GLOBAL: 'Interstellar' Launches $132.25M Day-and-Date Debut; 'Turtles' Continue to Earn in China; 'Maze Runner', 'Gone Girl' Show Staying Power Overseas on November 09, 2014

interstellar.pngInterstellar launched to a $132.25 million global day-and-date debut, opening acros 62 overseas markets with an $80 million total. The result is on par with Gravity, a good start considering Nolan's film does not carry a 3D surcharge. IMAX contributed $7.2 million from 206 screens for a per-screen average of $35k. The overseas haul should see a big bump next Wednesday with the film's Chinese debut. As of Sunday, Interstellar is leading the charge in key markets like South Korea ($14.1M), the UK ($8.4M), and Russia ($8.1M). Continental Europe is not far behind with France ($5M), Germany ($4.4M), and Italy ($3.6M) also posting strong showings. Mexico ($3.2M) and Brazil ($1.9M) are also proof of the film's success in key Latin American markets.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles grossed $17.3 million over the weekend, including a $13.6 million haul from its second weekend in China. The Turtles lead the Chinese box office, a market where they have already earned a cume of $50.3 million. The film only has one key market, Japan, where it is due for a February 7 release. The film has grossed a total of $273.2 million overseas and $464 million worldwide.

The Maze Runner maintains its pace overseas as it earned $11.6 million from 33 markets over the weekend. The film crossed the $225 million milestone outside of North America and currently stands at $324 million worldwide.

Gone Girl took in $8.5 million from 43 markets, taking its worldwide total above $300 million in its sixth weekend of release. The film has grossed an overseas cume of $158.2 million with only two major markets, Italy and Japan, waiting for a December release.

A $7.6 million haul from 17 territories lifted Big Hero 6 to a $23 million cume outside of North America. The film has now grossed a worldwide total of $79.2 million. Russia continues to lead the overseas pack with an $18.2 million cume. The film expands to Mexico, Trinidad, Singapore, Malaysia, and Cambodia next weekend and will continue opening overseas throughout February.

Fury grossed $7 million from 44 markets to reach a $51.5 million overseas haul. The war film has grossed a worldwide cume of $120.5 million

Annabelle grossed $6.7 million from 58 markets, taking its overseas haul up to $160.5 million. The horror flick has collected $244 million worldwide. Top overseas markets include Mexico ($18.2M), Brazil ($15.6M), France ($12.6M), adn the UK ($12M).

Dracula Untold took in $6.4 million from 61 territories, lifting its overseas cume to $147.7 million and crossing the $200 million mark globally. The film's worldwide total currently stands at $202.6 million.

The Book of Life is still up and kicking after grossing $3.5 million from 17 markets. The animated film has grossed a total of $35.1 million overseas and $78.3 million worldwide.

Ouija conjured $3.2 million from 19 hold-over territories to reach an overseas cume of $13.3 million. The film has grossed a worldwide total of $56.5 million cume and will expand to Russia, Thailand, and Ukraine next weekend.

The Boxtrolls crossed the $100 million mark worldwide after hitting a $51.6 million cume outside of North America with a $2.5 million weekend overseas. The film is Laika's biggest overseas release of all time, crossing the overseas cumes of Paranorman ($51.1M) and Coraline ($49.3M).

Guardians of the Galaxy completed its overseas roll out, finishing its last weekend with new territories with a $438 overseas cume. The film has grossed a total of $768 million worldwide with China ($95.7M) leading the pack, followed by the UK ($47.5M) and Russia ($37.6M).

'Interstellar' Surges Past $25 Million Overseas on November 08, 2014


Saturday Update: Warner Bros. reports that Interstellar is up to $26.2 million from 62 markets. 

Top Markets, per WB:

Korea (2nd day) - a huge #1 in the market with KRW 2.7b ($2.6m) on 1,270 screens, which brings the cume through Friday to KRW 4.7b ($4.3m).

UK - a great opening day at £1.48m ($2.4m) on 1,298 screens, 5% ahead of GRAVITY, ranking a strong #1 with 60% market share of the Top 5 films. Including sneaks, the running cume stands at £1.5m ($2.4m).

Russia (2nd day) - Rbl 62.5m ($1.4m) on 1,800 screens with nearly 50% market share of the Top 5 films. The 2-day cume is now Rbl 118.0m ($2.7m).

Germany (2nd day) - €850k ($1.1m) on 715 screens, with a dominant share of the Top 5 films at 55%, which brings the cume to date to €1.4m ($1.8m).

France (3rd day) added €585k ($731k) and 90k admissions from 747 screens to its running cume which now stands at €1.6m ($2.0m). INTERSTELLAR captured nearly 50% market share of the Top 5 films.

