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Twitter Box Office Update - April 9th, 2010

on April 09, 2010

Total tweets for April 9th Openers


Date Night finished the week with a bang and 1,788 tweets. This gave it 4,449 tweets for the week, a pretty large bump above my Monday estimate of 3,200 as it really picked up steam as the week rolled on. Again I'll draw the comparison to Couples Retreat which had 3,710 tweets and a 301 ratio for $12.33 million on its Friday of release. Like I said yesterday, I have noticed somewhat more spam for Date Night, I still feel its star power is greater and it opened in more markets on Thursday and Friday. All of which will have an effect on tweets and push it higher than Couples. I'm going to go with a ratio of 400 and an $11 million Friday and $32 million for the weekend.

Check back Saturday to see Friday's numbers and the actual Twitter ratios for the weekend and follow @AlexBOXOFFICE on Twitter for additional updates.

Twitter tracking history. (For 2009's ratio history please check here.)

alltweets040210.jpgThe ratio is the number of tweets per $1 million of Friday Box Office gross. A film with 1,000 tweets and a $10 million Friday would therefore have a ratio of 100. In general, films that appeal to very young or older audiences have lower ratios since those audiences are not big users of Twitter. By comparison, films that appeal to younger audiences (18-35) have much higher ratios since those audiences are much more active users of Twitter.

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