MEXICO: 'The Smurfs 2' Posts Another #1 Debut for Animated Films on August 07, 2013

smurfs2still.jpgA $4 million debut from The Smurfs 2 helped the animated film join a growing list of 2013 animated releases that have premiered atop the Mexican box office. The result is below the original's $5.7 million opening weekend in 2011. The Smurfs went on to gross $20.6 million in Mexico, forcing the sequel to present a consistent hold-over appeal to reach the same milestone. Now You See Me premiered in nearly half the screen count of Smurfs 2 over the weekend, bringing in $3 million from its debut. The film's $2,589 per-screen average makes the magic caper movie the biggest earner among individual theaters. 

The new releases relegated The Wolverine to third place during its second weekend. The superhero film experienced a 52% drop, finishing the weekend with a $2.8 million tally and $12.5 million cume. Despicable Me 2 grossed over $1 million for the fifth consecutive week, a big feat that has contributed to an even bigger celebration at the box office for the Minions. Despicable Me 2 is currently posting a massive $45.4 million take from Mexico. 

Top Ten Films in Mexico. August 2-4, 2013


GERMANY: 'Smurfs' Sequel Wins Top Spot Despite Soft Numbers on August 07, 2013

s2.pngThe Smurfs opened in 575 locations across Germany in 2011, posting a fantastic $6.3 million debut that paved the way to a $29.3 million cume. The sequel opened in Germany on the same weekend two years later, gearing up for a big weekend at over 1,000 locations -nearly twice the ammount of screens dedicated to its predecessor. The sequel's $3.6 million opening result was good enough to lead the weekend but is nevertheless a disappointing return for considering the franchise's potential. 

The Wolverine took a backseat to the Smurfs in its second frame, earning $2.1 million across 604 screens to take its total to $7.2 million. Despicable Me 2 came in third place, continuing a strong run at the box office with a $1.8 million weekend that raises its 5-week total to $27.3 million. The Conjuring scored weekend's highest per-screen average with $4,044 across 228 locations. The limited release for the horror film saw it land on fifth place with a $935k debut. 

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FRANCE: 'Now You See Me' Makes 'The Smurfs 2' Disappear on August 07, 2013

NowYouSeeMeStill.jpgA $6.4 million opening weekend for Now You See Me eclipsed the debut of The Smurfs 2 in France. Now You See Me played in 503 screens against The Smurfs' 700, outgrossing the children's film in a reduced screen count by $2.5 million. The combined business of the new releases bumped down The Wolverine to third place in its second weekend, where the superhero film managed a $2.9 million take from 689 locations. The Wolverine has grossed $12.4 million in France.

Despicable Me 2 has had a spectacular run in France. It took in $1.2 million in its sixth weekend, bringing its total to an impressive $34.1 million, well beyond the $25.3 million total of its predecessor. Monsters University pales in comparison to the success of the Minions sequel; the Pixar prequel hit the $13 million mark after a $1.1 million tally in its fourth weekend. R.I.P.D. officially bombed in France. A lackluster $907k opening weekend landed the film in sixth place, a poor result that will likely see the film slide out of the top ten chart in the coming weeks.  

Top Ten Films in France. August 2-4, 2013


AUSTRALIA: 'Wolverine' Hits $10M; 'Conjuring' Continues Packing Theaters on August 07, 2013

Wolverinestill.jpgThe Wolverine led a second consecutive weekend in Australia, reaching a $10 million cume after collecting $2.9 million from 581 screens. Hugh Jackman's superhero has found a receptive audience in the star's home country but is unlikely to match the $21.9 million currently reported by Man of Steel's theatrical run. 

The Conjuring posted the weekend's best per-screen average, grossing $7,148 from 170 locations. The $1.2 million weekend take represented a 19% drop in the film's third weekend, taking the total gross to $5.4 million. Third place went to The Heat, another hold over, which grossed $1.1 million over the weekend and reached an $11.7 million total.  The World's End was the best performing new release of the weekend despite coming up with an underwhelming $959k debut from 224 locations. The Way, Way Back opened to a $3,173 average from 124 screens.  

Top Ten Films in Australia. August 2-4, 2013


UPDATED GLOBAL: 'The Smurfs 2' Opens to $80.2M, 4% Under the Original on August 04, 2013


Monday: Studios are reporting several revisions to their weekend numbers. Here are Monday's actuals, organized by distributor.

