% of ICE AGE; 137% of ICE AGE 2; 90% of ICE AGE 3 (50% of market in holidays); 157% of KUNG FU PANDA 2; 193% of SHREK FOREVER AFTER
Performance in the market is also excellent and our business yesterday represented a massive 276% of BRAVE which opened last week.

Mexico: Release date: Thursday, Jun-28 (Holidays: 6th July - 19th August)
#1 in the market with 71% of share! 2nd highest opening day ever for Fox, behind ICE AGE 3 (opened on a holiday Friday)
Thursday GBO: LC 22,259,428 (US$ 1,589,479)
Comps (LC): Toy Story 3: 53,474,881 (holiday Friday); IA3: 31,425,860 (holiday Friday); Shrek 4: 27,281,856 (holiday Friday); Shrek 3: 26,205,908 (holiday Friday); IA2: 20,613,168 (holiday Friday); Kung Fu Panda 2: 18,199,450; Madagascar 3: 18,609,957

Sweden: Release date: Wednesday, Jun-27 (Holidays: 11th June - 26th August)
#1 in the market. Best animated opening day of all time.
Wed: LC 3.9m ($ 543k), Thu: LC 1.7m ($ 234k) Cume to date LC 5.6m ($ 777k)
Wednesday opening compares to: IA2 Friday opening LC 2.4m (lifetime LC 47m), IA3 LC 3m (lifetime LC 56.7m) - in hols, Shrek 3 LC 2.2m (lifetime LC 36.9m).

Belgium: Release date: Wednesday, Jun-27 (Holidays: 1th July - 31st August)
#1 in the market.
Previews: € 46k ($ 58k), Wed: € 121k ($ 150k), Thu: € 54k ($ 67k) Cume to date € 221k ($ 275k) 3D is 49% of the total.
Wednesday opening compares to: IA2 € 150k (lifetime € 6.6m), IA3 € 153k (lifetime € 6.7m) - in hols, Madagascar 3 € 110k (cume to date € 1.9m), Shrek 4 € 125k (lifetime € 3.5m) - in hols.

Peru: Release date: Thursday, Jun-28 (Holidays: 16th July - 1st August)
#1 in the market with 84% share! Biggest Opening Day Ever for Fox! 2nd Highest opening day ever, Industry wide (behind Transformers 3, which opened on a holiday); Biggest opening day ever for an animated film!
Thursday: LC1,521,446 (US$562,104)
Outperformed ALL comps by far: Ice Age: Continental Drift: LC 1,521,446; Ice Age: Dawn of The Dinosaurs LC 577,514; Kung Fu Panda 2 LC 568,492; Shrek Forever After LC 512,397; Ice Age: The Meltdown LC 480,133; Toy Story 3 3d LC 459,287; Shrek The Third LC 363,009

Colombia: Release date: Thursday, Jun-28 (Holidays: 10th June - 1st Sept)
Paid previews BOR: LOC$915,824,150; (US$ 500,040); Fox Biggest Paid Previews ever!!
1st place in the market by far!
Excellent results among comps opening day numbers! (LOC$ Millions): Toy Story 3: 945; Ice Age 4: 916; Ice Age 3: 802; Shrek Forever After: 790; Shrek the Third: 535

Argentina: Release date: Thursday, Jun-28 (Holidays: 9th July - 20th July)
#1 in the market with 62% of share. Biggest opening day for a Fox film on a non-holiday.
Box Office: LC$ 1,689,022 (u$s 377,816)
Surpassed all comps except Shrek 4 which was released in the middle of Winter Vacations:
Ice Age 2: LC$ 563,072; Ice Age 3: LC$ 569,005; Shrek 3: LC$ 623,605; Kung Fu Panda 2 3D. LC$ 1,182,285; Toy Story 3 3D: LC$ 1,245,274; Ice Age 4 3D: LC$ 1,689,022; Shrek 4 3D: LC$ 1,923,639

