MEXICO: 'Star Trek: Into Darkness" Disappoints in Debut on May 14, 2013

STID.jpgStar Trek: Into Darkness performed below expectations in Mexico last weekend, grossing $2.6 million for the second spot in the top ten. Iron Man 3 retained the number one position with a $3.5 million weekend and a $42.3 million cume. Unsurprisingly, releasing the Star Trek sequel on Mother's Day weekend at the heels of Iron Man 3 was probably not the best plan from Paramount's strategic overseas roll-out.

The domestic class comedy Nosotros Los Nobles broke the $20 million mark last week and currently has a $21.9 million cume. Nosotros Los Nobles grossed a strong $1.3 million in its seventh week in release and scored the highest per-screen average in the country. Historical epic Cinco de Mayo, La Batalla saw a steep drop in its second week, falling 47% and just failing to reach the a $2 million cume.

Box office results for Mexico. May 10-12, 2013.


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JAPAN: No New Releases Stall the Box Office on May 14, 2013

Iron-Man-3-Stills-iron-man-33278597-500-301.jpgA slow weekend with no new releases saw all but one of the films in the top ten drop over 50% in Japan. Meitantei Conan Private Eye 2013 kept the number one spot, beating out Iron Man 3 for the second consecutive week by grossing $1.5 million to the superhero film's $1.4 million. The Japanese film outgrossed fellow domestic hit, Dragon Ball Z: Kami to Kami, over the weekend and both are expected to reach the $30 million mark by next weekend.

Box office results for Japan. May 10-12, 2013.



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UPDATED: NORTH AMERICA: Final Weekend Number From WB Puts 'The Great Gatsby' Just Above $50 Million on May 13, 2013


Monday Update: The final opening weekend gross for The Great Gatsby is $50.1 million. 

Sunday Update: Warner's official weekend estimate for The Great Gatsby is $51.115 million.  The film fell 9 percent on Saturday to gross $17.64 million and is estimated to take in $14.11 million on Sunday.

The film earned a B rating on CinemaScore, which could point towards potential front-loading going forward. The audience breakdown for The Great Gatsby skewed towards female moviegoers (59 percent) and heavily towards older moviegoers (69 percent of the audience was over the age of 25). 3D grosses represented a modest 33 percent of the film's total gross this weekend; making this weekend's performance even more impressive.

Saturday Update: The official Friday estimate from Warner Bros. is $19.4 million for The Great Gatsby. BoxOffice is projecting a $52.5 million debut based on that. 

That marks the second best opening of star Leonardo DiCaprio's career. Gatsby's debut will trail only Inception's $62.8 million opening frame on the Oscar-nominated actor's list of successes. (When adjusting for inflation, Titanic's $28.6 million opening would work out to roughly $50 million.)

Friday Update #4: Various reports indicate that Gatsby's opening weekend will be stronger than early Friday estimates anticipated. The Warner Bros. release could be looking at a $55 million debut frame. 

Friday Update #3: Sources tell BoxOffice that Gatsby's debut frame will end up closer to $40 million-$43 million.

As for Tyler Perry Presents' Peeples, an anemic $4 million-$6 million is likely.

Check back tomorrow morning for official studio estimates and revised weekend projections.

Friday Update #2: Early reports indicate that The Great Gatsby could end up somewhere between $43 million-$45 million during its debut frame based on a healthy Friday total of $15 million or so. Sources tell BoxOffice that the film could even exceed $45 million.

Meanwhile, Tyler Perry Presents Peeples is off to a rough start. The comedy is looking at around $6 million for the entire weekend after what's shaping up to be a mediocre $2 million Friday haul.

Friday Update #1: Warner Bros. reports that The Great Gatsby took in $3.25 million from Thursday evening/midnight shows. That's a solid start for the glitzy drama. When it comes to other female-skewing flicks, Gatsby's early grosses are strong enough to top the $3 million midnight haul of Sex and the City 2 and the $2.1 million Magic Mike midnight tally. (Granted, the new standard of Thursday evening shows helps considerably.) Critics have not been kind to Gatsby, but moviegoers seem to be shrugging that off thus far. 

Check back later today for updates on how Gatsby's debut frame is shaping up.

UPDATE GLOBAL: 'Iron Man 3' Reaches $1 Billion Ahead of the Weekend on May 12, 2013


FRIDAY UPDATE: Iron Man 3 crossed the $1 billion global mark after 23 days in release. It is only the second Marvel film to break the billion dollar barrier, and the fourth Disney film to do so after Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, Alice in Wonderland, Toy Story 3, and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, and Marvel's The Avengers. Iron Man 3 crossed the $300 million milestone in North America after 14 days in release, the 9th Disney film to reach the figure. 

THURSDAY UPDATE: Iron Man 3 reached $990.2 million globally yesterday, led by a strong $691.9 million grood from overseas. It is a matter of days before the films reaches the $1 billion mark.

WEDNESDAY UPDATE - Iron Man 3 can break the $1 billion global mark by Friday. The superhero film is posting Avengers-like global numbers, reaching $980.3 million to date. It is now the #13 film among highest grossing films in the overseas markets and occupies #18 on the all-time global box office list. Iron Man has now outgrossed the global numbers of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End ($963M), Jurassic Park ($967M), and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone ($975M). 

