New Dolby Screen Server Introduced at Cinema Expo 2009

on June 22, 2009

AMSTERDAM -- Dolby Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE:DLB) announced today that its newest cinema server, the Dolby® Screen Server (DSS200), will be available for orders starting in early July 2009.

The DSS200 is the all-in-one platform to store, decode, and deliver pristine movies to the digital cinema projector. Based on Dolby's proven, existing FIPS-certified media block and DCI-compliant server, the DSS200 offers improved storage, serviceability, and interoperability. A storage subsystem moves feature content around the network effortlessly. Flexible serial automation and closed captions support automation and access needs, and the ability to perform software updates remotely makes updates simple.

Integrated Dolby Theatre Management System (TMS) software, version 4.1 provides a complete, easy-to-use interface for building, scheduling, and monitoring shows locally or remotely, and open Web services allow third-party integrators complete control.

The system will be on display in booth 161 at Cinema Expo 2009.

"The new DSS200 provides high performance and is a comprehensive, flexible product to accommodate the evolving digital cinema environment," said Page Haun, Senior Director of Cinema Marketing, Dolby Laboratories.

"Megaplex has found the new DSS200 extremely easy to use with rock-solid hardware and powerful management tools that ensure Dolby will continue to have the best server on the market," said Mike Renlund, Digital Cinema Specialist, Megaplex Theatres. "The simplified design of the DSS200 allows for easy replacement of drives, fans, and other components. Combined with the latest Dolby system 4.1 software, this makes the DSS200 the most robust and usable server I have ever seen."

The DSS200 combines all of the key capabilities of the Dolby Media Block from the previous generation Dolby Show Player (DSP100) and Dolby Show Store (DSS100) plus a range of new features.

New features and key capabilities of the DSS200 include:

* Increased storage: Can store up to ten feature-length movies.
* Simplified design: The unit slides out from the rack on rails, and the top lifts up for easy access to the hardware inside.
* Removable drive bay: Easily accepts industry-standard content hard drives.
* A/V outputs: Connects link-encrypted image data to the digital cinema projector and audio data to the cinema's sound processor, such as a Dolby CP750 or CP650, or a Dolby DMA8Plus Digital Media Adapter paired with another Dolby sound processor model.
* Integrated Dolby TMS software: Provides a complete, easy-to-use interface for building, scheduling, and monitoring shows locally or remotely.

New features and key capabilities of the Dolby TMS software, v.4.1 include:

* Remote upgrades and Closed Caption: The playback system supports SMPTE draft-standard Closed Caption protocols, and the entire system can be upgraded remotely via the exhibitor's digital cinema network.
* Dolby Web services: Allows interoperability with third-party control systems.
* TMS synchronization: Enables TMS synchronization with local Screen Server changes, even while disconnected, and fully automatic synchronization of show and schedule databases when adding or replacing a Screen Server on an existing network.
* Networking capabilities: Gives theatre personnel and network operations centers (NOCs) comprehensive central control over all presentations-for a single screen, a large multiplex, or a system integrator's entire network.
* Multi-screen capabilities: As an integral part of a networked Dolby Digital Cinema system, Dolby TMS software enables network control of up to three Dolby Screen Servers without any additional equipment.
* Central control: Enables central network control of all the Dolby Screen Servers in a multiplex when deployed with a Dolby Show Library.
* Operational simplicity: From ingesting content and moving it, even while playing, to drag-and-drop show assembly, Dolby TMS software features operational simplicity, at-a-glance monitoring, and comprehensive remote control.

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