UK: 'Despicable Me 2' Posts a $22.5M Start on July 03, 2013

despicableme2overseas.jpgIt was a huge weekend for Despicable Me 2 in the United Kingdom. The minions took over the market with a whopping $22.5 million weekend. The animated film's box office tally towered above the competition with a $42,227 per-screen average. The numbers for the animated film include preview screenings from the previous weekend. Man of Steel was far behind, only managing to rake in $3.7 million over the weekend. The weekend was good enough for the Superman reboot to cross the $40 million mark in the United Kingdom, reaching a $40.6 million cume. World War Z was close behind, finishing in third place with a $3.6 million take. The Brad Pitt zombie epic reached the $15 million milestone in its second week of release.

This is the End brought laughs along with its destruction, joining an end-of-the-world themed top four list at the U.K. box office. The raunchy apocalypitic comedy grossed $2.1 million in its opening weekend. It's a good start for the latest Seth Rogen project, which is still far away from reaching the same heights as the Hangover franchise. The Hangover Part III has grossed $29.2 million after six weeks of release in the United Kingdom. Steven Soderbergh's Behind the Candelabra continues to impress in its limited release, reaching a $4.5 million total. The box office run of Soderbergh's latest should turn heads in North America, where the film was passed over for theatrical release.

Box Office Results for the United Kingdom. June 28-30, 2013


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SPAIN: 'After Earth' Lands at #1 on July 03, 2013

AE-4.jpgAfter Earth is finding life overseas. The father-and-son sci-fi vehicle starring Will and Jaden Smith reached a $130.9 million overseas total last weekend. Spain was the biggest opener for the film, where it earned $3.3 million. It's a solid start for After Earth, representing a higher opening than Oblivion and The Last Airbender in the same territory.

Other top films in Spain include Monsters University ($6.9M in 3 weeks), Man of Steel ($7M in 2 weeks), The Hangover Part III ($6.5M in 4 weeks), Fast & Furious 6 ($12.1M in 4 weeks), and The Great Gatsby ($5.7M in 6 weeks).

Weekend Box Office Results for Spain. June 28-30, 2013


GERMANY: 'World War Z' Debut Knocks Out 'Man of Steel' on July 03, 2013

World War Z was the only major release in Germany last weekend and had an easy time reaching the top spot at the box office. Brad Pitt's zombie epic reached a $7.4 million total by the end of the weekend. Monsters University had a great hold in its second week and added another $3.6 million to take its German cume to $8.5 million. Man of Steel couldn't keep its footing against World War Z, dropping 43% for a $2 million weekend and $7.2 million cume.

The top three will be hoping to reach the heights of The Hangover Part III or Fast & Furious 6. The comedy has grossed a spectacular $29.1 million total in Germany, while the action flick has managed a similarly strong $28.9 million cume.

Weekend Box Office Results for Germany. June 28-30, 2013


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AUSTRALIA: 'Man of Steel' Tops a Competitive Weekend with $8.6M Debut on July 03, 2013

MOSSTill.jpegThe Australian box office is running on a hot streak this winter. Five films broke the $1 million mark last weekend, with more releases reaching seven-digits if we count midweek bows. Man of Steel took the top spot in its Australian debut, grossing a total of $8.6 million and leading the per-screen average category with $14,487. Despicable Me 2 breezed past the $10 million mark in its second frame, taking in $4 million over the weekend to reach a $12.6 million cume. The minions led the monsters for the second consecutive weekend, with Monsters University placing third after a $3 million weekend that led to a $7.9 cume in Australia. Both animated films posted spectacular holds in their sophomore frame, neither of which fell beyond 15% from its opening weekend.

World War Z experienced a bigger fall in its second week, dropping 48% for a $2.8 million weekend that takes Brad Pitt's zombie epic past the $10 million mark in Australia. The Great Gatsby is getting a lot of loyal viewers from director Baz Luhrman's home country. The literary adaptation earned $1 million over the weekend and reached a $22.7 million total. Australia only trails the United Kingdom as the biggest overseas market for The Great Gatsby and could move up to first place on that list if the film keeps its current pace. 

Fast & Furious 6 posted its first weekend under the $1 million mark. The action film has been in release for four weeks and grossed a total of $23.8 million. Epic opened in 372 screens midweek and took in $2.7 million by the end of the weekend. It's not the performance that Fox was hoping for the animated film, which falls on the losing end of a three-way battle against Despicable Me 2 and Monsters University.

Box Office Results for Australia. June 28-30, 2013


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UPDATED: 'Despicable Me 2' Posts Healthy Grosses From Tuesday Shows on July 03, 2013


Wednesday Update: Despicable Me 2 snagged $4.7 million from Tuesday evening shows.

More coming soon...

Tuesday Update: Despicable Me 2 is outpacing Monsters University by 15 percent at the same point in the sales cycle on Fandango. That's big news for Universal's animated sequel considering that Monsters University rallied enough fans to post $82.4 million during its debut frame in North America. 

A Fandango survey of more than 1,000 moviegoers revealed the following:

- 77% will be seeing Despicable Me 2 over 4th of July Week as part of a family activity
- More than half (55%) said the scene-stealing Minions are their favorite Despicable Me characters, even more popular than Gru, voiced by Steve Carell
- Only 66% said they saw the original Despicable Me on the big screen
- 91% said they couldn't wait to see the film's spinoff, Minions, in theaters next year.

Despicable Me 2 is also having a healthy week on Facebook. The film's official page has added more than 150,000 like since last Friday, pushing its total to well over 9 million. That kind of brand growth assures the health of the franchise for a long time to come. 

Check back this week for more updates on Despicable Me 2's performance at the box office.

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