Golden Globes Analysis: Why 'Silver Linings Playbook' Has The Most To Gain on January 13, 2013


Update: It's really a shame that Argo is at the tail end of its theatrical run. Wow. It could have tacked on another $15-$20 million if it was still in the middle. 

Update: Jennifer Lawrence's Best Actress win is HUGE for Silver Linings Playbook. Expect even more Hunger Games enthusiasts to line up now. 

Original: Whether or not Silver Linings Playbook wins any Golden Globes tonight doesn't really matter. It will still gain a lot financially. 

The Weinstein Company release has grossed $41.3 million domestically and it's currently playing at 810 locations. Banking on awards attention before rolling the film out to 1,500+ locations is shaping up to be a wise move on the part of TWC. The quirky dramedy jumped 38% weekend/weekend thanks to snagging key Oscar nods for Best Picture, Actor (Bradley Cooper), Actress (Jennifer Lawrence), Supporting Actor (Robert De Niro) and Supporting Actress (Jacki Weaver). Attention from the Globes will give it yet another boost. Silver Linings Playbook is quickly turning into the new must-see for moviegoers who have already watched other awards season darlings.

Silver Linings is the Globe nominee for Best Pic that is in the best position to benefit from all the attention that will come its way thanks to red carpet interviews, style gurus analyzing Jennifer Lawrence's dress, and cutaways to the TWC table. Lincoln, Django Unchained, Life of Pi and Les Miserables are already massive blockbusters and they would continue to do well even if they weren't getting awards attention. Argo is at the tail end of a very successful theatrical run, so a surge at this point is unlikely. As for Zero Dark Thirty, a $24 million debut frame means that it could easily end with $100 million domestically. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Moonrise Kingdom and Salmon Fishing in the Yemen are already available on Blu-ray, so they can't benefit theatrically. 

GLOBAL: 'Life of Pi' Exceeds $450 Million; 'Les Mis' Breezes Past $200 Million; 'Jack Reacher' Rules Russia on January 13, 2013

lifeofpichineseposter.jpgLife of Pi added another $33.2 million from 9,347 screens in 67 markets, pushing its overseas cume to a staggering $357.4 million. The global cume stands at $452.2 million. 

Key stats from Fox:

Fresh off an over $20m opening week, Russia lands another $4.4m from 1,575 screens, with Australia tethered just behind, with $4m from 552 screens - the film is #1 in both markets. Great holds mark the weekend, with UK ($3.8m from 673) down only 31%, Germany ($3.1m from 796) down only 38%, South Korea ($2.8m from 312) down only 19%, Mexico ($1.8m from 854) down only 5%!, and Brazil ($1m from 278) down only 28%. Excellent openings in Philippines ($886K from 113 and #1) and Argentina ($803k from 131 and battling for #1). Also noteworthy is Taiwan, where box office is UP 5% in its 8th week of release and LIFE OF PI crosses $16m GBO in the market! More good news in the by-market detail below. Japan and Venezuela open the film on January 25.

Les Miserables tacked on another $25.5 million from 2,432 locations in 22 territories for an overseas cume of $115.1 million. The global total is now $234.3 million.

Key stats from Universal:

In the UK, LES MIS was the No. 1 film in the market by a huge margin with 37% market share. The 3-day estimated gross is $13.4M (£8.3M) at 589 locations. The 3-day opening is Universal's biggest 3 ever in this market, the biggest for Working Title, the biggest opening for a musical and also for Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Tom Hooper. As a comparison, BRIDGET JONES: EDGE OF REASON was the previous highest grossing opening weekend for Universal and it grossed $13.2M (£7.1M). MAMMA MIA! opened with a 3-day gross of $10.4M (£5.6M).

In New Zealand, LES MIS opened No. 1 with $625K at 81 dates, which is the biggest opening ever for a musical in this market.

The Netherlands had an excellent opening at No. 2 with $632K at 114 dates, which is the second biggest musical opening behind MAMMA MIA!.

Holdovers are strong. In Japan, LES MIS held the No. 1 spot of the MPAA films for the fourth weekend in a row and dominated the box office with 51% market share. It grossed $3 million at 328 dates, -8% for a 24-day total of $31.8 million.

