American Zoetrope Upgrades to Meyer Sound Cinema Experience

on March 09, 2010

Berkeley, CA -- American Zoetrope, the film studio created and used by filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola since 1970, recently completed the mix of Sofia Coppola's upcoming film "Somewhere" using their new Meyer Sound Cinema Experience monitoring system. This same system was used to mix Mr. Coppola's 2009 release of "Tetro".

"I'm very impressed with the effortless power and clarity of sound of the Meyer Sound cinema system," says Francis Ford Coppola. "If only every theatre had a system like this they would have the same remarkable experience I have on my stage."

The Meyer Sound Cinema Experience system, based on the Acheron screen channel loudspeakers, which has been installed in Zoetrope's mixing stage, is part of a complete, integrated cinema sound line that enables sound designers and mixers to achieve unprecedented range and clarity of sound - and for audiences to truly experience films as they were intended to be heard by the filmmaker.


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