Chile: Release date: Thursday, Jun-28 (Holidays: 9th July - 19th July)
#1 in the market with 71% of share. Fox Third Biggest Opening day ever (only after Simpsons & Star Wars EP3); Industry & Fox Second Biggest Opening Day ever for an animated film (only after Simpsons)
Thursday: LC$ 116.733.400 (US$ 225.179)
Above all comps without school holidays! IA4: LC$ 117m; IA3: LC$ 83m (released in Winter Holidays); Shrek 4: LC$ 80m (released in Winter Holidays); Toy Story 3: LC$ 72m; Shrek 3: LC$ 64m; IA2: LC$ 61m

Central America: Ice Age 4 made $186K on Thursday in Central America. #1 Thursday ever for a family title; #1 Opening Day of all time in Nicaragua; #1 Thursday ever in Guatemala
#1 in all markets with over 70% market share
Comparing to other key titles opening days, most of them on a Friday: 184% above Ice Age's Opening Friday ($65K); 38% above Avatar's Opening Friday ($134K); 30% above Rio's Opening Friday ($142K); 26% above Ice Age 3's Opening Thursday ($147K); 2.78% above Ice Age 2's Opening Friday ($180K)

20th Century Fox Becomes First Distributor To Pass $2 Billion Worldwide In 2012 on August 26, 2012

Los Angeles, CA -- Twentieth Century Fox International has plenty to celebrate this weekend: the overseas distributor is not only the first distributor this year to reach $2 billion in box office receipts, but also the only studio in motion picture history to pass that milestone in a given calendar year six individual times ('98, '06, '09, '10, '11, '12), and the first one to do so for four consecutive years ('09 - '12). A wide variety of films helped to propel Fox International to this tremendous box office success.

The most recent Fox hit is ICE AGE 4: CONTINENTAL DRIFT. With an overseas box office cume of $665 million, ICE AGE 4 has already toppled Toy Story 3 as the second biggest animated film of all time internationally, behind the top grossing animated film ICE AGE 3. In addition, ICE AGE 4 is now the 10# highest grossing film of all-time at the International box office, surpassing HARRY POTTER 1 this weekend. Just last weekend, the ICE AGE franchise crossed $2 billion in box office receipts to become the top animated franchise of all time overseas. And finally, ICE AGE 4 became the industry's biggest animated film of all time in Latin America, where it was also Fox's biggest movie ever and the industry's second highest (behind The Avengers). Italy will be the final market to release ICE AGE 4 on September 28th.

Another summer blockbuster is Ridley Scott's PROMETHEUS with an overseas cume of $215.5 million. The 3D action thriller just opened in Japan this past weekend, earning a massive $9.6m and topping THE AVENGERS for the #1 MPA film in the market. Venezuela opens on August 31st, and China will release on September 2nd, followed by Italy on September 14th.

Fox International's stellar box office results spanned from outer space to the open sea; James Cameron's 3D release of his groundbreaking and uniquely powerful TITANIC earned a massive $287 million. The debut marked the industry's biggest opening weekend ever in China with $67 million, where the re-release went on to earn $146 million.

Other films which contributed to Fox's $2 billion bounty overseas include ALVIN & THE CHIPMUNKS 3 (although it released in 2011, it made $136 million in 2012 alone); THIS MEANS WAR ($102 million); Searchlight's THE DESCENDANTS ($95 million) and THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL ($88 million); CHRONICLE ($63 million); and the 3D release of STAR WARS: EPISODE I ($60 million). In addition, the debut of Fox International Productions' STEFAN VS. KRAMER in Chile was the industry's biggest opening weekend ever in that market, even outperforming Fox's ICE AGE 4. Still in release, the film is the highest grossing Chilean film in history, the Industry's biggest 2D film ever in the market and the Industry's 3rd biggest film ever in terms of admissions.

"We have once again proven that with our strong product and incredible group of execs, we are the best in the business," commented co-presidents Paul Hanneman and Tomas Jegeus. "We are so proud of our team, both here and around the world, for achieving this unprecedented result."

Fox International has a full slate through the end of the year which should keep its coffers full: the action thriller TAKEN 2, in which Liam Neeson reprises his popular role from the original box office hit; Steven Spielberg's highly anticipated LINCOLN, starring Daniel Day Lewis; PARENTAL GUIDANCE, starring Billy Crystal and Bette Midler; and Ang Lee's spectacular 3D epic LIFE OF PI.

Twentieth Century Fox International is a unit of Fox Filmed Entertainment, a segment of Fox Entertainment Group.


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