A 3D film about toads won audiences over.

Sundance Attendees Rush to Catch Movies Before Fest Closes

on January 27, 2010

With the press screenings winding to a close and the festival steeling itself for the last weekend storm of cineastes (and the weather reports threatening their own deluge), Tuesday in Park City was spent catching up on early buzz. Most films have screened at least once for fans or critics and while priorities were clearer, the new struggle was how to fit everything in.

Despite the heavy morning snow, the 9 a.m. of Four Lions was packed with people curious to see the controversial jihad comedy (it didn't disappoint.) and the Sundance powers that be announced an added screening for Blue Valentine. Opinions were jaded on The Imperialists Are Still Alive and much more enthusiastic for Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work as the nearly full house was won over by the comedienne's prickly attitude and need to succeed. And at 9:30, Cane Toads: The Conquest was an audience hit even before the first toad hopped off the screen. The crowd mugged for iPhone shots with iridescent Dolby 3D glasses on their heads which, in Park City's frosty context, looked like hip eye shades for the slopes. "Welcome to Avatoad," joked filmmaker Mark Lewis as he introduced the most hilarious documentary to ever star a squat, toxic reptile. A spoonful of humor made the Aussi eco-doc go down as the audience gobbled up Lewis' interviewees including a dog named Dobby who licks the toads to get high-yes, with 3D LSD dog POV.


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