Universal Pictures Has Highest-Grossing Year in Studio's 103-Year History on June 22, 2015


Fueled by successful franchise hits such as Fifty Shades of Gray, Furious 7, Pitch Perfect 2, and Jurassic World, Universal Pictures announced today that it hit $3.819 billion in global box office grosses for the year, surpassing 2013's previously established record of $3.691 billion and making 2015 the highest grossing year in the studio's 103-year history. 

"This has been a fantastic year for our studio, as we've had the privilege of releasing some of the most highly- anticipated films of 2015," said Shell. "Together with my partners Ron Meyer and Donna Langley, I'm incredibly proud to lead a team of people at Universal who are the truly best in the business."

"We are fortunate to be in business with some of the most talented filmmakers in the industry today," said Langley. "Together with our Universal team, we're thrilled to celebrate a slate of fantastic films that audiences have embraced all over the globe. From production to marketing and publicity, music, and the front lines of distribution, it is that passion, commitment and hard work that makes an achievement like this possible."

Some of the worldwide highlights so far this year include:

Fastest a studio has ever reached $2 billion at the international box office and $3 billion at the worldwide box office.

Highest opening ever at the international ($316.8 million) and worldwide ($525.6 million) box offices with Jurassic World, marking the only time a film has ever opened to $500 million or more in history. 

The biggest second-weekend hold internationally ($163.4 million) for a day-and-date release with Jurassic World.

Furious 7 is the fourth-highest-grossing film of all time worldwide, ranking with Avatar, Titanic and Marvel's The Avengers. It is the third-highest-grossing film internationally, behind only Avatar and Titanic

Universal Pictures' films held the No. 1 position at the worldwide box office for eight weeks-more than any other studio in 2015.

Jurassic World had the quickest climb to $1 billion in history-reaching that milestone in 13 days.

What makes this record year even more remarkable is that the studio still has six months to go and a summer slate with more for audiences to look forward to, including Ted 2, the follow-up to the highest-grossing original "R"-rated comedy of all time, from writer, director and voice star Seth MacFarlane and Minions, Illumination Entertainment and Universal's comedy adventure that stars the voices of Sandra Bullock and Jon Hamm. In July, Universal will release Trainwreck, the latest film from director Judd Apatow, written by and starring breakout comedy star Amy Schumer, and Straight Outta Compton, the astonishing story of the meteoric rise and fall of N.W.A., which is directed by F. Gary Gray.

Later this year; Universal releases writer, director, producer M. Night Shyamalan's return to the genre that launched his career in a new original thriller, The Visit, produced by Jason Blum; Everest, an epic adventure from Universal, Cross Creek and Working Title, inspired by the incredible events surrounding an attempt to reach the summit of the world's highest mountain that is directed by Baltasar Kormákur; the drama Steve Jobs, from the brilliant minds of director Danny Boyle and writer Aaron Sorkin, produced by Mark Gordon, Guymon Casady, Scott Rudin and Christian Colson; the haunting gothic horror story from Legendary directed by Guillermo del Toro, Crimson Peak; the musical-adventure Jem and the Holograms, from director Jon M. Chu; the drama, By The Sea, the new film from writer/director Angelina Jolie Pitt, starring Brad Pitt and Jolie Pitt; Legendary's horror-comedy, Krampus; and the eagerly-awaited comedy Sisters, starring Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and directed by Jason Moore.

NORTH AMERICA: Weekend Actuals: 'Jurassic World' Sets New All-Time Second Weekend Record with $106.6M; 'Inside Out' Takes Second with Far Stronger than Expected $90.4M Start on June 22, 2015


By Daniel Garris

Jurassic World continued to roar at the box office this weekend with a first place take of $106.59 million. The Chris Pratt led 3D blockbuster sequel from Universal and Legendary was down 49 percent from last weekend's record-breaking opening weekend performance. That represented an exceptional second weekend hold for a film of this size; especially given the significantly stronger than expected start of Inside Out this weekend. Jurassic World set a new record for the largest second weekend gross of all-time, as it topped the $103.05 million take of 2012's Marvel's The Avengers by $3.54 million. The feat is made even more impressive given that Jurassic World was coming off of much stronger first-week midweek business than The Avengers did thanks in part to opening in June as opposed to May.

Jurassic World has grossed $402.80 million in just ten days of release, which represents the largest ten-day start of all time. Jurassic World is also the fastest film to ever hit the $400 million mark domestically, as it easily beat the previous mark of 14 days that had been set by The Avengers. Thanks in part to its stronger midweek business Jurassic World is running $29.73 million and 8 percent ahead of the $373.07 million ten-day take of The Avengers.

