A Kind of Loving (2017 re-release) poster

A Kind of Loving (2017 re-release) (2017-04-07)

Distributor: Rialto Pictures
Director: John Schlesinger
Principal Cast: Alan Bates, Thora Hird
Writers: Willis Hall

Opening Weekend: $3,278

Total Worldwide Gross: $6,912

Total Domestic Gross: $6,912

About A Kind of Loving (2017 re-release)

Young draftsman Vic Brown (Alan Bates) falls for his co-worker Ingrid Rothwell (June Ritchie). As he vacillates between infatuation and disinterest, Ingrid finds out that she is pregnant and Vic has to reconcile how he thought his life would go with what life actually has in store for him. British television icon Thora Hird co-stars as Ingrid's interfering mother in this new restoration of director John Schlesinger's debut feature film.

Daily Domestic Gross

2017-04-13 $1,208
2017-04-12 $756
2017-04-11 $812
2017-04-10 $858
2017-04-09 $576
2017-04-08 $1,554
2017-04-07 $1,148