The Heat: $37,319,789
The Internship: $31,425,512
Turbo: $56,493,274
The Wolverine: $160,051,891

Despicable Me 2: $386,542,266
Fast & Furious 6: $535,213,308
R.I.P.D.: $18,294,066
The Purge: $15,275,412

Warner Bros.
Pacific Rim: $200,000,000 
The Conjuring $28,800,000
Man of Steel: $359,500,000

The Weinstein Company
Scary Movie 5: $44,698,333
Escape From Planet Earth: $13,883,905
Only God Forgives: $8,024,453

SundayThe Smurfs 2 couldn't live up to the opening success of the original, earning 4% less than the debut of its predecessor in its day-and-date premiere. The animated sequel grossed $52.5 million from 43 overseas markets and posted an $80.2 million worldwide debut.

The Smurfs sequel dominated in Latin America, bringing $18.2 million from the region, including big debuts in Brazil ($4.7M) and Mexico ($4.3M). The family film also posted positive results across Europe, including big openings in Russia ($5.4M), the UK ($5.1M), France ($4.2M), Germany ($3.8M), and Spain ($3M).

Fast & Furious 6 earned $8.8 million from 32 territories since Friday, bringing its overseas total to a robust $533.1 million. Fast 6 is the second biggest film of 2013 with a $771.1 million global total. China has given the film a late push, contributing $52.3 million and making it Universal's biggest performer in the market after only ten days in release. 

Despicable Me 2 grossed $13.8 million from 51 territories over the weekend, taking the animated film's overseas total to $387 million. The Minions have grossed $713.7 million worldwide. Despicable Me 2 opened in first place in Lebanon with $260k, the biggest opening of all time for an animated film in the market. The film reached a $58.1 million cume in the United Kingdom, making it the second biggest film of the year in the U.K. behind Les Miserables. The animated film still has a dozen territories left to open, including Russia on August 15. Despicable Me 2 is third biggest film of the year at the global box office, behind Iron Man 3 and Fast 6. 

Monsters University added another $12.8 million to its global cume over the weekend. The lion's share of that figure came from overseas, where the Pixar prequel has reached a total of $354.9 million over seven weeks. Monsters University is a $613.5 million hit for Disney, with Japan's $58.3 million leading the overseas markets. The film will open in Italy and China by the end of the month. Other top markets for Monsters University include Mexico ($38.1M), the United Kingdom ($31.7M), Argentina ($23.5M), Australia ($22M), and Russia ($20.9M). 

The Wolverine continues its strong overseas run, reaching a $160.2 million overseas total and a $255.2 million worldwide cume. The superhero spin-off earned $38.5 million overseas in a weekend without any new openings. Top performers for the film include Russia ($17.7M), the United Kingdom ($14.5M), Brazil ($13.9M), and Mexico ($12.5M). The film still has a dozen markets left on its rease schedule.

World War z posted the biggest opening weekend of the summer in Spain, drawing $4.5 million from 665 locations. Brad Pitt's zombie movie has grossed $292.5 million overseas and $488.3 million globally. Next weekend's opening in Japan can put the film on track for a $500 million worldwide cume.

Pacific Rim hit the $200 million overseas mark before being able to reach $100 million in North America. The popcorn flick earned an estimated $45.2 million from its opening in China, the highest performance for a Warner Bros. release in the market. Other top performers for Pacific Rim include Russia ($20M), South Korea ($17.9M) and Mexico ($15M).

A $3.8 million opening in the UK helped The Heat reach a $37.3 million overseas total. There are 30 markets left in the film's overseas run and it is poised to top the overseas performance of co-star Melissa McCarthy's previous comedy, Identity Thief, which earned $41 million outside of North America. The Heat has grossed $186.8 million worldwide.

Disney has struggled selling The Lone Ranger overseas. The film has been released in around 50% of the overseas marketplace and only registered an $88.7 million total. The film had a strong $3.7 million opening in Japan over the weekend and will be released in top markets like France, Germany, and the United Kingdom by August 9. The Lone Ranger has grossed $175.4 million globally, with Russia ($15.8M), Australia ($9.4M), and Mexico ($8.9M) leading the overseas markets. 

R.I.P.D. continues to be a disappointment for Universal. The action flick has failed to attract audiences in 19 territories, where R.I.P.D. has only earned $18.4 million. The box office woes in North America are just as bad with a $30.4 million take from North America and Canada. Universal's losses won't compare to the red ink dripping from Disney's Lone Ranger, thanks to a smaller budget and a comparatively softer marketing campaign for R.I.P.D.  

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