In Korea, LES MIS continued its amazing run, grossing $2.8 million at 408 dates, -34% for a 20-day total of $33.1million. The film was the biggest opening of all time for Universal in Korea.

Spain moved up to No. 2 in week 3 and grossed $1.3M at 332 dates, +22% over last weekend's holiday festivities and parades. The excellent 19-day total is $8.6 million.

Australia placed No. 5 in its third week with $2.3 million at 242 dates, -30% for an excellent 19-day total of $18.2 million.

We have 42 territories to open over the next few months. Next week, we open in Estonia, India, Indonesia, Norway, Philippines, South Africa and Sweden.

Jack Reacher added $17.6 million from 5,963 locations in 57 countries, pushing its overseas cume to $80.4 million. The global total is now $153.2 million. Key stats from Paramount:

• Russia is the highest new opening with an estimated solid $3M from 600 locations.
• Spain opened at a good $1.5M from 344 locations taking the 1st place in the local Box Office.
• Brazil made an estimated $1M from 208 locations.

• Australia's 2nd weekend is estimated at $1.75M from 213 cinemas. The cume is now at $6.2M.
• Germany made $1.2M from 504 cinemas pushing the cume to $4.5M.
• The 3rd weekend in the UK is estimated at $1.1M from 387 cinemas. The cume is now at $13.9M.
• France made $1M from 611 cinemas pushing the cume to $9.9M.

Wreck-It Ralph took in $11.6 million from 59 territories, pushing its overseas total to $156.9 million. The global total is now $336.3 million. 

Gangster Squad is off to a healthy start overseas. Stats from WB: Gangster Squad grossed $9.1m with nearly 970k admissions from 1,484 screens in 19 markets (Note: These 19 markets represent an average of 28% of Intl).

The UK exceeded expectations, grossing an estimated £2.1m (US$3.4m) and 354k admissions from 453 screens, including Thursday's previews. We finished at #3 behind LES MISERABLE and holdover LIFE OF PI (4th w/e), and ahead of THE IMPOSSIBLE's strong 2nd w/e.

Excluding previews, GANGSTER SQUAD surpassed all of the comps -

879% ahead of ROAD TO PERDITION

85% ahead of ARGO

84% ahead of THE TOWN

51% ahead of THE CHANGELING

16% ahead of PUBLIC ENEMIES

8% ahead of UNSTOPPABLE

AUSTRALIA also. opened very well, grossing an estimated AU$2.25m (US$2.4m) with roughly 170k admissions from 205 screens. We are vying for 3rd place with LES MISERABLE (3rd w/e) behind holdovers LIFE OF PI and THE HOBBIT (both 3rd w/e).

The opening compares as follows -

130% ahead of THE CHANGELING

100% ahead of L.A. CONFIDENTIAL

58% ahead of ROAD TO PERDITION

15% ahead of ARGO

10% ahead of THE TOWN



HOLLAND had a strong showing with €388k ($509k) with nearly 51k admissions from 66 screens. We are in a virtual dead heat for 2nd place with fellow opener LES MIS behind HOBBIT (but with GANGSTER SQUAD clearly ahead in the Top 5 in terms of per screen average).

Belgium grossed an excellent €271k (US$355k) with 37k admissions from 49 screens to finish #2 behind HOBBIT, and ahead of THE IMPOSSIBLE (3rd w/e).

OTHERS (in order of box office)

Taiwan - NT$9.0m (US$311k) from 70 screens nationwide. #3 behind JACK REACHER (3rd w/e) and LIFE OF PI (8th w/e), and ahead of the opening of ZERO DARK THIRTY

Puerto Rico - US$188k. #1 ahead of holdovers TEXAS CHAINSAY MASSACRE (2nd w/e), PARENTAL GUIDANCE (3rd w/e) and JACK REACHER (4th w/e)

South Africa - R1.3m (US$154k) from 52 screens. #1 (unofficial) ahead of LIFE OF PI (4th w/e), JACK REACHER (3rd w/e)

Upcoming Key Releases: Argentina (17-Jan), Germany, Russia (24-Jan), Brazil (1-Feb), France (6-Feb) Spain (8-Feb), Italy (21-Feb), Mexico (22-Feb)

Zero Dark Thirty has a 10-day total of $3.1 million in territories where Universal is handling the release. Universal is distributing in the U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden and South Africa. The next release is Italian-Switzerland on Jan. 10 followed by France and French-Switzerland on Jan. 23. Finland and the U.K. open Jan. 25 and Germany opens Jan. 31. The rest of the Universal territories release in February.


