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GLOBAL: 'A Good Day To Die Hard' Delivers In Asian Countries; 'The Hobbit' Passes $950 Million With China Still On The Horizon on February 10, 2013

dh5.pngGlobal grosses updated at they come in:

Wreck-It Ralph raked in another $11.7 million, pushing its overseas cume to $207.5 million. The global total is now $391.9 million. 

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters added $11.6 million for an overseas cume of $84 million. The action flick global haul is $127.8 million. Stats from Paramount:

Australia opened this weekend with an excellent $2.3M, taking the top spot at the Aussie box office. This opening is double the Australian opening of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

The top holdover, Brazil, added another $2M to the pot, and retained the top spot at the local box office for the third weekend in a row.

The film played this weekend in 45 territories at 3,600 theaters, and there is still much more box office to come, as Korea opens this coming weekend and all the major Western European territories don't open until the end of this month/the beginning of March.

A Good Day to Die Hard grabbed $10.1 million from 1,102 screens in 7 markets. Key stats from Fox:

Most noteworthy of the openings was Korea where it made $4.2m. It broke a Fox record in Indonesia with $1.4m and was the biggest of the franchise openings in Hong Kong with $1.2m. Other excellent openings were in Taiwan with $1.1m at #1, Malaysia with $963k, also #1, and in Singapore at #2 with $813k. Vietnam opens today.

Les Mis added $10.1 million from 3,100 locations in 45 territories, pushing its overseas cume to $215 million. The global cume is now $359 million. Key openings are still scheduled for China, France, Germany and Mexico. Stats from Universal:Russia had a good opening at No. 3 with $1.6M at 470 dates. It is the second biggest musical opening behind Mamma Mia. Taiwan had an outstanding Chinese New Year opening at No. 3 with $698k at 58 dates. It is the biggest musical opening of all time in Taiwan. Chinese New Year holidays run through next weekend and we should see great results during the week. We had good openings in Israel at No. 2 with $122k at 26 dates and Ukraine at No. 2 with $165k at 76 dates. Latvia will report its opening tomorrow.

Brazil held strong in its second weekend with $650k at 137 dates for a 10-day total of $1.9M. Carnival holidays run through the week, which will be great for our box office.

In the U.K. and Ireland, LES MIS is holding at No. 2 in week 5 and the weekend estimate is an excellent $2.7M (£1.7M) at 453 dates for a 31-day total of $53.3M (£33.5M). It just became the biggest Russell Crowe film in the U.K. overtaking GLADIATOR. It is the 4th biggest Working Title release, overtaking NOTTING HILL and the 6th biggest Universal release overtaking GLADIATOR, TED and KING KONG.

Japan continues to hold very strong in its 8th week. It is No. 4 and the weekend estimate is $1.5M at 354 dates for a 51-day total of $51.1M.

Next weekend, LES MIS opens in France, French-Switzerland, Greece, Argentina, Chile and Mexico.

Lincoln tacked on another $10 million from 4,080 locations in 50 markets for an overseas total of $47.6 million. The global cume is now $221.2 million. 

Flight added $8 million from 28 markets, pushing its overseas cume to $34.3 million. The global total is $128.1 million. Stats from Paramount:The highest new opening was in Mexico, where Flight made $1M from 273 locations.

Brazil opened strong during the Carnival holidays at $807k at 165 locations.

In both Mexico and Brazil, the openings were almost double the openings of Argo, more than double the local openings of State of Play and better than the respective openings of Safe House.

In holdovers, the UK in the 2nd weekend made $1.5M from 389 locations, pushing the cume to a hefty $5.1M.
Australia made $1.1M on the 2nd weekend from 233 cinemas, pushing the cume to $3.6M.

Life of Pi took in $6.2 million from 3,800 locations in 45 markets, pushing its overseas total to $456 million. The global total is $564.9 million.