Iron Man 3 is days away from reaching the $1 billion global benchmark after grossing $89.3 million overseas this weekend for a $949 million global total. The overseas total for Iron Man 3 is $664.1 million across 55 territories, including a whopping $95.2 million from China. The latest entry in the Iron Man franchise has surpassed the global totals of Captain America ($369M), Thor ($449M), Iron Man ($585M), Iron Man 2 ($624M), Amazing Spiderman ($752M), Spiderman 2 ($784M), Spiderman ($822M), and Spiderman 3 ($891M). It is the highest grossing film of all time in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Star Trek Into Darkness began its overseas roll-out over the weekend, grossing $31.7 million in seven markets. The combined figures from these territories are almost 70% better than the results of 2009's Star Trek in the same territories. The U.K. is the biggest market on the list, where the sci-fi film grossed $13.3 million in 556 locations. Star Trek: Into Darkness will began a large-scale expansion next weekend and will cover all the major international markets throughout the summer. 

Oblivion opened in China this weekend and grossed $8.5 million. It's a mild victory for Oblivion, outgrossing the Chinese performance of director Joseph Kosinski last sci-fi film, Tron: Legacy, but far from any lofty blockbuster expectations that Tom Cruise's star-power suggests. The film's overseas total is $160.9 million with a global cume of $242.5 million.

The Croods added another $17.3 million overseas this weekend, breaking the $500 million global mark with a $536.4 million cume. The animated film is an overwhelming success for a non-franchise animated feature. It has grossed $363.2 million overseas. 

G.I. Joe: Retaliation reached a $237.9 overseas total and a $357.6 million global cume. The action film opens in Japan, its last major market, on June 8.

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters reached a $169.1 million overseas total and has now grossed $224.8 million globally.

Jurassic Park 3D got the green-light for a release date from China, which will be announced in the coming weeks. It should help the re-release gain higher numbers; the Steven Spielberg dinosaur epic has currently grossed $9.8 million overseas and $54.5 million globally. 


UPDATED: GLOBAL: 'Iron Man 3' Rapidly Approaches $900M, Sophomore Frame In North America Headed For $70M on May 11, 2013

Saturday Update: Disney reports that Iron Man 3 took in $19.8 million on Friday. BoxOffice projects a $70 million sophomore frame based on that.
Check back later for an overseas update. 
Friday Update #3: Iron Man 3 now looks poised for $75 million during its sophomore frame, according to industry sources. If that sticks, IM3 will be sitting pretty at $287.4 million in North America. 
Check back tomorrow for official studio estimates.
Friday Update #2: Sources tell BoxOffice that Iron Man 3 is headed for just over $70 million during its sophomore frame in North America. An even $70 million would put the Disney release at $282.4 million in North America and $864 million globally. That means the overseas weekend tally would only have to be $36 million for the film to hit $900 million. 
Friday, 5/10 Update: Iron Man 3's current global total is a healthy $794 million. $581.6 million comes from overseas grosses, and the remaining $212.4 million is from North America. A strong weekend at home and abroad would easily push the action flick past the $900 million global mark.
Check back over the course of the weekend for updates.
WEDNESDAY, 5/8 UPDATE: Iron Man 3 has now surpassed the global totals for Captain America ($369M), Iron Man ($585M), and Iron Man 2 ($624M).
The superhero film has grossed $740.7 million globally and will be keeping an eye on the $1 billion mark as it continues to do big business in the U.S. and overseas.
Iron Man 3 had a $175.9 million overseas weekend in its second week of release outside of North America. Robert Downey Jr.'s superhero film has now grossed $680.1 million globally after posting the second-highest North America debut in history, following The Avengers.

Iron Man 3 has now surpassed the global box office gross of Captain America ($369M), Thor ($449M), Iron Man ($585), and Iron Man 2 ($62M) after only twelve days in release. The film holds the highest opening day of all time in China, Russia, Taiwan, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, South Africa, and the Ukraine. Iron Man 3 also holds the biggest opening weekend in history for Argentina, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates.

Oblivion withstood another Iron Man weekend at the overseas box office. The Tom Cruise film added another $6.5 million to reach an overseas total of $146.8 million. The number, however, is ultimately disappointing in light of the performance of other big ticket options around the world. Strong premieres had the film on track to reach $200 million overseas, but a steady drop-off in subsequent weeks puts all the pressure on the film's run in China, where it premieres next week, in order to reach that benchmark. The global total for Oblivion is $222.8 million.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation has outgrossed the new Tom Cruise film with a $237.1 million overseas total and $355.8 million global cume. G.I. Joe has strongly benefited from success in China, and is hoping the Japanese box office can boost their total when the film opens there on June 8.

The Croods crossed the $350 million overseas mark this weekend with a $9 million push from 49 markets. The animated film has grossed $351.7 million overseas, leading to an impressive $520.4 million global total. 

Identity Thief reached an overseas total of $36.5M over the weekend. The global total for Identity Thief is $169.9 million. The film will open in Brazil, Turkey, and Sweden next weekend

Mama has grossed $69.4 million overseas, with France being the only major territory left in its theatrical run on May 15. Mama has a global cume of $141 million.

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters opened in Italy, its last territory in the overseas market, and scored a solid $1.7 million weekend to bring its overseas total to $168.2 million. The global total for the film is $223.9 million.

Jurassic Park 3D opened in France this weekend and reached an $8.6 million overseas total. The 3D reconversion of Steven Spielberg's film has now grossed $52.3 million globally.


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