NATO Applauds DCIP Digital Cinema Agreement with Major Studios

on October 01, 2008

NATO has released a statement on the heels of today's official announcement that Digital Cinema Implementation Partners has reached a deal with Fox, Disney, Paramount, Universal and Lionsgate that will lead to the rollout of at least 14,000 digital systems in the U.S. and Canada over the next three years:

Los Angeles, Calif. — We congratulate the major studios and exhibitors on concluding this milestone agreement in the rollout of digital cinema. Digital cinema is the future of theatrical exhibition and vital for the success of exciting new theatrical experiences like digital 3D.

With a deal in place for the largest U.S. theater chains, it is time to conclude a similar digital cinema agreement for the hundreds of independent cinemas and thousands of screens not covered by this agreement. It is imperative for the health of the industry and for the millions of moviegoers in small towns and cities that the benefits of digital cinema be spread as widely as possible.

NATO, through the Cinema Buying Group (CBG) and its selected digital cinema integrator Access Integrated Technologies, Inc. (AIX), continues to work with the studios to ensure that CBG members, who are smaller and independent exhibitors, often in small towns, are not left behind.

Any questions about the specifics of the agreement between DCIP and the studios should be addressed to DCIP or the individual exhibitors.

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