Spain opened 45% ahead of GRAVITY with €525k ($656k) on 555 screens, ranking 1 and capturing 38% share of the market.

Australia (2nd day) - A$881k ($768k) from 548 screens, 2-day cume is A$1.6m ($1.4m). The Friday results represent around 50% share of the Top 5 films.

Italy (2nd day) - €490k ($612k) on 580 screens, 39% market share of the Top 5 films. Progressive cume to date is now €790k ($987k).

Mexico (2nd day) - Ps 8.2m ($602k) on 1,597 screens with 39% market share of the Top 5, bringing the 2-day cume to Ps 12.9m ($955k).

Brazil (2nd day) - Rs 888k ($360k) on 411 screens, cume to date at Rs 1.4m ($579k).

Friday Update: Interstellar landed on 35 overseas markets on Thursday, claiming the #1 spot in each of its opening day slots. The sci-fi flick from Christopher Nolan finished Thursday with an $87 million overseas haul, already tracking ahead of Gravity over the same markets even without a 3D surcharge to ticket prices. Interstellar has now grossed an overseas total of $9.7 million after two days of release.

Top Markets, according to Warner Bros.:

Korea - KRW 1.9b ($1.8m) on 1,090 screens, roughly 72% of the top 5 market share

Russia - Rbl 55.5m ($1.3m) on 1,800 screens. 61% of top 5 market share

Germany - €550k ($687k) on 717 screens, controlling 66% of the top 5 market share

Australia - A$ 720k ($628k) on 548 screens, capturing 61% of the top 5 market share

France (2nd day) - €430k ($538k) and 65.7k admissions on 747 screens, 51% share of the top 5 market. The Wed/Thurs drop is -23% far ahead of the normative drop for a non-holiday (which is usually in the 40's). Progressive cume to date is now €1.02m.

Italy - €300k ($375k) on 580 screens, 41% top 5 market share

Mexico - Ps 4.7m ($347k) on 1,458 screens, 43% of top 5 films

Brazil -Rs 583k ($236k) on 411 screens, 30% of top 5 market share

Interstellar expands to 22 more markets today, including the UK and Spain. The film will hit 62 countries and more than 13,000 screens by Sunday.


NORTH AMERICA: Studio Estimates: 'Big Hero 6' Wins Box Office Battle with $56.2M; 'Interstellar' Arrives Under Expectations with $50.0M on November 08, 2014


Sunday Update: Disney's Big Hero 6 led the way at the box office this weekend with an estimated $56.2 million. That gave the 3D computer animated film from Walt Disney Animation Studios a relatively comfortable win in its battle with Interstellar this weekend to kick off the holiday movie season. Big Hero 6 opened in line with its lofty expectations and is set to represent another strong recent performer for Walt Disney Animation, joining the likes of last year's Frozen, 2010's Tangled and 2012's Wreck-It Ralph. Big Hero 6 opened an impressive 15 percent stronger than the $49.04 million debut of Wreck-It Ralph.

Big Hero 6 opened in a close second with $15.83 million on Friday (which included $1.4 million from late night shows on Thursday), moved into first place on Saturday by surging 52 percent to gross $24.06 million and is estimated to fall 32 percent on Sunday to gross $16.31 million. That places the film's estimated opening weekend to Friday ratio at 3.55 to 1. Big Hero 6 received a strong A rating on CinemaScore, which is a very good sign for the film going forward.

The audience breakdown for Big Hero 6 was evenly split between genders and skewed towards moviegoers under the age of 25 (58 percent). Family audiences made up a sizable 72 percent of the film's overall audience. 3D grosses accounted for 29 percent of this weekend's overall grosses.

Paramount's Interstellar was considered the favorite by many heading into the weekend, but ultimately had to settle for second place with an estimated $50.0 million. The highly anticipated Christopher Nolan directed sci-fi film has grossed $52.15 million to date, after an additional two days of limited release on Wednesday and Thursday. Interstellar opened 10 percent below the $55.79 million start of last year's Gravity (which did have the advantage of higher priced 3D admissions) and 20 percent below the $62.79 million debut of 2010's Inception. Given the comparisons, it appears that the high level of anticipation for Interstellar among Nolan's fanbase didn't really transfer over outside of the fanbase. The film's mixed critical reviews likely played a significant part in that.

Interstellar took first place on Friday with $17.00 million (which included $2.7 million from late night shows on Thursday), increased a modest 8.5 percent on Saturday to fall to second with $18.45 million and is estimated to fall 21 percent on Sunday to gross $14.55 million. That places the film's estimated opening weekend to Friday ratio at 2.94 to 1. While the film's nearly three-hour run-time will likely lead to some natural back-loading, it remains to be seen if Interstellar will hold up as well as Gravity and Inception did. The film's B+ rating on CinemaScore, while solid, also leaves a bit to be desired, though it should be noted that Inception also received a B+ rating on CinemaScore.