Stats: The Oscar Nominees Ranked By Gross on January 10, 2013

LifeOfPi_620_092612.jpg(Best Picture nominees in bold)

Marvel's The Avengers: $623.4 million (N. America) + $891 million (overseas) = $1.514 billion (global)

Skyfall: $297.3 million (N. America) + $726.8 million (overseas) = $1.024 billion (global)

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey: $266.7 million (N. America) + $562.8 million (overseas) = $829.5 million (global)

Brave: $237.4 million (N. America) + $317.2 million (overseas) = $554.6 million (global)

Ted: $218.7 million (N. America) + $285 million (overseas) = $503.7 million (global)

Prometheus: $126.5 million (N. America) + $276.7 million (overseas) = $403.2 million (global)

Snow White and the Huntsman: $155.1 million (N. America) + $245.6 million (overseas) = $400.7 million (global)

Life of Pi: $91.6 million (N. America) + $302 million (overseas) = $393.6 million (global)

Wreck-It Ralph: $178.6 million (N. America) + $132.7 million (overseas) = $311.3 million (global)

Les Miserables: $106.4 million (N. America) + $81 million (overseas) = $187.4 million (global)

Argo: $110.2 million (N. America) + $67.7 million (overseas) = $177.9 million (global)

Mirror Mirror: $64.9 million (N. America) + $97.5 million (overseas) = $162.4 million (global)

Lincoln: $145 million (N. America) + $0 (overseas) = $145 million (global)

The Pirates! Band of Misfits: $31 million (N. America) + $91.5 million (overseas) = $122.5 million (global)

Django Unchained: $110.6 million (N. America) + $0 (overseas) = $110.6 million (global)

ParaNorman: $56 million (N. America) + $46.3 million (overseas) = $102.3 million (global)

Flight: $92.5 million (N. America) + $5.4 million (overseas) = $97.9 million (global)

The Impossible: $3.9 million (N. America) + $82.3 million (overseas) = $86.2 million (global)

Frankenweenie: $35.1 million (N. America) + $42.8 million (overseas) = $77.9 million (global)

Moonrise Kingdom: $45.5 million (N. America) + $20 million (overseas) = $65.5 million (global)

Silver Linings Playbook: $35.4 million (N. America) + $12.5 million (overseas) = $47.9 million (global)

Anna Karenina: $11.6 million (N. America) + $24.5 million (overseas) = $36.1 million (global)

The Master: $16 million (N. America) + $4.5 million (overseas) = $20.5 million (global)

Amour: $340K (N. America) + $12.9 million (overseas) = $13.3 million (global)

Beasts of the Southern Wild: $11.2 million (N. America) + $600K (overseas) = $11.8 million (global)

The Sessions: $5.7 million (N. America) + $2.7 million (overseas) = $8.4 million (global)

A Royal Affair: $660K (N. America) + $6.14 million (overseas) = $6.8 million (global)

Searching for Sugar Man: $3.1 million (N. America) + $3.6 million (overseas) = $6.7 million (global)

Zero Dark Thirty: $4.9 million (N. America) + $1.4 million (overseas) = $6.3 million (global)

Hitchcock: $5.5 million (N. America) + $0 (overseas) = $5.5 million (global)

The Imposter: $900K (N. America) + $1.1 million (overseas) = $2 million

Chasing Ice: $816K (N. America) + $22K (overseas) = $838K (global)

How to Survive a Plague: $130K (N. America) + $0 (overseas) = $130K (global)

Five Broken Cameras: $76K (N. America) + $36K (overseas) = $112K (global)

The Invisible War: $63K (N. America) + $0 (overseas) = $63K (global)



Los Angeles - January 9, 2013 - IMAX Corporation (NYSE:IMAX; TSX:IMX) and Universal Pictures today announced that Steven Spielberg's epic Jurassic Park will return to the big screen with a one-week 3D engagement in IMAX® theatres worldwide simultaneous with the film's wide release beginning April 5, 2013.

