GDC Technology and XPAND Partner to Launch Largest 3D Theater Deployment Throughout Mainland China

on October 14, 2008

Los Angeles, CA - XPAND, a dominant international leader in 3D Digital experiences and technology platforms, is pleased to announce that GDC Technology and XPAND have launched one the largest 3D theater deployments across mainland China, having signed a lucrative distribution agreement in preparation for recent Hollywood 3D blockbuster releases, including Journey to the Center of the Earth, now premiering across international film markets.

With an aggressive roll-out in the various regions which includes Beijing, Changzhou, Chengdu City, Dalian City, Guiyang City, Guanghzhou, Ha’Erbin City, Huizhou City, Lanzhou City, Nanjing, Quindao City, Shenyang City, Shenzhen, Taiyuan City, Xiamen, Wuhan City, Wulumuqi City, Wuxi City and Zhenjiang, there have been 63 installations to-date with a target plan of 100 theaters fully installed and operating by the end of this year.

Having recognized GDC Technology as the leader in Asia with two-third’s of the market share of digital cinema servers, XPAND has been honored to formulate a valuable partnership over the last year to penetrate this highly developed region and looks to achieve several thousand screens in Asian during 2009.

“We have respected Dr. Man-Nang Chong (GDC Technology founder and CEO), and his entire team to their commitment of this rapid deployment in China,” says Maria Costeira, CEO of XPAND. “Our partnership has secured China as one of the leading countries that have prepared for the increased 3D releases next year, as well as the entire digital campaign.”

XPAND’S enormous growth over the past year is attributed to their superior stereoscopic active technology system, which continues to be the most adaptive and flexible 3D technology in today’s marketplace. With more than 350 theatres globally, XPAND is one of the top three producers’ of 3D cinema systems.

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