The audience breakdown for Interstellar was nearly evenly split between genders (52 percent male, 48 percent female) and skewed heavily towards moviegoers 25 years and older (75 percent). With that in mind, the relative lack of appeal with teens and young adults was a key component of the film's softer than expected start. Interstellar received a significant boost from its strong IMAX performance this weekend, as the film grossed $13.4 million from IMAX locations.  That represented 27 percent of the film's overall grosses this weekend.

With the weekend's box office being dominated by the battle between Big Hero 6 and Interstellar, holdovers took a clear backseat. In addition, holdovers were especially bunched together, as just $600,000 separated third place and seventh place this weekend. As a result, final rankings could still change a bit when actual grosses are released on Monday.

Fox's Gone Girl claimed third place with an estimated $6.1 million. The critically acclaimed David Fincher directed film continued to hold up well as it was down just 28 percent from last weekend. The hold was especially impressive given the new competition from Interstellar. Gone Girl has grossed an impressive $145.43 million in 38 days, which leaves it $4.57 million away from reaching the $150 million domestic mark.

Ouija followed closely behind in fourth with an estimated $6.0 million. The low-budget horror film from Universal and Platinum Dunes was down a very respectable 44 percent. After opening on the low end of expectations a few weeks ago, Ouija has held up surprisingly well for a horror film. The 17-day total for the film stands at $43.46 million.

The Weinstein Company's St. Vincent placed in fifth with an estimated $5.71 million. The well-received comedy starring Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy had another strong hold this weekend, as it was down only 21 percent. Thanks in part to continued strong word of mouth, St. Vincent has grossed $27.36 million to date.

On the heels of last weekend's close second place start, Open Road's Nightcrawler fell to sixth place this weekend with an estimated $5.51 million. The critically acclaimed crime thriller starring Jake Gyllenhaal was down a significant 47 percent, which suggests that the film isn't going over as well with audiences as it has with critics. Nightcrawler has grossed $19.76 million in ten days, which is in line with expectations.

Sony's Fury landed in seventh place with an estimated $5.5 million. The World War II film starring Brad Pitt was down a solid 38 percent from last weekend. Fury is on the verge of clearing the $70 million mark with a 24-day take of $69.27 million.

On the platform front, Focus' The Theory of Everything was off to a noteworthy start with an estimated $207,000 from 5 locations in New York, Los Angeles and Toronto. That gave the James Marsh directed biopic of Stephen Hawking a per-location average of $41,400 for the frame.

Saturday Update: Paramount reports that Christopher Nolan's Interstellar bowed to an estimated $17 million Friday, including $2.7 million from Thursday night when it expanded nationwide following an early release in IMAX and film formats on Tuesday evening. The film's total thus far is now $19.15 million. As far as Friday alone goes, this is in line with that of Gravity ($17.5 million) and behind Nolan's own Inception ($21.8 million), although the latter somewhat benefited from a summer release and no other big opener that weekend. Friday's box office included $4.6 million (a 27 percent share) from IMAX and $1.9 million (11 percent) from other premium large format screens. BoxOffice projects a $54 million 3-day weekend, which would give it an overall start of $56.15 million through Sunday.

Early word of mouth for Interstellar is, frankly, debatable. Critics' reactions weren't as enthusiastic as one normally expects for a Nolan movie, garnering a 72 percent Rotten Tomatoes score (enough to be "Certified Fresh")--however, the film's Flixster score is a strong 89 percent as of Saturday morning. CinemaScore was a "B+", the same grade Inception received four years ago, while audiences skewed toward adults with 75 percent of Friday's audience 25 or older. Men accounted for 52 percent of the audience.

While Nolan boasts a huge online fan base that could be driving some of the positive word of mouth, these stats do suggest some possible disconnect between critics and audiences. Nevertheless, we won't really know the answer to that until the end of this weekend--possibly later--as more casual moviegoers get a chance to see the picture.

Disney's Big Hero 6 took advantage of what's been a relatively weak family movie market since summer ended (if not longer). The pic took in a fantastic $15.83 million between its Thursday evening and full Friday shows. By comparison, Wreck-It Ralph pulled a $13.5 million opening day two years ago as part of a $49 million weekend. Early word of mouth for Disney's latest flick is very encouraging with 91 percent of Flixster audiences approving so far, as well as a fantastic 93 percent Rotten Tomatoes score. Thanks in part to the revived appeal of the Disney Animation name, look for this to hold very well over the holiday season. BoxOffice projects a $57.5 million opening weekend.