With his remastering of this epic film into a state-of-the-art 3D format, Steven Spielberg introduces the three-time Academy Award®-winning blockbuster to a new generation of moviegoers and allows longtime fans to experience the world he envisioned in a way that was unimaginable during the film's original release. Starring Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Samuel L. Jackson and Richard Attenborough, the film based on the novel by Michael Crichton is produced by Kathleen Kennedy and Gerald R. Molen.

"Jurassic Park is the quintessential film for fans to experience in IMAX 3D," said Nikki Rocco, President of Distribution, Universal Pictures. "Jurassic Park was groundbreaking when it was originally released, and The IMAX 3D Experience® will allow today's audiences to become fully immersed in one of the most breathtaking epics Universal has ever released."

"Steven Spielberg's films resonate uniquely with audiences," said Greg Foster, Chairman and President of IMAX Filmed Entertainment. "We're thrilled to offer moviegoers an opportunity to see this fan favorite back on the big screen and transport them - for the first time through the power of The IMAX 3D Experience® - into the world of Jurassic Park."

The IMAX release of Jurassic Park has been digitally re-mastered into the image and sound quality of The IMAX 3D Experience® with proprietary IMAX DMR® (Digital Re-mastering) technology. The crystal-clear images, coupled with IMAX's customized theatre geometry and powerful digital audio, create a unique environment that will make audiences feel as if they are in the movie.


National CineMedia (NCM) Renews Affiliate Agreements with Georgia Theatre Company and Goodrich Quality Theaters on January 08, 2013

Centennial, Colo. -- National CineMedia (NCM), a leading integrated media company reaching U.S. consumers in movie theaters, online and through mobile technology, has renewed its affiliate agreements with leading regional theater circuits Georgia Theatre Company and Goodrich Quality Theaters.

Under the terms of these exclusive long-term renewals, a combined 61 movie theaters with 587 screens and approximately 16.1 million annual attendees will continue to be a part of the NCM Cinema Network and present NCM's FirstLook pre-feature program, as well as NCM Fathom Events.

"These two, high-quality regional theater circuits have been an important part of our national advertising and event networks for several years," said Kurt Hall, National CineMedia (NCM)'s chairman and chief executive officer. "We look forward to continuing this long and successful partnership as we bring their audiences exceptional entertainment through our FirstLook pre-show and special event programming from our NCM Fathom division."

"We are excited about renewing our relationship with NCM so that we may continue to provide our patrons with the best pre-show material available," said Bo Chambliss, president, Georgia Theatre Company. "We also look forward to showing the high-quality live events provided by NCM. The NCM mobile application, Movie Night Out with CinemaSync, is a very creative tool that will help drive people to the theater and keep them entertained while they are waiting for their movie to begin."

"We are enthusiastic to continue both NCM's on-screen advertising sales and audience focused FirstLook program for two compelling reasons," says Bob Goodrich, president, Goodrich Quality Theaters. "NCM's experienced sales personnel have repeatedly secured national advertisers we couldn't even approach on our own. Additionally, the creativity evident in every FirstLook edition always holds Goodrich moviegoers' interest."

The NCM Cinema Network is the largest digital in-theater network in the United States, with exclusive, long-term cinema advertising agreements in place with founding member exhibitors AMC Entertainment Inc., Cinemark Holdings Inc. and Regal Entertainment Group, the three largest exhibitors in the country totaling approximately 1,150 theaters and 15,250 screens. In addition, NCM has network affiliate relationships with over 30 top regional theater circuits representing approximately 400 theaters and 4,250 screens. With the addition of these network affiliate renewals, NCM's national cinema network totals approximately 1,550 theaters and approximately 19,500 screens.


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