UK: 'Fast & Furious 6' Rushes to First Place on May 22, 2013

fandf6.jpgFast & Furious 6 dominated the box office in the United Kingdom last weekend with a $13.2 million opening weekend across 462 screens. The film more than doubled the opening weekend gross of The Great Gatsby, which opened in 522 screens and only managed to take in $6.2 million. Star Trek Into Darkness saw a 57% slide from the competition by the new releases, bringing in $5.5 million over the weekend for a $23.7 million cume. Iron Man 3 ended the weekend with a $2.2 million take, bringing its UK cume to $52.2 million. The U.K. is one of the top five foreign markets for Iron Man 3 in its billion dollar run. 

Box Office Results for the United Kingdom. May 17-19, 2013.


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MEXICO: 'Epic' Reaffirms Popularity of Animated Films in Mexico on May 22, 2013

EpicStill.jpgAnimated films are as close to a guarantee as you can get from the Mexican box office. The $3.5 million opening weekend for Epic is the latest proof Mexican audiences' fascination for animated films. Epic was the first film to knock down Iron Man 3 from the top spot at the Mexican box office, relegating the superhero film to second place with a $1.9 million weekend and a $46 million total gross. Star Trek Into Darkness fell 45% in its second week to take third place with a $1.4 million weekend. The Star Trek sequel isn't the big ticket in Mexico than it is in other territories but has been outperforming its predecessor over the same time-period in the market. Star Trek Into Darkness has a $5.3 million cume in Mexico. Nosotros Los Nobles, the domestic class comedy with a joint distribution deal with Warner Brothers, had another successful weekend in release, grossing $1.1 million over its eighth weekend. Nosotros Los Nobles is the highest grossing domestic film of all time in Mexico, currently posting a $28.3 million cume. The Call, The Last Exorcism 2, and Dead Man Down all failed to draw any significant interest in their opening weekends. The films didn't see a major release, but their respective per-screen averages might not be enough to maintain a competitive screen count in the coming weeks. 

Box Office Results for Mexico. May 17-19, 2013.


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FRANCE: 'Gatsby' Takes France Following Cannes Premiere on May 22, 2013

gatsbygrosses.jpgThe Cannes publicity push was worth its weight in gold for The Great Gatsby, opening across 660 screens in France for a $4.9 million gross and a resounding $7,489 per-screen average. It might not be a full-fledged blockbuster premiere for Gatsby, however, especially considering that it only faced notable competition from domestic hit Les Profs in its fourth week (633 screens) and Iron Man 3 in its fourth week (677 screens). Les Profs kept second place with a $2.4 million weekend and a $28.4 million French cume. Iron Man 3 had a $2.1 million weekend in third place, reaching a total of $36.2 million in France.

Box Office Results for France. May 17-19, 2013


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ITALY: 'Gatsby' Premiere Outshines 'Iron Man 3' By Wide Margin on May 21, 2013

gatsbygrosses.jpgThe Great Gatsby had no other premieres to compete against for the top spot in Italy. The Baz Luhramn literary adaptation grossed $3.7 in its opening weekend, including a commanding $4,982 per-screen average. Every other film in release failed to meet the $1 million mark. Iron Man 3 came closest, grossing $735K in its fourth week. Iron Man 3 is the only notably successful film currently in release in Italy, grossing a total of $20.1 million.

Box Office Results for Italy. May 17-19, 2013


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AUSTRALIA: 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Nears $10M on May 21, 2013

startrekgrosses.jpgStar Trek Into Darkness held on to the top spot in Australia for the second consecutive week. The sci-fi sequel grossed $3.1 million over the weekend to reach a $9.8 million total in Australia. Iron Man 3 showed resiliency in its fourth week, falling a mere 33% for the second position in the top ten. Iron Man 3 has grossed a total of $35.8 million in Australia. The Call and Snitch had relatively successful openings, placing third and fourth respectively. The Big Wedding saw a big slide in its third week, falling 41% compared to the previous weekend. Australia is still an important market for The Big Wedding after the film's lackluster performance in North America. The Australian cume for The Big Wedding is currently a healthy $4 million. The Place Beyond the Pines packed screens in its second weekend with a $7,960 per-screen average, the highest in the market. The Croods showed no signs oF slowing down in its eight week, reaching a $25.3 million total in Australia. The Croods has benefited from the lack of any direct competition from animated films for over the last two months.  

Box Office Results for Australia. May 17-19, 2013.


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