Dalida poster

Dalida (2017-09-01)

Distributor: Under The Milky Way
Director: Lisa Azuelos
Principal Cast: Jean-Paul Rouve, Nicolas Duvauchelle, Niels Schneider, Patrick Timsit, Riccardo Scamarcio, Vincent Perez
Writers: Lisa Azuelos

Opening Weekend: $2,461

Total Worldwide Gross: $2,917

Total Domestic Gross: $2,917

About Dalida

A powerful biopic based on the true and fascinating story of acclaimed music icon Dalida. From her birth in Cairo followed by a traumatic childhood to her worldwide huge success with 170 million albums sold, Dalida is the intimate portrait of a strong, fiercely independent, liberated, complex and talented woman… And being a modern woman in the late 50s comes with a price. With a repertoire of hits as vast and varied as her private life was tumultuous and tragic, with no less than three of her lovers committing suicide before she herself ended her life in 1987. This extraordinary destiny, as flamboyant as it is tragic is beautifully recounted by Lisa Azuelos by matching the songs performed with the most important episodes of the singer's life.

Daily Domestic Gross

2017-09-04 $456