Without adjusting for ticket-price inflation Jurassic World is already the 18th highest grossing film of all-time domestically. The film has now surpassed the $402.45 million unadjusted domestic lifetime gross of 1993's Jurassic Park and in the coming days will zoom past the $449.45 million current gross of Avengers: Age of Ultron to become the highest grossing release of 2014 thus far domestically. At its current rate Jurassic World shouldn't have any problem becoming only the fourth film of all-time to reach the $600 million unadjusted domestic mark (the other three films being 2009's Avatar, 1997's Titanic and The Avengers).

In a stunning box office performance of its own, Disney's Inside Out was off to a very strong second place start of $90.44 million. The critically acclaimed 3D computer animated film from Pixar far exceeded expectations which had been held in check after the break-out performance of Jurassic World and tended to range anywhere from $60 million to $75 million heading into the weekend. Without adjusting for ticket price inflation, Inside Out delivered the largest opening weekend performance ever for a non-sequel from Pixar, as it easily topped the $70.47 million start of 2004's The Incredibles. Inside Out claimed the second largest opening weekend take ever for a Pixar film (including sequels); behind only the $110.31 million debut of 2010's Toy Story 3. The opening weekend for Inside Out was the seventh largest ever for the month of June without adjusting for ticket price inflation.

Inside Out was no doubt helped out by its nearly universal glowing reviews, by its unique concept in a summer especially driven by sequels, the relative lack of family and computer animated fare thus far in 2015 and by a strong marketing campaign. Inside Out opened with $34.27 million on Friday (which included an estimated $3.7 million from evening shows on Thursday), decreased 10 percent on Saturday to gross $30.94 million and declined 18.5 percent on Father's Day to gross $25.23 million. That placed the film's opening weekend to Friday ratio at 2.64 to 1. Inside Out received a strong A rating on CinemaScore and in all likelihood will hold up very well over the next few weeks until Universal's highly anticipated Minions enters the marketplace on July 10.

The audience breakdown for Inside Out skewed heavily towards moviegoers 25 years and under (60 percent) and towards female moviegoers (56 percent). Family audiences represented 71 percent of the film's overall audience.

Fox's Spy placed in a distant third with $11.23 million. The Melissa McCarthy led comedy stabilized nicely this weekend as it was down a healthy 28 percent from last weekend. Spy has grossed a respectable, but softer than expected $75.10 million through 17 days. That places the film an underwhelming 20 percent behind the $93.62 million 17-day gross of 2013's Identity Thief.

Warner's San Andreas also stabilized very nicely this weekend with a fourth place take of $8.71 million. The Dwayne Johnson led 3D disaster film was down just 19.5 percent, as the film was helped by the Father's Day holiday and by rebounding from the hit it took from the launch of Jurassic World last weekend. San Andreas continues to significantly exceed expectations with a 24-day take of $132.70 million.

Dope rounded out the weekend's top five with a $6.10 million start. The Rick Famuyiwa directed comedy drama from Open Road debuted just below its already modest expectations. Strong critical reviews and strong early buzz from Sundance earlier in the year were ultimately unable to transfer into any type of opening weekend break-out for Dope. The film's debut was very similar to the $6.20 million debut of Beyond the Lights last November.

Dope opened with $2.38 million on Friday (which included a significant $0.425 million from Thursday evening shows), fell 14 percent on Saturday to gross $2.04 million and decline 18 percent on Sunday to take in $1.60 million. That gave the film a fairly front-loaded opening weekend to Friday ratio of 2.57 to 1. Dope received a promising A- rating on CinemaScore and will hope to build off of its strong initial word of mouth and critical reviews going forward.

'Jurassic World' Crosses $1B Worldwide in Record Time on June 22, 2015


The official news release from Universal:

We are pleased to announce that Jurassic World will cross $1 billion at the worldwide box office today after 13 days-faster than any film in history.

With Sunday's reported actuals, Jurassic World has also secured the highest-grossing second week at the North American box office with $106.6 million. This brings the domestic cume to $402.8, which is also the fastest any film has reached $400 million at the domestic box office-after only 10 days. In addition, Jurassic World crossed $500 million internationally on Saturday, marking the quickest climb to that milestone-in only 11 days.

Jurassic World will be Universal's second film to achieve $1 billion this year following the April release of Furious 7. With current global grosses of $987.2 million, Jurassic World has earned $584.4 million overseas in 13 days and $402.8 million in North America after 11 days and will cross $1 billion with today's business.