Meanwhile, Nightcrawler was off 47 percent from opening day on Halloween last week to $1.7 million yesterday. Its 8-day total stands at $15.9 million. BoxOffice projects $5.4 million for its sophomore frame.

Fury added $1.68 million as it boosted its domestic cume to $65.4 million. Look for a weekend close to $5.5 million.

Rounding out the top five, Gone Girl tacked on another $1.86 million yesterday. Its total now stands at $144.2 million as it heads toward a $6 million weekend.

Friday Evening Update: Sources tell BoxOffice that Big Hero 6 is set to win the weekend with $60 million or more, based on early Friday grosses. Interstellar is on pace for $55 million or so.


The weekend is shaping up to be very competitive and things could change significantly between now and Sunday. 


Check back tomorrow for official studio figures.


Update: Sources report that Interstellar grabbed $3.5 million on Thursday, with $2.7 million of that representing the film's wide release expansion during evening-only shows. The space epic's two-day total stands at $4.9 million.


Previously: Sources report that Big Hero 6 took in an estimated $1.4 million from Thursday night shows. By comparison, last year's Frozen earned $1.2 million from Tuesday evening screenings ahead of its Thanksgiving release. The LEGO Movie earned $400,000 on Thursday night earlier this year, although the discrepancy can largely be attributed to the fact that Disney has a history of drawing stronger upfront interest than most animation houses.


Meanwhile, Thursday grosses for Interstellar will be reported later today, as well as early Friday estimates. The Christopher Nolan pic opened in limited release on Tuesday evening.


More to come.



NORTH AMERICA: 'Fury' Leads the way on Thursday with $0.82M; 'Interstellar' Takes $0.80M from Limited Engagements on November 07, 2014


By Daniel Garris

Paramount's Interstellar took in $0.801 million on Thursday from its limited engagement launch in 249 locations. That technically placed the highly anticipated Christopher Nolan directed sci-fi film in second for the day, but it should be noted that the reported figure does not include grosses from evening shows once the film expanded into wide release. The film grossed an estimated $2.7 million from late night shows, which will be counted towards Friday's opening day performance. Interstellar has grossed $2.15 million in two days from its limited engagement launch. That figure stands at $4.85 million when including last night's late shows.

Sony's Fury was up two spots from Wednesday to claim first place on Thursday with $0.82 million. The World War II film starring Brad Pitt was down 4 percent from Wednesday and down just 26 percent from last Thursday. Fury placed in third for the week with $12.43 million. That was down 32 percent from the previous frame and brings the film's three-week total to $63.77 million.

Open Road's Nightcrawler was down one spot and a sharp 13 percent from Wednesday to land in third with $0.75 million. While the critically acclaimed crime thriller starring Jake Gyllenhaal finished in a close second over the past weekend, it was able to lead the week as a whole with a seven-day launch of $14.24 million. That was in line with expectations and was 22 percent below the $18.17 million seven-day start of 2012's End of Watch.

Fox's Gone Girl was up one spot from Wednesday to place in fourth with $0.73 million. The critically acclaimed David Fincher directed film was up 1 percent over Wednesday and down a very healthy 18 percent from last Thursday. Gone Girl claimed fourth place for the week with $11.53 million. That was down just 22 percent from the previous week and brings the film's five-week total to a very impressive $139.33 million.

Lionsgate's John Wick and The Weinstein Company's St. Vincent followed in fifth and sixth place with respective daily grosses of $0.633 million and $0.627 million. The two films were separated by just $6,134 for the day. John Wick claimed fifth place for the week with $11.13 million, while St. Vincent placed in seventh for the frame with $9.87 million. Both films are having solid runs thus far with respective total grosses of $30.67 million for John Wick and $21.65 million for St. Vincent.

WB Reports First 'Interstellar' Overseas Figures on November 06, 2014

int.pngInterstellar is hitting screens across 62 countries this weekend in a day-and-date debut that spans most of the overseas market. Major territories that will be left out from the initial roll out include China (November 12) and Jpan (November 22). Warner Bros is planning a release that will reach more than 13,000 screens outside of North America and over 200 IMAX locations. 

The studio released the initial overseas numbers for the film in a press release on Thursday:

Interstellar dominated the French speaking markets on Wednesday, taking over 50% of the marketshare of the top 5 films in France and Belgium. France grossed a terrific €594k ($743k) with 91k admissions on 750 screens. An outstanding 4.7/5 rating on the Allocine website, coupled with the extensive and positive media coverage on the film, positions the film extremely well to play into the Nov 11 Armistice Day holiday weekend, which is traditionally one of the strongest weekends of the year.

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