Screenvision and Wrigley Partner to Bring First Ever 3-D Ad to Cinema

on May 01, 2009

New York, NY - Screenvision, the leading innovator in cinema advertising has partnered exclusively with the Wrigley brand to bring the first ever 3-D ad to cinema beginning May 1st. This exclusive partnership extends Screenvision's focus to create 360 degree entertainment experiences for consumers and marketers alike. Already the 3-D in-lobby leader for advertisers, Screenvision will now also be the 3-D in-theatre leader with the launch of its first ever on screen 3-D ad.

Screenvision's Programming Network will make the 3-D Skittles spot available through its exhibitor partners across the country with coverage in all of the top 10 DMAs. The 3-D ad will run for a five week period beginning May 1st on 762 3-D screens in 461 Screenvision represented theatres.

"3-D movies have made such a big impact for the studios and moviegoers which is very promising for Screenvision's 3-D advertising platform. 2-D ads in our Premium Pod deliver an average 72% total recall, and we anticipate that 3-D ads will generate even stronger awareness," said Matthew Kearney, CEO, Screenvision. "Screenvision continues to be the innovator and leader in the advertising sector providing the marketplace with the largest 3-D network, both in-lobby and on the screen."

"Our exclusive cinema partnership with Wrigley allows us to deliver the first 3-D ad in the history of national cinema advertising-and we are thrilled to be first in our sector" says Mike Chico, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Screenvision. "This achievement marks our consistent ability to lead the way for advertisers, connecting consumers and brands in ways in which no other medium can. In fact, 77% of our consumers who recall our ads, are likely to purchase brands they see advertised across Screenvision screens."

"Converting ads from 2-D to 3-D is a natural extension of our ongoing support of Cinema moving forward," said Norm Chait, SVP-Director of OOH Investment and Activation, Mediavest. "MediaVest, along with our clients, recognize that our consumers go to the movies to be entertained. With Screenvision now offering the opportunity to have our messages literally jump off the screen, these new technologies help us to truly engage and captivate our core consumers in a memorable way. We are excited to be the first to take advantage of what we know will be a highly desirable consumer touchpoint."

Legend Films, a 3-D conversion company was responsible for the transformation of the Skittles ad from 2-D to 3-D. This repurposing provides marketers with increased flexibility and proves to be much more cost effective.

"At Legend Films, we have the creative expertise and technological innovation to affordably and quickly convert any ad into 3-D, and we look forward to working with Screenvision to introduce our capabilities to marketers who want to take advantage of the latest technology, make an impact in theater and encourage audiences to take notice," said David G. Martin, Chief Executive Officer of Legend Films.

On the heels of Monsters vs Aliens, 2009 is the year of 3-D movies and as the studios continue to push these movies out advertisers are looking to capitalize. It also comes as Screenvision continues its expansion across the marketing, content and exhibitor divisions for the company. As the leader in cinema advertising, Screenvision‘s recent deals with Marcus, Rave, United Entertainment Corporation (UEC) and Studio Movie Grill have expanded its network to over 15,300 screens with 17 of the top 25 exhibitors and increasing its market share to 48%.

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