Mama grossed $6.1 million from 1,358 locations in 15 territories for an overseas total of $13.4 million. The global cume is now $77.4 million. Key stats from Universal:

Spain opened No. 1 with an outstanding $3.4M at 324 dates. It is far ahead of the competition and is dominating the box office with 35% market share. This is the biggest opening weekend for a film in 2013 and the 4th biggest original horror film opening ever in Spain. Peru is off to a terrific start at No. 1 with $326k at 59 dates. It is the 5th biggest opening for a horror film in Peru. School and university holidays continue through the end of the month plus two public holidays this Mon. and Tues., so we expect the great results to continue. Indonesia had an outstanding opening and South Africa and Thailand opened in line with expectations. In Mexico, MAMA is the No. 1 film for the second week in a row with $1.5M at 456 dates for a 10-day total of $4.8M. There are 44 territories to open over the next few months. Next weekend, MAMA opens in United Arab Emirates.

Warm Bodies added $4.6 million from 2,000 screens in 24 markets for an overseas cume of $8.7 million. Openings this week:

UK (319 screens): $1.4M (#6)
Italy (330 screens): $815K (#1)
Mexico (335 screens): $300K (#7)
Brazil (200 screens): $500K (#7)

The Impossible tacked on another $4.3 million for an overseas cume of $138 million. 

Ted added another $3 million in Japan for a 24-day total of $24.8 million. The comedy has outgrossed The Hobbit and Life of Pi there. The overseas total is now $309.9 million. Globally, Ted is up to 

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey added another $2.5 million from 2,600 screens in 45 territories. The overseas cume is now $657.5 million. Globally, the fantasy flick is up to $955.8 million. A release in China is set for February 22. 

UPDATED: Winter Storm Nemo Fails To Stop 'Identity Thief' From Shattering Expectations on February 09, 2013

Update #5: Universal estimates that Identity Thief's opening haul will be $36.6 million. The Jason Bateman-Melissa McCarthy vehicle delivered big time on Saturday with $15.3 million, a 36.6% increase over Friday's $11.2 million haul. 

Open Road estimates that Side Effects will debut to $10 million. The thriller held up very well on Saturday with $4.1 million, a 47% increase over Friday's $2.8 million gross. 

Update #4: Universal is projecting that Identity Thief will end up with a very healthy $35 million debut frame. The comedy managed $11.2 million on Friday. projects that Side Effects will open to $8.5 million. Open Road's thriller took in only $2.8 million on Friday. 

Update #3: Despite the fact that theaters were closed Friday in New York, Boston and Connecticut, Identity Thief and Side Effects are both doing well at the box office. Early reports indicate that Identity Thief will debut to more than $30 million this weekend. Side Effects, an intense, R-rated thriller, will end up with around $12 million. Check back tomorrow for official Friday estimates. 

Update #2: AMC Theatres will be closing theaters in Boston early on Friday. Here's the list

Update #1: Winter storm Nemo will force many residents of key Northeast cities such as Boston, New York and Philadelphia to stay off the roads this weekend. CNN reports that more than two feet of snow could hit Boston. New York is bracing for as much as a foot. Supermarkets are now full of people bracing for a weekend spent indoors.

What does this mean for the box office?

Two promising wide releases hit theaters this weekend: Universal's Identity Thief and Open Road's Side Effects. is currently predicting that the two films will open to $27.8 million and $13.2 million, respectively. Yet lackluster weekend grosses from the Northeast could dampen the opening frames for both. It will also hurt Warm Bodies, the zombie flick that opened to more than $20 million last weekend despite facing competition from the Super Bowl. Word of mouth is strong for Warm Bodies and the storm could stop a lot of its momentum in crucial markets. Oscar contenders that are still going strong--Silver Lining Playbook in particular--will also feel the impact.

"No doubt weather will diminish Northeast box office today," Nikki Rocco, Universal's President of Domestic Distribution tells Boxoffice. "Hopefully folks can dig out by tomorrow."

All hope is not lost. Identity Thief and Side Effects can rebound as long as moviegoers throughout the rest of the country spread positive buzz on Facebook and Twitter. With plenty of plot twists, Side Effects will have no problem building the kind of buzz that will make people in the Northeast feel like they are missing out. 

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