Friday numbers and final ratios for Oceans, The Back-up Plan and The Losers.

Twitter Box Office Update - Friday Numbers for April 23rd, 2010

on April 24, 2010

Oceans grossed $2 million on Friday, which gave it roughly $4.5 million through its first two days at the Box Office. This number gave it a 2,322 Twitter ratio for the full week but that's misleading since that includes its outlandish Thursday tweet total of 3,000+. Its Thursday ratio was of most interest, and that was 586 which was close to my estimated $3 million. The film should hold up very well this weekend given the genre and the fact that tweets about the film on Friday were 42% positive which is a very high number compared to the other openers and holdovers. Look for it to rake in $6.5 million for the three days.

The Back-up Plan opened to $4.2 million on Friday, which gave it a Twitter ratio of 1,201. This was almost right on the money for my $4.15 million prediction. Always nice to be bang on. Its Friday tweets were 24% positive which is slightly below average which means that nothing out of the ordinary is on the cards for its legs this weekend. Expect the film to wrap up the weekend with $12.2 million.

Lastly, The Losers had a hard time finding an audience on Friday as it scored an underwhelming $3.2 million, which gave it a Twitter ratio of 731. This was a ways lower than my prediction of $4.6 million. The low tweet totals this week were a solid sign that it was going to under perform but this was obviously a ways lower than I had thought. Its positive tweet percentage for Friday was actually 27% which is a tad higher than the standard 25% figure which means it will likely end up with $9.2 million for the full weekend.

Check back tomorrow for a preview of the upcoming weekend's new wide release films: A Nightmare On Elm Street and Furry Vengeance. Follow @AlexBOXOFFICE on Twitter for additional updates.

Twitter tracking history. (For 2009's ratio history please check here.)

alltweets042310.jpgThe ratio is the number of tweets per $1 million of Friday Box Office gross. A film with 1,000 tweets and a $10 million Friday would therefore have a ratio of 100. In general, films that appeal to very young or older audiences have lower ratios since those audiences are not big users of Twitter. By comparison, films that appeal to younger audiences (18-35) have much higher ratios since those audiences are much more active users of Twitter.

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