Screenvision Adds New Advertisers, Text Messaging Features

on December 11, 2008

By Phil Contrino

This fall, Screenvision has added a handful of new advertisers and some of them are trying cinema advertising for the first time.

Zales, Dish Network, Sony's Playstation 3, SanDisk, Buena Vista Syndication, Bandai, Microsoft, Diageo, PBS and LG are all now using Screenvision's cinema advertising to reach out to potential customers.

Among those new clients, Sony's Playstation 3, Sandisk, Bandai, Diageo, PBS and LG are working exclusively with Screenvision as far as cinema advertising is concerned. In addition, Sony, Sandisk and Bandai have never used the cinema advertising platform before.

"The whole business right now is, especially considering the economic times that we're going through, extremely vibrant. We are growing considerably which is pretty amazing to all of us," Mike Chico, Vice President, Sales for Screenvision told BOXOFFICE.

Screenvision's network currently boasts 14,300 screens, 150 theatre chain partners and 2,300 physical theatres. Their ads are also delivered to 93% of the country.

Screenvision is currently working with advertisers to improve the level of interaction with moviegoers.

"We have moved into the text messaging platform in a pretty hefty way," said Chico. "So we've got a lot of campaigns now where the advertisers are throwing up smart codes or websites or text messaging promotions to get more information, to join a rewards program, to receive additional information as you exit the theatre or home."

The idea of in-theatre advertising in general is one that, after an initial backlash, seems to be much more widely accepted now.

"Now creative advertising has gotten so good and so smart that people are expecting to be entertained by these ads. So not only is the recall going up because of the viewer engagement but now you've got the younger generation who are so adept at texting that they're actually requesting a lot of information about cool products that they see on the screen. The texting has been shooting up month to month just because the folks are not only used to seeing ads and being entertained by ads but now they want additional information coming back to them and it creates a two-way conversation between the advertiser and their consumer," said Chico.

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