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Twitter Box Office Update - March 3rd, 2010

on March 03, 2010

Total tweets for March 5th Openers

upcoming030510.jpgAlice In Wonderland's ascent continued on Tuesday with another 14,449 tweets. A solid increase from Monday as it consolidates itself into the #2 position of films I've tracked since last September. By comparison, Where The Wild Things Are had 4,363 tweets on its Tuesday before release, Percy Jackson and The Olympians had 3,732. Alice is obviously way out ahead of these two comparison, and it appears to be right on course for 70,000 to 75,000 tweets this week as its midnight showings on Thursday should ensure a 20,000+ tweet day. All systems are go here. It's always exciting to see the Twitter population really getting behind a film. Family and older skewing films often tend to slightly dip on Wednesday, but early numbers today are very very solid which means two things, a) it has very strong interest in the key Twitter demographics of 18-45 b) Again pointing to the fact that its ratio is going to be huge.

Brooklyn's Finest continued to roll also as it raked in 1,264 tweets on Tuesday. In terms of comparisons, Armored scored 162 tweets its Tuesday before release, and Edge of Darkness had 833. Wednesday's number will be very telling for the film's ratio but as of right now it would appear as though $4 million is the basement for Friday's tally.

Check back tomorrow to see the Wednesday numbers and more comparisons. Follow @AlexBOXOFFICE on Twitter for additional updates.

Twitter tracking history. (For 2009's ratio history please check here.)

alltweets022602.jpgThe ratio is the number of tweets per $1 million of Friday Box Office gross. A film with 1,000 tweets and a $10 million Friday would therefore have a ratio of 100. In general, films that appeal to very young or older audiences have lower ratios since those audiences are not big users of Twitter. By comparison, films that appeal to younger audiences (18-35) have much higher ratios since those audiences are much more active users of Twitter.

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