Warner Bros. Entertainment Unveils a Convergence of Unparalleled Entertainment with the All New WB.com Studio Portal

on May 11, 2009

Burbank, Calif. - Warner Bros. Entertainment announced today the all new WB.com, which brings together Warner Bros. content and promotions from across the company's divisional spectrum, including Theatrical, Television, Home Video, On Demand, Gaming and Consumer Products. Now filled with more than 2,000 videos, the web site combines an interactive user experience that celebrates the classic history of the Studio's past and its current crop of blockbusters like The Dark Knight and Watchmen. The site's new features emphasize the depth and breadth of the Warner Bros. catalog by showcasing all Warner Bros. content, from the latest trailers in the HD Gallery to a 3-D viewing experience.

Built by Warner Bros. Advanced Digital Services, for the first time visitors to WB.com can interactively explore the vast library of Warner Bros.; whether it be chronologically, thematically, or even through the stars of countless legendary films. Visitors now have access to the legendary Warner Bros. catalog like never before and can even download exclusive content from hundreds of their favorite Warner Bros. releases, including original movie posters, trailers and production photos. Users can watch trailers from movies and television titles from the 1920s to the Studio's latest blockbusters.

Through a unique integration of content, users can create their own experience by following various connections to discover deeper and more specialized content. Whether clicking through Titles, Genres, Actors, or even following an interactive timeline, content choices are constantly available, guaranteeing that no user experience is destined to be exactly the same. In addition, all movie and television titles found on WB.com that are currently available on Blu-ray, DVD or Digital Download can be purchased online directly from Warner Bros.' online store - WBShop.com.

And for a virtual 3-D experience, users can click into the 3-D version of WB.com-powered by Exit Reality-from the home page and select an avatar to lead them through the ultimate Warner Bros. Cinema where they can meet with their friends online, watch clips and trailers from their favorite movie genres and even pick up and distribute everything from their favorite virtual movie posters to exploding popcorn.

WB.com has also been hosting a sweepstakes promoting the opening of the Warner Archive Collection, which features films from the past 80 years that have never yet been released on DVD! This 90-day promotion will include 90 Daily Winners of the daily featured films from the Collection and a Grand Prize Winner who will win not only 100 Warner Archive Collection titles, but also an HD-TV, a portable DVD Player, and a $100 Gift Certificate for the brand new WBShop! The sweepstakes ends June 20, 2010.

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