South Korea: 'Jurassic World' Dominates; 'Ted 2' Has Limited Potential on June 22, 2015


By The Real Movie (더리얼무비) & Phil Contrino

- After this past weekend, Jurassic World is up to an impressive $27.3 million in South Korea. That makes the market #4 on the list of top overseas territories for the latest member of the $1 billion global club. Jurassic World's success is another key win for the sci-fi genre in the growing market.

- Ted 2 is set to open in South Korea this week, but expectations are not high. The first Ted made only $1.8 million after opening in September 2012. Raunchy comedic sequels do not perform well in South Korea: 22 Jump Street and The Hangover: Part III were not even released theatrically, and The Hangover: Part II earned only $427K. 


UPDATED GLOBAL REPORT: 'Jurassic World' Closes in on $1 Billion Worldwide After Just 12 Days; 'Inside Out' Opens To Strong $41 Million From Early International Releases, But Behind 'Minions' Down Under on June 21, 2015



Jonathan Papish @ChinaBoxOffice


Updated 6.22.15 with studio actuals


The dinosaurs of Jurassic World stampeded past the half billion mark overseas this weekend devouring $160.5 million at 18,718 dates across 66 territories for an outstanding total of $584.4 million. Combined with North America’s record-breaking run, Universal’s long awaited fourth installment in the Jurassic series is already knocking on the billion dollar door with $987.2 million in global ticket sales.


Jurassic is a bonafide global blockbuster, retaining the top spot in an estimated 50 of its 66 international markets this weekend. Its second weekend overseas marks Jurassic as the highest grossing global holdover in history down just 41% from last weekend. Top grossing territories are China ($164.4M), U.K. and Ireland ($60.3), Mexico ($29.0M), South Korea ($27.3M), Germany ($26.3M), France ($23.5M), Australia ($23.4M), Russia ($17.8M), Taiwan ($17.2M), Brazil ($15.6M), India ($15.4M), Spain ($13.5M), Italy ($11.5M), Malaysia ($9.1M), the Philippines ($9.0M) and Venezuela ($8.6M). 


International filmgoers are flocking to IMAX screens as well, contributing $10.8 million this weekend from 446 screens and taking the overseas total to $42.1 million. Super-sized Indominus rex and the dinosaurs of Jurassic World have grossed a record $84 million globally from IMAX in just 12 days, compared to Avatar which took 23 days to reach $80 million.


Universal’s Jurassic World co-financed by Legendary Pictures will open in its final territory Japan on August 5. 


Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out opened to $41.0 million from 5 major markets and 37 overseas territories, approximately 42% of its final international footprint. The film got off to an outstanding start with an estimated total of $132 million worldwide.


Latin America posted $21.8 million, led by Mexico with $8.8 million which is the highest non-sequel animated opening of all-time and the fifth highest overall animated opening of all-time. Argentina opened at #1 with $3.3 million and Brazil took second behind Jurassic World with $3.1 million. Elsewhere Colombia grossed $1.1 million and Panama took in $1.6 million.


Russia also opened at #1 with $7.7 million, the highest opening ever for a Disney/Pixar animated release including Frozen. Australia took in $3.6 million which is on par with Big Hero 6’s opening and should have strong holds through the upcoming Winter school holiday. 


In Europe, France was the only significant market to open this weekend and took in $5.2 million, just below Frozen. The Fête du Cinéma, an annual celebration of films which brings out huge audience numbers, which starts next week, as well as summer school holidays starting on July 3 will help Inside Out moving forward. 


International releases will be staggered throughout the next few months to coincide with local holidays. Inside Out will open in Belgium, Hungary, New Zealand, India, and Trinidad next weekend. Other key overseas openings are South Korea (July 9), Spain (July 17), Japan (July 18), UK/Ireland (July 24), Italy (September 16), and Germany (October 1). China has no confirmed release date yet.


SPLII: A Time For Consequences opened with $31.1 million in China this weekend taking second place just behind Jurassic World. The HK/China co-produced action film starring Tony Jaa and Jacky Wu has grossed $42.0 million since Thursday.


Warner Bros’ San Andreas shook up $19.3 million this weekend from 67 international markets, raising its overseas cume to $282.8 million and the worldwide total to $415.5 million. The disaster flick is up to $92.6 million in China ($3.9 million on 3,300 screens) and $28.3 million in Mexico ($1.03 million on 719 screens) where it is now the highest grossing Warner Bros film of all-time. Elsewhere, South Korea held on to $796K on 363 screens for a $12.6 million total, Brazil grossed $500K on 411 screens for a $10.1 million cume, the UK/Ireland quaked to $686K on 412 screens for $16.5 million total, and France absorbed $595K on 476 screens for $7.6 million. Other top markets are Taiwan ($8.0 million), Australia ($6.6 million), Colombia ($6.5 million), Argentina ($6.4 million), and Germany ($5.45 million). San Andreas hits Spanish shores on June 26.


Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment’s Minions kicked-off with an estimated $12.5 million this week from 4 territories in the Asian-Pacific.  The film opened at #1 in Indonesia as the highest grossing opening weekend for an animated film and is tracking 55% ahead of Despicable Me 2. It also took the top spot in Malaysia and Singapore, where it opened 46% and 26% bigger the DM2 respectively. Minions placed behind Jurassic World in Australia. The animated film will open next weekend in Brazil, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, and the UK/Ireland.


Spy discovered an additional $9.86 million this weekend from 70 territories, bringing its international cume to $96.29 million after 5 frames of overseas release. The comedy starring Melissa McCarthy has grossed $171.39 million worldwide. The top 5 markets this weekend include the UK/Ireland ($1.41 million on 546 screens/$11.29 cume), a third place opening in France with $1.38 million on 351 screens, Germany ($1.13 million on 622 screens/$3.91 million cume), Russia ($730K on 855 screens/$7.53million cume), and Australia ($586K on 266 screens/$10.23 million cume). South Korea has grossed $16.87 million in 5 weeks, while Taiwan has earned $5.07 million. 


The Divergent Series: Insurgent bowed in China with an estimated $8.9 million for third place in a crowded holiday market this weekend. The second installment in the Divergent series has now grossed $154.74 million overseas and $284.55 million worldwide.


Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F took off in Latin America this weekend and grossed $7.11 million from 9 markets. Combined with Japan’s $30.9 million, Resurrection has grossed $38.0 million worldwide. Mexico opened at #3 behind Inside Out and Jurassic World with an outstanding $3.42 million on 713 screens, while Peru took the top spot with $1.16 million on 195 screens. Other openings include Brazil ($738K), Chile ($621K), Ecuador ($476K), Central America ($472K), Puerto Rico ($138K), and the Dominican Republic ($18K).


Mad Max: Fury Road guzzled down $5.06 million in international sales this weekend from 56 territories. The universally acclaimed action flick has grossed $202.7 million overseas and $346.52 million globally. Japan opened this weekend to an estimated $2.1 million on 660 screens to take first place in the market.  


Poltergeist opened in eight new markets this weekend and scared up $4.3 million from 3,145 screens in 37 territories, lifting its four week overseas cume to $30.96 million and the global tally to $77.66 million. Russia opened at #3 in the market with $1.6 million on 1,519 screens, while Germany increased 8% over last weekend for $525K and $4.0 million total. Other openings include Malaysia ($493K on 210 screens), Venezuela ($312K on 27 screens), Colombia ($319K on 140 screens), Singapore ($188K on 29 screens), Belgium ($183K on 40 screens), Ukraine ($60K on 109 screens), and Uruguay ($24K on 10 screens).


Entourage pumped its way to $2.7 million this weekend behind UK/Ireland’s $980K opening on 409 screens. Vince and his boys have disappointed domestically and overseas grossing just $9.1 million abroad and $38.43 million worldwide. France opens next week.


Insidious: Chapter 3 grossed $3.0 million from 2,170 screens across 53 territories this frame, lifting its overseas cume to $32.2 million and its global haul to $77.6 million. The horror remake opened in Argentina in fifth place with $345k on 80 screens, 69% ahead of the previous installment’s opening weekend. Thailand grossed $190k on 87 screens to take second place, while Poland earned $140k on 113 screens for the third spot in the market. Upcoming openings include Mexico (June 26), Germany (July 2), France (July 8), South Korea (July 9), Australia (July 16), and Brazil (July 30).


Films with less than $2 million overseas this weekend (Weekend Total/Overseas Total/Global Total)

Tomorrowland - $1.8 million/$108.3 million/$195.996 million

Agora O Nunca (Spain) - $1.6 million/$1.6 million/$1.6 million

Pitch Perfect 2 - $1.3 million/$94.67 million/$272.36 million

The Longest Ride - $901K/$23.71 million/$61.12 million

Avengers: Age of Ultron - $800K/$918.4 million/$1.367723 billion

Home - $686K/$206.39 million/$380.5 million

Unfriended - $659K/$12.94 million/$45.42 million

Aloha - $440K/$3.81 million/$23.85 million

Ex Machina - $101K/$11.42 million/$36.38 million

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