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Twitter Box Office Update - March 31st, 2010

on March 31, 2010

Total tweets for April 2nd Openers

As predicted The Last Song took off on Tuesday thanks to it being its day before release. It managed to secure 3,412 tweets on Tuesday, up from 2,211 on Monday, giving it 5,623 tweets for the week so far, right in line with my estimated 5,500 from yesterday. Assuming my math and ratio estimate of 1,350 hold true we should be looking at a $4 million gross today.

Clash of the Titans dropping into second gear on Tuesday as it shot up to 3,789 tweets, up from 2,632 on Monday. By comparison 2012 had 2,864 its Tuesday before release, and Avatar had 5,100. This gives it 6,421 for the week so far, which means ~19,000 by end of day Thursday is well within reach. An opening day of ~$30 million appears to be in the works based on these early numbers.

Lastly, Why Did I Get Married Too saw a modest increase to 1,178 tweets on Tuesday, up from Monday's 1,059. By comparison, Our Family Wedding had 459 tweets its Tuesday before release. Nothing much has changed since yesterday, and with its expected ratio of ~750 it is still on course for a Friday in the region of $8 million.

Check back tomorrow to see the Wednesday numbers and full weekend projections. Follow @AlexBOXOFFICE on Twitter for additional updates.

Twitter tracking history. (For 2009's ratio history please check here.)

alltweets032610.jpgThe ratio is the number of tweets per $1 million of Friday Box Office gross. A film with 1,000 tweets and a $10 million Friday would therefore have a ratio of 100. In general, films that appeal to very young or older audiences have lower ratios since those audiences are not big users of Twitter. By comparison, films that appeal to younger audiences (18-35) have much higher ratios since those audiences are much more active users of Twitter.

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