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UPDATED: Jamie Foxx Boards 'Kane and Lynch'

on March 18, 2010

Source: Kyle Ward

UPDATE: Curiously, the Tweet (and three other Tweets about it) have vanished. Mum's the word? Ward's Twitter account can still be found here.

Kyle Ward, one of the screenwriters of the upcoming big-screen adaptation of the popular video game Kane and Lynch, has updated his Twitter account announcing that Jamie Foxx has signed on to take the role of Lynch. Last year, action star Bruce Willis signed to play Kane.


The plot of the video game follows Adam "Kane" Marcus, a member of an elite group of mercenaries. He is arrested in Venezuela when a job goes awry, killing several innocent bystanders, but rumor leaks out that he turned on his comrades and managed to keep the money. Surviving members of the group break him out of jail and demand the money, as ransom for his wife and daughter, and they send the dangerous madman Lynch, who is trying to join the group, to make sure he follows through.

Willis is coming off of the buddy comedy Cop Out, which has pulled in $39.5 million to date, while Jamie Foxx's last starring gig was last year's Law Abiding Citizen, which made $73.3 million (although he had a cameo in February's $109.1 million-grossing Valentine's Day). Lionsgate is shooting for a 2011 release date.

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