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'The Ring' Franchise Goes 3D

on April 27, 2010

Source: THR

Paramount is now developing a third installment in The Ring franchise for a 3D release. Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean) directed the the original, while director Hideo Nakata handled the sequel (Nakata had previously helmed the Japanese version, Ringu 2). Neither appear to be returning for this project. David Loucka will pen the screenplay.


Horror flicks lend themselves quite well to 3D. Despite the fact that it opened during a crowded weekend in January 2009, My Bloody Valentine 3D was able to rake in more than $50 million domestically without the help of major stars or the benefit of being part of an established franchise.

The Ring Two was able to rake in $160 million worldwide when it opened in 2005.

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